We are a team.

Juha Kares founded this tradition over 30 years ago. As he was only 14 years of age and had this big ambition of breeding and showing the highest quality pedigree dogs with unique pedigrees. It was impossible to do it alone being so young – so family, friends and relatives began to help and fell in love with this wonderful hobby too. It was a unique way to do it. All the dogs could live a real good quality life as beloved family members and still be shown. The very best of them could be used also for breeding.

Together we can do so much more. We alsa have much more fun. We can think more and have many opinions always debating about future breeding plans. The Kares family in three generations was involved , many friends and families work together with us plus we have some top kennels around the world working closely together with us.

We have always tried to breed the very best and create genetically variaiting unique pedigrees. So we have imported over 60 dogs around the world including Australia, USA, England, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy. Many of these dogs have been BIS winning champions and proven producers. We have mated our top winning bitches always where we think the best males have been available no matter what country or distance there has been.

“Team work makes the dream work!” Winning Breeder of the Year, all breeds in Finland twice – would not be possible without the team work.

Chic Choix Team has bred/owned almost 400 champions in the past over 30 years. These superior dogs have won well over 400 Best in Groups, well over 1.000 group placements and over 200 Best in Shows all over the world in over 25 different countries. All our dogs have been at private stud only as we try to create genetical variation not to make it smaller. We have produced and exported over 50 champion brood bitches around the world that have began new traditions and produced champions themselves. Our private stud dogs, even if given for stud very limited – have managed to produced well over 200 champions around the world.

Chic Choix-Team has very tight breeding programs, so that every litter is part of a larger breeding program that have been planned many generations forward. Breeding programs are planned together trying to think of every single aspect of the litters. We plan breeding programs with the help of the computer counting in-breeding index, we plan breeding programs at the weekend house at the seaside, we plan the breeding programs listening to classical music, we plan the breeding programs listening to hard music : Trying to get different aspects and so many innovations as simply possible.

Finally once or twice a year Juha Kares goes totally isolated for couple of weeks and put these hundreds and hundreds of plans and ideas together doing the final breeding programs for the next generations….that can again produce something new and better…. Champions that can win and produce champions.

We only produce litters as we need breeding material ourselves so from each litter produced we keep something ourselves: Every litter has to give something or should be able to build next generations. From these top youngsters we finish most of them , so about 40-60 % puppies born here will finish their titles. Later on we choose the very best champions to continue the Chic Choix tradition. We use for breeding only mentally and physically healthy dogs that can easily manage everyday family life.

Over the years we have developed different programs that we follow in our breeding. Almost 20 years ago we started to follow Natural Selection Program to keep the overall health and vitality up with all of our dogs. We do keep and continue the breeding only with dogs born naturally and grown easily. They must have the vitality and instinct from the very beginning likewise their parents. If the males are not interested of natural matings we do not use them for breeding at all. Females must be willing for natural matings too. Whelping must be easy and puppies must know from the very beginning what to do.

We also have unique Type Breeding program where we put together carefully selected dogs around the world from different lines and traditions. Therefore we travel a lot and try to be updated what is happening with our breeds all over the world. This way we are able to produce out-cross combinations that create genetic variation and unique pedigrees. These dogs carry also often unique qualities and rare details that are in a risk to be loosed from our breeds. With these unique dogs we build up healthier
more vital and stronger future. Most of all we are very strict when it comes to temperament of our dogs. We do not do compromises with mental issues.

Our pregnant females are live their pregnancy weeks with tender loving care with our unique Protected Adrenalin Free Pregnant Time Program. We try to offer our pregnant girls as much positive moments as simply possible. We avoid all possible stress and adrenalin production during this very protected pregnancy time. We offer females lot of massage and personal care. This way females are happy and well. This again will effect the embryo wellbeing and produce healthier happier new born babies. Our
babies know us before they are born as they have felt our hands already for weeks.

After puppies are born they are raised with unique Protected Mental Development Program which build up and develop the character of the puppies best way possible. We keep puppies very protected yet challenge them following their naturally developing base. Our puppies are challenged to develop whole time staying with us. This way we can have stronger mentality with our puppies and they are used to stress factors and they get over them quickly. Our puppies are very social and use to humans and other dogs.

This is our unique philosophy and we try to create and breed as beautiful dogs as simply possible – dogs that can enjoy their life and live their long life as beloved individuals and family members to the very end.


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