We breeders do know what is the loneliest moment in life. What is it? That moment is long after midnight while rest of the World is sleeping. People who do not breed dogs may not have a clue what is this all about? You can be happy as you do not know how desperate that moment can feel. Everyone who has bred dogs do know very well what is this lonely moment. That makes you feel very humble. That moment comes as you are taking care of the whelping in night. You are there alone with your female. She do trust you. You are there to make the decisions. That moment is lonely indeed. 

As your female is having puppies it is all so very exciting. You do lot of work to make this litter possible. Lot of people may wait your babies to be born. However when it comes to whelping – you are there most likely alone with your female.

Sad thing is that most of the whelpings do still happens in very early hours after midnight. All other people are in sleep. You are there alone with your female in the lonely dark room waiting puppies to be born. If all goes well. That moment is great. It is full of joy. You feel so inpirational and happiest person in life. Your female is looking to your eyes. You feel love and such a strong connection with her. Puppies are born easily and soon after the mum lick these treasures with tender loving care.  You look the female. She looks at you and you both are so very proud and reliefed. It is one of those moments you feel so happy to be a breeder. It is best thing in the World.

However that is not always the case. There is often this very lonely feeling. Female is getting tired. She is obviously trying to push babies out. She is nervous and feeling bad. Nothing happens. Rest of the World is sleeping. You are alone with mother to be and nothing happens. There is no point of calling anywhere as everyone is in deep sleep. People are in their beds feeling safe and well. Not you! You are alone and you do know something may be wrong. You wait and wait…. Bitch is nervous and restless. Clock is clockin and that may be bad news. That may mean big time trouble or even death.

You have to decide what to do. Bitch can be very upset and in pain. It is you and only you who have to make a decicion how to act. Sometimes life depend on that. Not only puppies may die but mother herself may be in danger. Most of the breeders do know very well how that moment feels like. I do feel that it is the loneliest moment in life. I hate that. Yet I do know this is part of being a breeder. Everyone who has experienced this do know what I am talking about.

All the suddenly all may go well and puppies are born. It is not over yet. One of the puppies may be feeling bad. Will it survive or not. Should you do something – and what? How about the mum? Is there still puppy to come or not? Will there be milk? These are the experiences that makes you feel very very lonely. That is part of the breeder´s every day life. The true breeder need very good nerves. As in the middle of all this. You must feel secure and safe so that you can support the bitch. Wellcome to breeders life. I also do know I am not here alone. As many other breeders have been there too.

Whelping can be the loneliest moment in life. You are there alone. Everyone else is sleeping but not you and the mum to be. It makes you feel very humble. If all goes well the outcome is this. If all goes wrong the outcome is tears and sadness.

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