After breeding pedigree dogs for over 30 years and  after breeding some hundreds of Champions. Still some strong new ideas keep coming up time to time . After all the decaces I do realize the importance of charisma and vitality better than before.  Unfortunately more and more lhasas are lacking these important vital qualities aswell. These qualities can be bred.  However one must is to widen up a gene pool a bit.  At the same time I feel it is so very important to pay more and more attention to breed specific true lhasa apso details. This does include of course the look of apso.  Like the true long enough head, dark impressive eyes, true easy coat and this overall well balanced native dog type with oval bone shape. However equally important is the unique noble lhasa apso temperament. I want to breed lhasa apsos with charisma, vitality, attitude and Tibetan mind of their own. Icing of the cake is one of a kind pedigrees. Pedigrees with enough new in them.

What about the future of beloved lhasa apsos ?

It is not only about creating something totally new.  But  it is important to save some of the old traditions.   Taking care of the genetic diversity is often forgotten. We try to do our share of this important mission.  I do believe the safest and best way to produce ultimate charisma and vitality is outcross breeding every now and then.  We truly believe unique outcross combinations are needed to secure the future of lhasa apsos. Our next two combinations should continue something that is almost lost. We are so thrilled about our two expected outcross lhasa apso litters early Summer 2016. Both pregnencies are confirmed and nice size litters are expected. Good fertility is always a good sign of true vitality. Small litters, allergies, hot spots, early cancers, weak temperaments and immunological issues are the indicators of the opposite.

Top quality and rational breeding is not only about breeding best possiple show start in next generation.  That attitude can be actually very dangerous for our beloved breed in a long run. As often next top winner is produced by very tight linebreeding and genetical diversity & future of the breed is forgotten. We must also pay more and more attention for the well being of the breed in future generations.

First litter: All American & continuing Barbo tradition

First litter will be an all American pedigree. However this kind of pedigree you can´t find there. The idea of this unique pedigree is also to produce new blood to European and Global lhasa apsos. Hopefully we can also produce all new interesting parti lhasa apsos to limited parti genepool. Over the decades I have tried to produce new parti lines. Because of this old project of mine I decided to import a new bitchline from Barbara & Bob Prenger from their Barbo kennel some 10 years ago. For decades Prengers have produced flashy marked lhasa apsos that have a strong Babro stamp in them. These dogs goes back to Abbotsford-lines via Marlo and Suntory influence. Over the years Prenger´s have used tight linebreeding and therefore Barbo dogs present me almost like a new own line in lhasas. For years I planned to have something from them. Finally I decided to make it happen. Two very big healhty and strong particolor litters were born some years ago.  We made a deal. I could have pick of the litter male and female from these two litters.

Puppies were growing up and were looking good. Finally it was time for me to fly over to pick them up. I flew to Washington DC. USA. Following days did not go as planned. It was winter time. Unfortunately heavy and hard snow storms hit the East cost. I could not fly from Washington DC forward to Detroit. Flights were cancelled. However my flight back to Europe was in a week. So I had to make a plan B to pick up my new parti lhasas. I am Northern European and we Finnish are used to snow. So I rented big 4-wheel Suburban and decided to drive over the Appalachian mountains. They told me it is maddness. I said get me the full insurance and I am going to do it. Nothing gonna stope me now. I did load the back of the car with stones to make it heavier. Car rental was like what? I said get me biggest and strongest car you have with stones….That face of rental personal was worth seeing . However Suburban with stones was arranged. I do know how to manage in the snow. That was a journey of my life. Roads were loaded with snow. There were not many cars in the mountain roads. I did stop over like 10 times to help other people who were stucked in the snow or they had lost the control of their vechiles. Some thousand miles mountain driving in a snow strom was thrilling but it all ended well. The outcome was our unique Annie and a boy. Unfortunately the male has a weak temperament and therefore he has not been used for breeding.

But a result from this thrilling adventure was still very much worth the effort. As I do have precious particolour treasure Barbo´s Annie Oakley O´Chic Choix (Am Ch Barbo Danny Phantom x Am Ch Barbo´s Lil Dominique). She is ideal sized white & black particolour bitch with head, eyes, dentation and type to die for. She has very good front and straightest of frontlegs. Annie was shown as a youngsters and she won her two CC easily. Then she lost a teeth in an accident and this is why her show career stopped far too early.

Annie has had some litters earlier and she seems to be very strong producer. Annie is the only female from Barbo lhasas ever imported to Europe. From her last litter there is f.ex. BEST in SHOW winning Ch Chic Choix Parti Princess and her handsome litterbrothers. Now it was time to have Annie´s final litter and this combination should be again something different and creative. What could that be?

Annie Oakley

The only export female ever from Barbo kennel to Europe is Barbo´s Annie Oakley O´Chic Choix (Am Ch Barbo Danny Phantom x Am Ch Barbo´s Lil Dominique). She has very nice outline and propotions. She seems also to be a great producer. 

Chic Choix Parti Princess Ch April 2016

Annie´s BEST in SHOW – winning daughter Multi Ch Chic Choix Parti Princess from Barbo´s Annie Oakley O ´Chic Choix previous litter.

Sire of both litters – winning a Jackpot

Who would be the best possible male for Annie for her final litter? It should be something different and a parti carrier. Male with lot of charisma & vitality and he should be unrelated to Annie. Keeping in mind that the type still would be just about right.

Thanks to respected American lhasa apso specialists and fanciers Cathy Marley (Kai-La-Sha) and Peggy Huffman (Tara Huff)  & Ed Valle (Edrey) I got something very special from them. He is Mr. Leggs. His talented breeders have bred the classical look and temperament of lhasas for decades. What a thrill it was to find Leggs. Cathy told me about him. As I heard about him, saw the pedigree and photos. I was over the moon.  To get him was like winning a jackpot. Leggs sire is all Cathy´s breeding for generations. Legg´s mum side is Peggy breeding going back to her own original Tara Huff, Spanish connection to Basterberri and there is even a connection to late Marion Knowlton´s Knolwood lhasas. Our new boy Am Ch Tara Huff Edrey Living Legend is truly one of a kind lhasa apso dog.  He finished his title easily in USA with group placement.

Needless to say Leggs is all out-cross combinating with very interesting bloodlines. He comes from a strong and big litter where several Champions have been made up. Leggs have very nice head with excellent mouth. He has red harsh easy coat. This unique male has also ultimate power and attitude to die for. He has excellent front, stirdy body and very well made back. He is very powerful mover. After his registration is finished in Finland we start to show him this summer. This boy is all lhasa apso. I can´t ever thank Cathy and Peggy to have him here.


AM Ch Tara Huff Edrey Living Legend ( AM GR Ch Kai-La-Sha Legacy x AM Gr Ch Tara Huff Edrey Miss Ruby Rouge)

Casey 1

Leggs sire AM GR Ch Kai-La-Sha Legacy ( Am Ch Kai-la-sha Keepsake x Kai-La-Sha Kiss N Tell)


Leggs mother Am Gr Ch Tara Huff Edrey Miss Ruby Rouge ( Am Ch Sir Adam´s Jack Lemmon x Am Ch Edrey Tara Huff Seville)

As Leggs arrived to Finland I was so excited. This male has the ultimate lhasa apso character. He is strong male with mind of his own. He is a real stallion kind of a dog. I did mate young golden female with her. What a surprise it was to get two well marked partiolours from this combibation. It was then I decided Annie´s final litter will be produced with Leggs. These dogs are made for each others. This combination would also produce all new blood to particolour map. The mating is piece of cake for Leggs. So Annie was easily mated and now she is very much in whelp. We are expecting very unique litter in the end of May 2016.

Second litter: Continuing legendary Birdy bitchline

In our second Summer 2016 litter we are continuing our World known Birdy bitchline. This record breaking bitchline has produced hundreds of Champions and countless BIS winner. Now we are continuing this tradition at its best.

We bred a legendary litter some 7 years ago. In this record breaking litter we have World Winners and Dog of The Year in Finland for 2015. Multi BIS & BISS Int & Multi Ch WW-2011-2012-2013-2014 and 2015 Chic Choix Cleopatra Eurydice is lhasa everyone knows. His litterbrother BIS & BISS Int & Multi Ch WW-2014 Chic Choix Alexander The Great is also very well known show star and a producer. The other girl in the litter was Int & Fin & Swe & Norw Ch Chic Choix Roxana at Tza-Ma. They all have so many fine lhasa details. This trio do present me everything that is important for me in lhasas.

Chic Choix Roxana at Tza-Ma

Int & Fin & Swe & Norw Ch Chic Choix Roxana at Tza-Ma (BISS Int & Fin & Swe & Norw & Est & Dan & LV & Lit Ch Chic Choix Alexander The Great x Fin & Swe & Norw Ch Tza-Ma Hannah Montana)

Now I am thrilled to continue this tradition.  Int & Fin & Swe & Norw Ch Chic Choix Roxana at Tza-Ma aka Sanna was mated with AM Ch Tara Huff Edrey Living Legend. Now the pregnancy has been confirmed and there should be a lot of puppies. Leggs has mated one Birdy bitchline female earlier on. This was our very first Leggs litter and we really love these babies. So we do have every reason to believe Leggs bred to Sanna should be very interesting litter aswell.  They do share so very many structural similarities like front, ribcage and powerful back. Both of these lhasas are ideal movers. Yet the pedigree will be out-cross. This is what we call the type-to-type breeding.

Chic Choix – Team Summer 2016 International lhasa apso litters should be the real investment for the future. As the future puppies can be bred to so many directions in future generations. These two out-cross breedings goes back for generations to healthy, breed typical and top winning Champions around the World.

Some of the future puppies may be available to true lhasa apso loving and active breed fanciers who do understand the value of the pedigrees.




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