Being a passionate dog breeder makes your life full. There are lot of ups and downs. There will be tears for sure. Being a dog breeder is very much  matter of a life style. As dogs and everything to do with the dogs will influence your life so very deeply. There is one very special moment in breeders life that make you understand why you do all this. This moment for me is the ultimate euphoria. Is this the moment your dog wins a BEST in SHOW? Is it a moment you made up a new World Winner? Is it a moment you judge big specailty show? No – my euphoria is honest, simple and stronger. It is very much down to Earth kind of experience. I love that moment so much. It gives me such a pleasure and vibes. I can´t image anything else that would give me so much joy. We dog breeders are privileged as we can feel this euphoria every now and then. I love it. What is this euphoria in breeders life? This is the deepest and most honest moment in dog breeding. It makes you so humble.

You have a female that you like and adore. She is so very special that you decide to breed her. As a passionate breeder you do try to find the very best male for your female. Breeder´s target is to produce better & better and healthier & healthier dogs generation after generation. You possibly plan the breeding for years in advance. It is time for a mating. It causes often lot of work.  After that is the important time of pregnancy. You do everything you can to make everything natural and enjoyable. As a result there will be hopefully puppies that you are waiting so much. There is still so much that can go wrong. So you can´t be sure. Pregnancy time is exciting and it always can include sad news aswell.

The moment of truth finally comes. Some 63 days of pregnancy are finally over. Everytime as there is time for whelping you do have little sweet butterflies going around your stomach. I do not know why. But it is like a written rule. The mum to be will most likely give a birth very late at night.  You are there alone with your female. You share something very special. Bitch is getting ready and start pushing. Now you are midle of the deepest and strongest feelings of being a dog breeder. This is it! No other people, no gossips, no aplauses – this is the moment of truth. You are there alone and you do what pedigree dogs really are all about. So sad that so many people outside breeder´s circles seems not to understand it.

Finally new life is there. That moment is such a wonderful experience. You never get use to it. New life is such a miracle. New mother is so proud about the new born puppy that there is nothing else in her life. As you look the proud mum taking care of the puppy you are witnessing one of the most important moments in life. That is true caring. This is the purest love in the World. Soon this puppy claims to mum tits ans start to drink milk. She is happy and all is well. Mother is relaxed. Soon you have a new born healthy vital litter doing well.

This is every breeders euphoria. I feel such strong feelings and happiness as looking all this. It is a moment of truth. If you have had a bit of luck and you have done everything about right.  It is really quite easy. You just look and enjoy. This moment is honest. It is your and mums moment. This all is something that only you know and can feel at that very moment.  You feel piece in your hearth and it is time to enjoy the euphoria that the new life do produce. This is the true euphoria in breeding. You are tired but still the luckiest person in the World. I love it. This is my pesonal euphoria. I am sure many other passionate breeders share this special feeling with me.

This is euphoria in breeding. New born Sunday babies are here. Long night with butterfies flying around your stomach is over. Mother is happy and well. You have witnessed the new life in making. Puppies born easily and eating well. This is one of the best moments in breeders life. You feel such a happiness and piece. Enjoy the euphoria.

Sunday babies 29.5.


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