It is exciting time of the Year. Christmas is coming and we are also waiting deerhound babies. There is nothing so noble and beautiful in the World as graceful deerhounds. These ancient hounds are such a nice combination of power and elegance. I feel the real clue of the breed is also the unique temperament. A real deerhound is so noble and fine but in next moment they can be so tuff and brave.  All this is excatly what our foundation bitch Int & Multi Ch Dita von der Oehlmuhle is about. Her daughter Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Dhulert Ambrosia is the same. Now we are waiting generation next. We only have deerhound litter as we want to have new deerhound ourselves. So each and every pedigree must be carefully planned hoping to produce the best we can.

Int & Nord & Fin & N & Dan Ch Chic Choix Dhulert Ambrosia (Int & Multi Ch Kilbourne Harvest Moon x Int & Multi Ch Dita von der Oehlmuhle) comes from a very stong and even litter. There is 6 Champions in this litter including Top Deerhound in Finland for couple Years in a row Multi BIS & BISS Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Dhulert Arathorn. Ambrosia have had already one litter that was quite stronly linebred. Those babies are very nice and winning well already. This time it was time to breed Ambrosia differently and more out.

Our foundation bitch and grandmother of the expected litter Int & Fin & Nord & S & Dan & N & Est Ch Dita von der Oehlmuhle. It is these soulful eyes and face that goes directly to my hearth with deerhounds. 


In Sweden there is very elegant UK import female Int & Multi Ch Hyndsight Cloud´s Illusion as she was bred smartly with powerful Dutch male BIS winning Holl Ch Cairnesunds Pearly Prince I thought this is really litter to die for. This outcross litter did produce great puppies. We were so lucky to import our favorite boy from this great combination. He is Int & Fin & Nord & Swe & Dan & N & Est & LV & Lit Ch Lawton´s Copyright Costeau aka Hagrid. We feel he is such a great combination of his father and mother. He is powerful hound with touch of grace & nobility. He has also the best of temperaments. We love his head and expression.

Proud father of the expected litter presenting also the head & expression we love in deerhounds.  Int & Fin & Nord & Swe & Dan & N & Est & LV & Lit Ch Lawton´s Copyright Costeau (BIS Ch  Cairnesunds Pearly Prince x Int & Multi Ch Hyndsight Cloud´s Illusion)



Hagrid should be quite ideal male for our Ambrosia. He has been very healthy and vital all his life. This is first time we have used him in breeding. The pedigree is fresh combinating some of the best European deerhounds. The inbreeding index in 5 generation is under 1%. This about one percent is the outcome of GB Ch Kilbourne Nimrod ( GB Ch Shielhill Bran to Kilbourne x GB Ch Kilbourne Wichita) being in both sides of the sire and dam in 4th generation.  We feel he is worth the effort.

Low inbreeding percent and by combinating different traditions we hope to produce vitality and over all health. Both parents come also from big litters themselves. We believe this is invest for the future. Yet the type and style is very much what we believe and are looking for. So we would call it a type breeding. Breeding type to type is what we do believe in. Hagrid has also great and very brave temperament. What is also very important is that the true look and soulful noble face of the deerhounds comes from both sides of the parents.

Int & Fin & Nord & Swe & Dan & N & Est & LV & Lit Ch Lawton´s Copyright Costeau profile in standing.


Ambrosia is classical, powerful and very honest bitch. She has long and poweful ribcage. We also love her well angulated well muscled back.  We love her strong temperament and she has mind of her own.This is what this bitchline is known for. They are not afraid of anything. Ambrosia has also been very healhty. She is over all vital female.  We love her first babies. This is why we decided to breed her for a second time. We are very excited about this second combination and can´t wait to see what is the outcome.

Int & Nord & Fin & N & Dan Ch Chic Choix Dhulert Ambrosia (Int & Multi Ch Kilbourne Harvest Moon x Int & Multi Ch Dita von der Oehlmuhle) is a strong and honest deerhound female.



The pregnancy has now been confirmed and we are waiting the babies to be born in early December. It is over two years ago since we have had deerhound babies. Now we are honored to continue the tradition of these ancient hounds again.

Ambra daughter from previous litter. Chic Choix Dhulert Cordelia already Multi BOB-winner & 4 x cacibs under 2 years of age.


We are happy to tell you more about deerhounds:

Three sisters/brother of Ambrosia, her daughter and father to be in the same picture with a proud breeder. Now we hope to continue the tradition of these noble hounds.


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