Here you can see a very very special dogs. They are special for various of reasons. First of all there is so much hard work, investments and  stories hidden in their unique pedigree. They do also present for me everything a true classical lhasa apso is all about. This pedigree goes back to 11 generation of my own breeding. This is something I have tried to study for 40 years. This mission became my passion. This passion I have tried to full fill past 35 years in my breeding. This is done by my whole heart.

The ultimate breed type, size and charisma is there. But there is still so much more than most people can realize. How was all that achieved? There is also lot of adventures, stories and memories hidden in this pedigree. So you are well come to have a sneak to breeders personal life behind the pedigrees. To name some. There is guns, monastery, wild nights, apso World record of excess package, New York black out and major Earthquake is San Francisco. 

Thank you

What make these dogs so very special is that they are also an outcome of  over 40 years truly International co-operation made by many European & North American top lhasa apso breeders over the decades. To name a few: first the late legends Jean Blyhte (Saxonsprings), Midge Hylton (Hy Lan), Dag Linna (Tanac), Lynn Lowy (Marlo), Marianne Nixon (San Jo) and Barbara Petersson (Barjea) and the breeders still going strong Beverly Drake (Misty Acre), Leslie Ann Engen (San Jo), Susan Giles (Ta Sen), Michaela Hall (Shenedene), Svein Helgesen (Tanac), Joan Kendall (Orlane) , Ann Lanterman (Kian), Ellen Lonigro (Kinderland) , Tia McLaughlin (Kumi), Arlene Miller(Desiderata), Stefano Paoloantoni dell Alberico), Eeva Resko (Daragoj) and Sandra Zade (La-Ri-San).

Lot of miles and a possible World record

I never can´t thank enough these people and their effort, travels and passion for lhasas to make this pedigree possible.  No one can breed top dogs alone. It is all about co-operation and connections. To be able to produce this kind of pedigree. It has taken me and lhasas around the World for over 400.000 kilometers (250.000 miles). After all their breeder is also a Geographer. No wonder these cosmopolitan dogs name are Chic Choix Kumi Kian Marco Polo & Chic Choix Freya Stark (and all in the litter have adventure names).

I do not know for sure. But this may well be the World record of travelling & stories to make a special pedigree possible. This pedigree is the result of hard hard work and hundreds of thousand miles of travelling. It is the result of over 60 flights over the Atlantic Ocean and many flights around Europe. There has been also thousands of miles driving.  Here is the story of Chic Choix Kumi Kian Marco Polo and Chic Choix Freya Stark. It took over 250.000 miles of adventures to produce them.

Chic Choix Kumi Kian Marco Polo & sister Chic Choix Freay Stark at the tender age of  13 months. This is a special litter as it may be the World record of travelling & stories to make one very special pedigree possiple

(Marco & Freay photos by Kristine Uspenski)

Chic Choix Kumi Kian Marco Polo May 2016 5


Chic Choix Freay Stark May 2016 1

The start of the journey

I was already a löwchen breeder. In one trip to Sweden I met very special lhasa apso. This lhasa journey  started from my side as I went to Sweden back 1987. I falled in love for a lhasa apso Buster. Soon Multi BIS & BISS Ch Travis Tour-de-Rol moved to my house. But his International story had began already earlier on likewise my studied of pedigree dogs.  TourDe-Rol was inbred to Multi BIS & BISS GB Ch Saxonsprings Hackensack & Multi BIS & BISS GB Ch Saxonsprings Fresno. These dogs were possiple as English breeder late Jean Blythe (Saxonsprings) went to USA 1970´s to find something new. She wanted to improve British lhasas.

She met Joan Kendall (Orlane) and soon imported Multi BIS & BISS AM & GB Ch Orlane´s Intrepid. Jean exported Intrepid´s kids to Norway to late Dag Linna & his partner Svein Helgesen (Tanac). Again they exported their best Int CH Tanac´s Bobbysock to Kari Haave (Travis) in Sweden. As she was bred to her own father Multi BIS & BISS Int CH Saxonsprings Fol-de-rol (Hackensack x Fresno) my Buster was born. I got  Multi BIS & BISS Ch Travis Tour-de-Rol  aka Buster from Kari´s friend Elizabeth Axelsson from Sweden.

Adventures with a hippie

It is not just about dogs. But there is also stories hidden in the pedigrees. I tell you a secret. You see as I pick up Buster from Stockholm. It was time also for the first lhasa apso caused adventure. I was very much a proper and conservative suburban boy. However I was still young and spontaneous youngster. So we decided to go out to see Stockholm by night. Something strange happened in a famous restaurang named  Chapeau Claque in Stockholm back some 30 years.

I  was young, free and single. That was the thing in 1980´s. I did meet the best looking and wildest hippie in the World. Those eyes were passionate and crazy. The feeling was out of this World and we both were carried a way big time. We did disappear for great adventures for next 30 hours or so. We simply runned a way without telling anyone a word. Those 30 hours were wicked and wild. I leave rest up to your imagination. People thought something had happened to me. They reported to police about it and called all the hospitals. I had no idea about any of this. They did not have an idea I was having time of my life. As I was seriously in cloud nine with my hippie (but no drugs included).

I did return my eyes shining. But there were for sure some serious explanations to be done. This was not all. The connection was build there with passionate hippie. Not just any hippie but the World best looking & passionate hippie. Later that adventure took me to other trips. As hippie did escape the Western World and traveled around globe to all the interesting places. We did catch up every now and then. We planned to travel around the World rest of our lives together. But I could not as I had my dogs. So I did always returned home.

To make long story short. We finally ended up in a monastery.  I did try to study the deepest of lhasa apso soul and soul of a hippie. I fell more in love with lhasas but less to hippie. Beside after two weeks I was so hungry that I decided to leave the monastery right a way to nearest McDonald. That was not near at all. But I took a cap and drove some 8 hours to get there.  I  did realize hippie was not my cup of tea after all. But now some 30 years later I do love the memories.  We dog breeders do not only breed dogs and produce pedigrees.  But we also try to live full life along with this beloved hobby. We do and can have passionate life & great memories beyond dogs as well.

Because of lhasa Buster I did meet wicked hippie in Stockholm. All the suddenly conservative suburban boy and dog breeder tasted spicies of the wild hippie World. 

Hippie adventure

Some more travelling and Pacific North- West Coast was found

Back to lhasas. Later on I wanted to find best possible bitch for Buster to start my own breeding. I loved many European lhasas and Buster.  However I did want to find refiner heads, less stop, narrower skulls, stronger pigmentation and more drive in action. Specially upper arms and second tights did worry me in Europe. First I did travel all around Europe. But I did not still find anything that I would be interested in.

It was time to look for some advise from more experienced ones. That trip took me to England. I talked with Jean Blythe (Saxonsprings) in UK and Barbara Wood (Anbara) in USA. Jean did understand my point. Her advise to me was to look in America for some older lines with refiner heads and smooth bodies. As that was what I was looking for. Then I contacted Barbara Wood. She did advise me to call Marianne Nixon & Leslie Ann Engen that had San Jo kennels in Seattle, Washington state in USA. That location was as far as it could get in Pacific West Coat.

Actually at this UK trip to meet Jean Blythe I had another adventure. As I was coming home from that trip from UK. I missed the ferry to Belgium as I was talking too long with the UK löwchen people. Because of me whole bus missed the ferry.  We had to go to France in stead of Belgium. I was without needed travelling documents to travel to France at that time. Some nice people did hide me in the bus and I was smuggled to France. It was special feeling to be under luggages and clothes as the custom did check the bus. So I do know something about human smuggling. From there I went to Belgium safely.  

Travelling and giving my heart to lhasas was easy at that time. I was studying Geography in the University and not working. So I had lot of possibilities and time to travel. As my mum was crazy about lhasas too and I was the youngest kid….You know how that works.  She did help me with all the needed arrangements. I did have unreal parents. Who did support me & my hobby from all of their hearts 100%. Because of this support I could do things that most people could not. My mother wanted to see the results of all the investments as my happiness and my father wanted to see the results as BEST in SHOW wins. That was fine with me.

I saw the light and met my biggest mentor ever

Back to lhasas. Trip to UK was still very much worth the effort. What would you not do because of burning passion for lhasas. It was time to fly Seattle late 1980´s.  As I first met Marianne Nixon live. It was big love in a first sight. We had spoken hours and hours over the phone. My parents ended up paying record high telephone bills. International calls were not cheap at the 1980´s. We had sent also letters. But finally to meet face to face was something different.

It was mind blowing experience. We could talk lhasas 24 hours non-stop. We shared the passion for lhasas and breeding.  As we met the very first time live. We more or less spoke about lhasas record of 48 hours almost non stop. She did become my greatest mentor in lhasas and pedigree dog breeding. As a person she was so much alike my own mother. As these two wonderful persons met first time. They also had a connection. They did share the same values in life.

As a result of this meeting with Marianne. I got outstanding females Am & Fin Ch San Jo Wellington Rose Tattoo and Ch San Jo Emily Ann from San Jo. Rose Tattoo was bred to Buster and that was Chic Choix generation first born late 1980´s. These goes back to 11 generation of Marco & Freay pedigree.

Great start for my breeding that Marianne Nixon and Leslie Ann Engen let me have was Am & Fin Ch San Jo Wellington Rose Tattoo. She became my foundation bitch.

San Jo Wellington Rose Tattoo

Gambling secrets

We did have a very special adventure together with Marianne once much later on. As I am thinking that night right now. I am laughing big time. I do have tears in my eyes. However I did promise to Marianne. We never talk about it. I can just tell you that night had something to do with casino and gambling. We were in a cruise trip at the time and this secret story is about gambling. Thank you Black Jack & Roulette for the memories!

Marianne Nixon and Leslie Ann Engen let me have also Rose Tattoos superior father later on. He is one dogs of my life. Multi BIS & BISS AM & Fin Ch San Jo Zhantor Join Venture. 


These great dogs do carry on in modern World.  Attitude & face of this lhasa apso is the outcome of truly International adventure and over 250.000 miles of travelling. There is much wisdom and much miles to make this expression to come true presented by masculine Marco and by feminine sister Freya. 

Chic Choix Kumi Kian Marco Polo May 2016

Chic Choix Freay Stark May 2016 4

Connections to California is build – growing up

Late 1990 I flew to Seattle and found again interesting puppy male from San Jo. Unfortunately he was too big in size to be shown. Yet I loved everything else in him. I had never ever seen such a long and well angulated smooth upper arm in lhasa. This dog movement was out of this World. Movement was so correct and powerful. So I flew home with over sized male that I still trusted very much in breeding. San Jo Party Popper bred my first generation and that produced Chic Choix second generation.

Most important from that generation is of course legendary  Multi BIS & BISS Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Ashley Wilkes. Following year there was time for more International inputs. There was something special in California. Hy Lan Sho Tru lhasas started to win big time in USA. GB Ch Orlane Luck Be A Lady was winning in UK and her litter sister AM Ch Hy Lan Orlane Snow Bird was producing golden eggs in California.

Because of this. Flying to San Francisco was of course a must. San Francisco was breath taking back then – but let´s not go deeper into this now. I just can tell you that me and my partner did fell to ocean in one of these Frisco nights. Parties of that city were unreal some 30 years ago.

My second generation legend was Multi BIS & BISS Int & Fin & AM & Swe & Norw & Dan & Est Ch Chic Choix Ashley Wilkes pictured early 1990´s with proud breeder. 

Chic Choix Ashley Wilkes and me

Under following trip to California also a terrible tragedy happend. Major earthquake hit San Francisco and that was one of the scariest experiences in my life back 1991. So many people died and free ways did collapse. We could however continue our trip safely and well to Lodi to Hy Lan Sho Tru  kennels following day.

As picking up Bye Bye Birdy  from California there was in San Francisco a major earth quake. That was a scary experience 

Earth quake 1991

A true treasure if found from Lodi

Back to Northern Californian lhasas. I did need from these Hy Lan Sho Tru dogs shorter loins, fertility, arched necks and straight front legs. To be honest I did get all that.  Hy Lan was an old Hamilton based kennel who did mix their line with Orlane lhasas. This is much to do with Pat Keen´s (Sho Tru )ideas who was handling first Hy Lan lhasas. Later Midge and Pat came a great tem working together in Lodi, California.

From Pat Keen and late Midge Hylton (Hy Lan – Sho Tru) I could import daughter of AM Ch Hy Lan Orlane Snow Bird. I flew home with a special puppy who turned out to be  Int & Multi Ch Hy Lan Sho Tru Bye Bye Birdy. She became foundation of my legendary Birdy bitch line in Finland. Over the following years in the search of perfect lhasas. I did drive thru the whole American West coast all the way from San Diego to Seattle which is another some 2.000 kilometers of driving. But early 1990´s were the golden period of lhasas in USA. The West coast was loaded with interesting kennels. I did see and learn a lot.

I did want AM Ch Hy Lan Orlane Snow Bird daughter and I got it. That was the start of legendary Bye Bye Birdy bitch line in Finland. 


Time for serious drama

However taking Californian lhasas caused a drama. It was not easily solved at all. Marianne thought this was all wrong idea. All the suddenly we had big arguments. As you share the true passion you do share deep feelings. As a result of my new imports and radical pedigree ideas. We did broke up with Marianne for two years. We were too proud to say sorry. Finally I did miss her so very much that I called her to say I am sorry. Even if I really wasn´t.  As I knew deep in my heart new blood was needed. However we did find each others again with Marianne and my mentor was back in my life.

Marianne Nixon was a dog person like no one else in her wisdom and style. Marianne did realize and respect the fact that I will do my breeding my way.  But she did call me rest of her life as her bad boy that she has for given. Some years later she did want dogs back from me that had my Californian imports in them. It was then. I really knew I had done the right thing.

Making a lhasa breeder´s World record of excess package

In one Californian trip I made another type of record.  I flew back Finland with 2.800 kgs of excess package and 8 dogs. Some lhasas for me and some other dogs to my friends. Unfortunately I had only booked 2 dogs in the flight.   I had my dad limitless credit card with me and it was 1991. So my dad had no idea back in Finland how much I had used his side credit card.  There I was with 8 dogs, some 20 box of dog shoppings and my three luggage.

There were some serious fighting at the airport desk in San Francisco. My 2.800 kg excess package and 8 dogs were finally taken in. I promised to pay back my dad one day. That was not easy. This was not only drama. In this trip one lhasa was lost in Los Angeles airport. By mistake they changed her to wrong plane.  Later she was found from Dallas, Texas. Lhasas are wonderful. She was taken care of there.  She was shipped safely to me later on. But before we knew where she is was too much. It was frustrating indeed. But it all ended well and it was champagne time.

In Los Angeles airport one of my lhasas got lost. Later on she was found from Dallas, Texas.


Other Europeans did travel too

As Ashley Wilkes mated Birdy the result was outstanding Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Tweleveoak´s Lady. Mean while Italian breeder Stefano Paoloantoni (dell Alberico) became a great friend with American late Lynn Lowy (Marlo). From the very best from Marlo lhasas Stefano bred Int & Multi Ch Cadeau Dell Alberico. Needless to say I also visited Lynn in her house in Beverly Hills to study her dogs. In that trip I lost the road somewhere in South Los Angeles. That was time before navigators.  I stopped the car in wrong kind of neighbourhood. Soon some gangsters tried to rob me.  I managed to escape. But that was close.

Anyway I found my way later on to Lynn´s place. I specially fell in love with Cadeu father BISS AM Ch Marlo Something Basic Black. I was so proud to use his son Cadeau for breeding.  This Californian trip was worth the effort as later I was able to have his littersister Marlo Somethin Jessica from Lynn back in 1995. 

As Cadeau mated Twelve Oak´s Lady it produced Ch Chic Choix So What Scarlet who went back to San Jo in USA. There she produced very important stud dog for this pedigree namely Am Ch San Jo Poker Parti. Later So What Scarlet returned to her owner Jenni. She lived her last long happy years in UK with Jenni & family. So What Scarlet did have divine  head & eyes, front  and pigmentation.

Meanwhile Finnish breeder Eeva Resko (Daragoj) did also some travelling and did some great co-operation with American breeders Joan Kendall (Orlane) and Beverly Drake (Misti  Acres). Multi BIS & BISS AM & Can Ch Misti´s Play It Again Sam is in these pedigrees and he was one of my all time parti favorites.   Eeva´s work mixed with some Danish Palomino lhasas with Saxonsprings influence produced Int & Multi Ch Daragoj Popcorn. Eeva managed to get ideal proportions and outline to her dogs with highly interesting pedigree. This is what I wanted from these dogs.

Int & Multi Ch Daragoj Popcorn was interesting combination of mixing Orlane, Misti Acre and Palomino dogs together bred by Eeva Resko.

Daragoj Popcorn

As Popcorn mated Tweleve Oak´s Lady litter sister Ch Chic Choix Vivien Leigh something great was born. He was Multi BIS & BISS Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Jeffersson Davis who lived in Norway with Grete Arnesen (Löwebo). However he also visited San Jo in USA & Dell Alberico in Italy. In North America he mated interesting females.

From these American & Canadian spices was born co-operational male Multi Ch La-Ri-San Some Like It Hot at Kumi Kian aka Christian bred by Sandra Zade (La-Ri-San) in USA & Arlene Miller (Desiderata) in Canada. He is sire of Marco & Freay. This dog is owned by  Ann Lanterman (Kian)  &Tia McLaughlin (Kumi) in USA. These wonderful ladies also sent me BISS Am & Can Ch Kumi Kian Sugar Coated aka Sugar who is bred generations by Ann & Tia with strong San Jo and some Chic Choix spices in her. I was so happy to have Sugar. This time it was Sanna who flew over to Seattle to pick Sugar up.

BIS & BISS Int & Fin & Am & Can & Swe & N & Dan & Est & LV & Lit & IT Ch Chic Choix Jefersson Davis was a very influencal dog also in this pedigree.

Jeffersson Davis

American imported female BISS AM & Can Ch Kumi Kian Sugar Coated is the grandmother of Marco & Freay


It is time for Florida

Sugar father Am Ch San Jo Poker Parti is specially interesting International dog. As he is the result of breeding Ch Chic Choix So What Scarlet something that Marianne Nixon and I did find from Florida.  We both had this thing about white & black particolours. We both also loved Popper father who was AM Ch Barjea Rhett Butler. Barjea lhasas did re-locate to Florida USA and we both liked some of their dogs.

This parti passion Marianne and I had must come from the deep respect toward Robert family in Canada who bred in their Abbotsford kennel some outstanding parti colors. These dogs were behind our dogs. Marianne told me about superior parti color dog Multi BIS & BISS AM Ch Barjea Mai Ling Panda in Florida. As I met this dog I was deeply in love as well. Barjea dogs were not needed in breeding only because of their fabulous color. These dogs had also very smooth shoulders, long smooth upper arms and great proportions. There was something about Panda. So he would be this perfect match for So What Scarlet. This was very much exception. As Marianne strongly was against breeding parti to parti. But Panda and Scarlet was exception for a very good reason. This litter did produce Am Ch San Jo Poker Parti.

Florida turned out to be again another interesting co-operation network. This gave me a reason for some more thousands miles to travel. From late Barbara Petersson (Barjea) we did not found only a treasure called Multi BIS & BISS AM Ch Barjea Mai Ling Panda but also female Am & Fin Ch Barjea Sawyer. First Panda visited San Jo in Washington state. There he mated So What Scarlet and that produced Poker Parti mentioned earlier on. He also is Sugar father. Then Panda went back to Barbara.  Finally Barbara did the greatest thing and gave Panda to me. It was time again for another trip to USA.

Multi BIS & BISS AM Ch Barjea Mai Ling Panda was a great gift from late Barbara Peterson. As I was picking him up I fell a sleep as driving 3.000 kilometers journey from New York – Florida and back. 


Heatwave adventure

There was time for another great adventure. I flew to New York. Because of the heath wave dogs could not fly domestic.  So I rented a car and drove all the way across USA East Cost from New York to Florida and back to pick up Panda. So it was first over 14.000 kilometers of flying and then over 3.000 kilometers of driving. Needless to say I had some adventures over these sleepless nights driving, driving and driving.  Once I fell a sleep somewhere in North Carolina and found myself and rented vehicle from the pushes. Minor harm was done for the car but I was scared big time.  I did stay awake because of this accident Adrenalin Rush next 10 hours or so.  It was then I decided if Panda will have a special son one day. His name must be Adrenalin Rush.

He was born actually couple years later and he became Dog of The Year in Finland 2011 Multi BIS & BISS Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Adrenalin Rush. After those first 10 hours and 6 hours in road side hotel I was back in road again. One night later I also drove against the red lights in Maryland on my way trying to find Taco Bell. Some unfriendly sheriff did not like that at all. But I was just so tired.  I do remember that journey very well. One more ticket and I did continue my driving. As I finally got to New York. I can tell you that I did party big time. But these adventures are my own secrets. I still blush as I remember the clubbing out there in Big Apple in crazy summer nights. It was not naughty or anything like that. But of course I did have to claim to a tree and fire escape to prove a New York fireman how brave I was. More details about these claiming may be followed some other time…But the truth is. I will never forget that heath wave clubbing in Manhattan after the mad driving.

After mad driving it was time to relax in New York. Clubbing in New York is great. 

Clubbing 1

Time for Texas & English connections and more East Coast adventures

Marco & Freya grand-mother BISS Am & Can Ch Kumi Kian Sugar Coated was bred to truly International male Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Sail The Seven Seas aka Sinuhe bred by myself.  Sugar has perfect size, head, pigmentation, coat and proportions. If you ask me. She is one of the best imports ever to Europe. Behind Sinuhe there is equal amount of travelling & co-operation.  But these trips have mainly been to American East Cost to New York and Washington DC. Sinuhe mother was however from Europe. She was the top female from England GB & Fin Ch Dimara Miss Izabella of Shenedene bred by Phillips (Dimara) owned by Hall family (Shenedene)  in UK. She visited me and was bred to American dog AM Ch Ta Sen Wyatt Earp who is bred by Susan Giles. Wyatt is mix of Susan, Hamilton and my dogs.

English female GB & Fin Ch Dimara Miss Izabella of Shenedene is the great-grandmother of the Marco & Freay. She had attitude, size, reach and shape to die for. 


There is interesting connection behind Wyatt to Chic Choix bitch line. You see it was time for Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Tweleveoak´s Lady to visit in USA at 1996 . At that point of time I had became friend with Susan Giles (Ta Sen) & Ellen Lonigro (Kinderland) in Virginia.  I imported some nice dogs from them. One of the top producing lhasa female ever was Kinderland Ta Sen Isis.  As she was bred to Multi BIS & BISS AM & Can Ch Misti´s Play It Again Sam two great producers were compinated. This produced out standing lhasa female producer AM Ch Kinderland Ta Sen Candy Tuft.  She is the female whose off springs I have tried to get in my pedigrees from Susan.

One of the most important ones being a male I got from Susan & Ellen was BISS AM & Can & Fin Ch Kinderland Ta Sen Tip O Th Rock aka Tipster. This dog had the best lhasa apso front I have ever seen. Shoulders were so smooth well laid and long…it was out of this World.  Tipster sire being Susan´s record producer AM & Can Ch Orlane´s Scirocco. I needed straighter front legs, smoother shoulders and longer heads. I got all that form them.  As Twelve Oak´s Lady visited USA. She was bred in Virginia 1997. There was many more trips to follow for matings & imports to be done in USA East Coast in following generations.

Superior out-cross import from Susan was Hamilton line – Kinderland Ta Sen bred Am Ch Ta Sen Wyatt Earp that is the great-grandfather of  Marco & Freya.

Wyatt Earp

BISS AM & Can & Fin Ch Kinderland Ta Sen Tip O Th Rock was one of my great imports from Susan Giles. This dog had one of the best smoothest shoulders and upper arms I have ever seen with a lhasas. He was a great combination of Kinderland, Orlane and Misty Acres tradtions bred by Susan, Ta Sen. 


In one of the trips we were staying in New York. We were pose to continue our journey following day to Virginia to pick up a lhasa. All the suddenly everything stopped. There was a major black out. All the electicities went down in North – East coast of USA 2003. We could not sleep in our hotel room for safety reasons. But we like thousand of other people and tourist needed to sleep in the streets. Our rental car was stucked in a parking house in 8:th floor and elevator did not work. So we could not continu our journey. We stayed in Lexington Avenue. That was experience of a life time.

Major New York black out hit millions of people back 2003. We had to sleep in the street waiting to get out from the fallen city.

Black out New York

Pointing guns and shiny black Hummer

In one trip I did escape a police a bit with rented big black Hummer. They had a special promotions for exclusive cars in Herzt Washington DC Dulles airport.  Needless to say I did rent this fancy black Hummer. As I had this car with V8 I thought I can run the police. It was very bright idea at that point. I really thought I have a good change to get a way. Beside I was in a rush to airport.  I had some serious delays in Bay bridge on my way from Orlane kennels from Delaware to Washington DC. So I had to do speeding to reach my flight. As the traffic was so chaotic in Washington DC around 17.00.

I was so carried a way by this fancy vehicle and good music that I did some terrible speeding as the last line was finally open. Soon I could see the flashing lights from the mirror.  I thought if I get a way from the free way and turn small road they do not find me. They me be stuck behind other cars behind me. No way. Police did catch me after all. After some colorful turns and more speeding. They did reach me and my Hummer.

I decided to stay in the car. Nothing happened. So I decided to jump from the car as I had plane to catch.  Next thing was that polices did point their guns to me. They thought I must be a drug baron in black shiny Hummer with jet black windows. But I was only a dog baron laying down in hot asphalt guns still pointing toward me. So I got another ticket and was sorry about all of this. Needless to say I told them I did not knew they were driving behind me. So it was all misunderstanding by European tourist. They did finally believe I did not do that in purpose. So I only got a ticket. It is one of the 64 speeding tickets I have collected over the years.  Because of this delay I almost missed the flight.

I rented a Hummer. I was carried a way by vechicle and good music. I ended up escaping the police and almost missed the flight. 

hummer h

 Desperate times calls for desperate measures

At the end of the day I was in the airport gate too late with my dogs. However I was younger then and I always have been a bit bold. I decided to give a try. I was calling the boss. That was not bad boss at all. We had a connection right a way.  So I did some serious flirting. That did work out. This very nice boss braked some rules. They took me and my dogs in plane to Europe anyway.

As I got into the plane I was up-graded to business and it was time for champagne. So believe me flirting can really save the day of desperate lhasa apso breeder in trouble. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Do keep this piece of advise in mind always if travelling a lot Internationally with the dogs.

These journeys to  Virginia finally produced later on Wyatt grandmother who produced Am Ch Ta Sen Baywatch Ms Money Penny.  She was bred to pure Hamilton dog AM Ch Sharil Sin-Sa Texas Express in Texas by Susan and that combination produced finally Sinuhe sire Wyatt. All Hamilton sire Texas Express produced fine Hamilton details indeed to this pedigree.  As Sinuhe mated Sugar Ch Chic Choix Out of This World was born. This female is a great combination of all the traditions in perfect shape and size.  She is living with Hedi Kumm in Estonia.

Dam Ch Chic Choix Out of This World is the outcome of Finnish bred father from American & English parents bred to American mother with Finnish backround and lot of travelling around USA & Europe is included.

Chic Choix Out of This World 24 months

Again back to Pacific North- West

I was worried about important lhasa details.  The size, head, pigmentation and attitude I loved from San Jo lhasas was in danger in my breeding. Therefore I needed a new stud dog. That was found from Ann & Tia. Multi Ch La-Ri-San Some Like It Hot at Kumi Kian  came from USA for a visit. We decided that Ch Chic Choix Out of This World must be bred to him. This would be so International litter and result of decades of best possible co-operation between the continents.

There would be such a strong and powerful connection to Ann Lanterman & Tia McLaughlin Kumi Kian lhasas that do carry on Marianne Nixon and Leslie Ann Engen´s San Jo lhasas mixed with old Chic Choix lhasas. As a result of this combination wonderful five puppies were born. Two of these treasures are Chic Choix Kumi Kian Marco Polo and Chic Choix Freay Stark. 

Sire Multi Ch La-Ri-San Some Like It Hot at Kumi Kian is the outcome of USA & Canadian breeding mixed with Finnish, Italian, Danish & UK breeding.

La-Ri-San Some Like It Hot at Kumi Kian August 2015

It took over 30 years of International co-operation to produce Chic Choix Kumi Kian Marco Polo & Chic Choix Freya Stark. But as looking at them it was truly worth the effort. There is so many fine details carrying on the legendary past breeders work. These details were collected by over 250.000 miles of travelling.

Chic Choix Kumi Kian Marco Polo May 2016 3

Chic Choix Freya Stark MAy 2016 5

The outcome of the travels & on the way there

To make very long and complicated story short.  First inspiration & shape came from UK/Norway/Sweden. Type, movement, pigmentation and brains came from San Jo, Pacicif North-West USA. Shape, straight front legs and fertility came form Hy Lan Sho Tru, California, USA. Smooth shoulders and skull shape came from Virginia Kinderland Ta Sen. Carriage, more shape and attitude came from Saxonsprings UK and Orlane traditions mixed in to Sho Tru Ta Sen.

Eye shape, more atitude and superior upper arms came from Barjea, Florida USA. More fertility, excellent noses and rainbow of colours came from Marlo, California and Dell Alberico, Italy. More fine details was added from Kumi Kian Seattle ,USA and Desiderata & La-Ri-San Canada & Pacific North-West.

Putting them all together was my idea. Trying to get the best details from everything was planning and good luck. So final design from these global adventures was made in Finland by the passionate lhasa apso crazy breeder. The latest out come of this work that we present here is the generation 11:th outcome being Marco & Freay.

Outcome of these trips are wonderful lhasa apsos and memories. I feel I have been the luckiest person in the World to have the very best hobby in the World. Because of this I have met some unreal people. Some of them have become my derest friends.  I bred some great lhasas. I learned so much. My World has been so very colorful because I am a passionate dog breeder.

Lake house ideas 

As this very special litter was born we were thrilled. I was having a summer holiday at the Lake house. All the suddenly I did realize. How much travelling an effort it had taken over the decades to make this combination come true.  It is much more than most people will ever realize. May be all the travelled miles give you some idea.

Puppies all looked so very special. Brothers went to France, Norway and Lithuania. Marco and only female in the litter went to live with Hedi Kumm in Estonia and are co-owned with the breeder. So that must be me. This is what International co-operation is all about.


This adventourious litter may well be the World record in dogs. It has taken over 400.000 kilometers of travelling to make these babies come true. The wonderful five Christian x Olga babies Chic Choix The Son of The Sun (in Lithuania), Chic Choix Freya Stark (in Estonia), Chic Choix Kumi Kian Star Rover (in France),Chic Choix Kumi KianKontiki (in Norway) and behind Chic Choix Kumi Kian Marco Polo (in Estonia) enjoying summer day as puppies in the Lake house in Finland. 




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