What is a dog breeder?  What makes you well experienced and talented dog breeder? There is no short cuts or easy way out. Every one can breed dogs. But well experienced and talented dog breeder is another story. I do strongly belive that the only way to learn dog breeding is doing the actual job. There is now a days more and more breeders who do not really know how to mate their dogs anymore or how to take care of the birth. There are lot of opionated breeders evenif the results are not quite there. Every breeder should learn and know well those basics of the dog breeding. The basics you do learn by breeding couple generations and quite a few litters.  After that there is still so much to learn. Confidence and know how comes by doing it. There is nothing so educational in dog breeding than taking care of the litters from the very beginning to the very end. More you do more you learn if you keep your mind and eyes open. As every breeders should. Deeper knowledge comes with the generations.  Truly the only way to become a breeder is to breed dogs. It means hard and humble grass root work. It means seeing how do they grow up. Generations of own breeding offers lot of information. It is about mistakes and success.  

It is a bit sad to see  novice breeders messing around how very little they do breed. How on Earth do you learn and how do you select the very best if there is nothing to choose from. In my scale I talk about  well experienced breeder as he has bred minimum of 5 generations of own unbroken breeding.  Not only those 5 generations matters but the outcome. After that 5th generation there are some goals to full fill. That 5th and so on generation should: 1) Live as long or longer than generation 1st, 2) Size of the 5th generation litters are equal or bigger than in geneartion 1st and 3) Over all quality in temperament, health and look is better than in generation 1 st. As and if that has been done. I say we are talking about a breeder with talent and experience. By then you have learned also a lot of things around the dog breeding. Like how to live life as being a breeder. How to deal with other breeders and people. How to find good homes etc.

You do not need breed like too much. Every breeder should know his limits. But there must be reasonable number of litters and puppies bred. To be able to learn and develop in breeding. No matter how talented you are with pedigrees and got talent in selection. The very basic of the top quality dog breeding is the same. You need several puppies and several grown up individuals to do the selection. The true breeding is to continue with the best and there is no short cuts. Clever breeder must limit dogs all the time from breeding programme to be able to get forward. As important as to who mate with who is the breeder´s eye and talent to leave dogs outside of breeding programme. If you do not have the number where to choose from. How can you do that?

I find it very funny that in the field of pedigree dogs there is so many people willing to tell you what should be done. Yet the experience is not there. In my experience I recomend to keep quite low profile in the beginning. Learn, breed, practise and study as much as you can. Do not tell other people what to do. Travel and have good relations with other breeders. Walk ears and eyes open. As the experience is there you can trust more about yourself. There is bit more wisdom as you reach the generation 5. Yet there is still so much to learn and see. In dog breeding you do never get ready but you may be understand it bit more.

You can learn dog breeding only by breeding dogs. I think some kind of turning point is as the breeder has bred some 5 generation own breeding with good results. By then the experience and talent should be there. Yet the humble journey and learning progress must go on.


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