We do have a hobby that is the very best hobby in the World. Generation after generation you do try to do your very best. You search every corner of the World trying to find the best possible dogs. There is luck. There is mistakes. As a smart breeder you do collect the very best fruits from these ups and downs. There is laugh. There is tears. But most of all there is this inspiration to produce the generation next . Sometimes you plan those pedigrees generations ahead. Sometimes there are so inspirational individuals to go forward with. As you look them. All the suddenly you do realize why do you do all of this. This charismatic dog is full of vitality. There is this sparkle and  about all details you adore in one package. Then it is time to continue the generation next….and you are full filled with this unreal powerful inspiration. 

You build up and plan pedigrees. You keep your eyes and mind open to find again the very best. More and more vitality, easy life, early walkers, strong powerful mentality and beauty. This silent lonely night as new babies are born is magical. That voice as new born baby starts to suck milk is heavenly. You are tired but happy.

These babies do grow up. Some do not grow what you was hoping for. There is always still some that give you thrills. They are all or almost all you love in this breed. You are a passionate breeder. Breed type and everything about them is something that make you love them so much. You keep going generation after generation. I have done this soon 40 years and inspiration keep flying.

This Autumn sun has shined brightly. There is a female that is 9:th generation of my own breeding. It is time to mate her. She is something I do adore. She is a breeders demonstration about of this breed.  By looking at her you do know what is my idea about lhasa apso. For some reason lhasa apsos are a matter of heart for me. There is a stallion alike male that I have bred specially for this female and some other her near relatives. It took some stunning imports and three generation to breed this designed stud dog. It is time to test well planned plans and see if this design do work.

Male that I call a design male. It took some great imports and over sea matings to produce this own bred 3:rd generation stud dog Chic Choix Kumi Kian Marco Polo. As designing this special pedigree. I was all time keeping my own original Chic Choix bitch line in mind. Trying to produce the very best stud dog specially designed for them. 


BISS Int & FIn & Swe & Norw Ch Chic Choix Just So Chic present 9 generation of my own breeding. It is finally time to breed her again. She is also natural and strong Aplha female.


Another mating was done too. As a breeder you must follow what happens in your breeds. talented breeder did what I believe was a clever breeding. I was lucky to import  a puppy from this breeding together with my dear friends. This puppy did grow up in loving hands of my dear friend. He grew up to be male that I do love. Now he is all grown up and is real king a like male. I have this own bred strong Aplha female queen, powerful and charismatic queen for her. She has had one litter so she is a proven very good producer. Now I can have hopefully second and final litter from her.

We were so happy to import this handsome puppy who turned out to be a real king alike deerhound. Int & Fin & Swe & Norw & Dan & Nord & Est & Lit & LV Ch Lawtons Copyright Costeau. Now we could use him in breeding for a first time. 


Int & Fin & Swe & Dan & Nord Ch Chic Choix Dhulert Ambrosia a real natural powerful Alpha bitch. She was mated for second time in her life and we hope to have her final litter this Winter.


It was time to do all the practical arrangements. Totally dogs moved over 1.000 kilometers to do all the matings. As dogs do live all in different households and some even in foreign countries. But that all is really piece of cake as the will power and inspiration is there. I do believe expectationally powerful very best puppies do born from the most vital individuals. Their parents pheromones must meet aswell. Strong females do want to choose powerful males. Your smart alpha females do want naturally to produce stronger and stronger generations. The mating for a smart breeder is always a moment of truth. As then you can see if the pheremones really match or not. As then you can measure are you a clever breeder or not?  Do you plan to produce weak or strong. This feeling is great. As your female do pick up and acsept the male you have chosen for her. Mating should be full of animal power. Mating is like piece of cake. Then you know. That this is the best possiple start to produce something unique. All this happend like planned. All the pheremones did click and my pedigree mapping seems to work out so far o good. Now it is time to wait and see.

Inspirational breeder sees the beauty of the World. I believe it is important trying to take everything out of it. Breeder must build up inpiration and take care of his creativity as well as possible. 


As a breeder you are full of inspiration. You can´t wait the generation next. You have started to plan following pedigrees and generation from them already. What to do in the future? What will come up? Now you are just so thrilled and full of inspiration. Hope all goes well and let´s see. I just think this hobby is so wonderful. I am full of passion and inspiration. I love to be a dog breeder.

I love pedigree dogs and breeding. This all give me so much inspiraton. There is so very much to learn, to see and to do. You learn something all the time yet you do know very little. This all and dogs themselves make you very happy. Joie de vivre!


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