I was once asked. How can you use word passion in dog breeding? I said I thought without passion it is impossiple.  As I think without passion there should not be breeding at all. If there is no passion. Where does the inspiration and energy comes from?  If there is no passion and energy how can you breed great dogs? I do not know. I do strongly believe that if you are serious with pedigree dog breeding passion is automatically there. I have been driving some 1.500 kilometers in past two days. I have judged this dog once. I fell in love. Now as I saw this dog many years later. He is retired and cut down. About everything was there. This dog makes my knees shaking. Power, type, attitude and that whole package give me vibes. The mating was easy. My bitch was equally crazy about the dog as I was. I was there with old time breeder. She is owner of the stud dog. She has bred top dogs since 1970´s. As we were sitting on the floor and dogs were doing thier business. I was the happiest man in the Universe. There were two passionate breeders and two passionate dogs. This is it. This is why I do it and this is what dog breeding really is about.

Dog breeding is really about believing. Dog breeding is about passionate dog breeders who love their dogs and breeds. Dog breeding is about studies and understanding. I learned so much new from this old time breeder. She knew the pedigrees inside out. She told the stories and information about the pedigree. Her eyes were shining like the brightest diamonds. This was passionate breeder telling me what she knows best. This kind of meetings are full of inspiration. Do always keep in mind in dog breeding.  You must spent time and meet other breeders and people who share the passion. This is only way to learn more. You should have inspiration and passion in every pedigree you produce.

After the mating we had class of wine. We laughed and continued the stories about the pedigrees. Dog breeding is not just the pedigrees and dogs. There is so much stories, memories, people and meetings involved with all the pedigrees. This makes the hobby so very special. Passionate breeding is way of life. Hundreds of statues and pictures were around the room. Sun was shining, smiling faces and smiling stories made this mating as one high light of my summer. This was a day I will remember rest of my life.

Now I just hope there will be puppies. I do hope a new story begins. I will start soon my over thousand kilometers way back home. In a way I wish the road would be longer. I will be sitting in the car alone. I can give all this a serious thought. I plan future pedigrees. I share time with my bitch and we do enjoy the beauty of the world as we are aheading home. As younger breeder I just drove and made this thinking business but I really did not see the nature & culture around me. Now some 30 + years later I do realize with my camera that you must also “smell the roses”. Stop and enjoy. There is so much nice things involved with dog breeding. People, travels and stories are the crown of this best hobby in the world. O`boy but I truly love to be a dog breeder. This is my kind of life.

Passion and inspiration are the key words in breeding. Dogs, people and stories makes this hobby the very best hobby in the world if you ask me. Thank you for the memories and let´s keep producing new memories. 

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