People often do big mistakes as choosing the stud dog. They go to too fine details and do easily forget the most important thing. In all animal population the matings should be the business of the very strongest. Dog population is not any different from any other animal population. If your breed would live in Africa out in savanna. The stud dogs you should be looking for should be the ones that survived. The ones that do stand out and do dominate the rest. They are males that came from very big and healthy litters. They were the very strongest of these vital litters. They are the kings of the population. Too many breeders in general “do find their stud dogs behind the bushes” and end up using weak stud dogs. They have forgotten on what simple and clear rule animal populations are build on in the first place. 

Animal populations are baced originally for simple rule. It was all about struggle to survive. What does is mean in modern breeding? All the puppies that needed any help in the beginning or were anyway weak are out of breeding. In the wild all the weak ones die and in a way it is a great shame that this do not clean our dog populations today. But as a talented breeders we should all the time keep record who are the puppies that would have died if the environment would have been more original a like. Our reponsibility is to continue the breeding with the strongest.

Stud dogs should come from big and vital litters. They mother has been a great producer there is number and there is quality. As a breeder I do try to find this hopefully bitch very strongest and best litter. From that litter I choose the best who is the strongest and king of its population. Remember: Stud dog should be always be a king of its population.

Use a bit of your imagination. If your breed would be living out wild like in some savanna in Africa. Most of the puppies would die in a first year. How many dead puppies have you used over the years? Let´s continue the imagination game. The most clever and strongest may be luckiest do survive. From those few strong ones the very strongest is the one that take over the females. He is the one that take care of reproducing. The weaker ones are lying behind the bushes waiting if they will have one day a change. Most of them will not have a change to get near the females in heat. I wonder how many males have modern clever breeders digged out from the bushes and used them for breeding because owner was right, colour was right or titles were right. Keep the focus right and look the big picture. First of all do find the strongest and from those strongest try to get the details right.

Real stud dogs are ones that do stand out.  They give vibes to talented breeders. They are strong in temperament and they often are a bit dominant. These dogs do have natural charisma. Ofcourse they are as they know they are better than the rest. They were stronger than their many brothers and sisters. They do stand out often from the moment of birth. As puppies are 7-8 weeks they are the noisest and it is hard to see other puppies because the strongest do stand out. If all goes well these dogs do stand out also as grown ups. It is your job as a breeder to recognize them. It is not that difficult really. It is a sad fact that so many breeders do end up choosing the weak ones.

My adwise is: Do find the strongest and stay a way from the weak ones. 

The very best stud dogs are the king of their populations who do stand out. Their life is easy and the charisma is there.


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