We love dogs. This hobby – or should I say life style with pure bred dogs is my kind of life. There is love and action around at all times. This is because of these loving animals. However I would like to remain you all about one thing.  It is not only dogs that makes this hobby so great. Over the years I have made so wonderful friends because of dogs. It is no secret most of my very best friends are dog people. So many of them are from overseas. Dogs are such a cosmopolitan hobby really. Dog people share something so important together. We love dogs. Many people are as loyal as their dogs. We love, laugh and cry because of our dogs. We do understand each others. Thank you dogs for introducing me to these wonderful people.

Sit down and think about your mentors. How many interesting and important teaching people you have met beacuse of dogs? I have learned so very much from my mentors in dogs. I did not only learn about dog stuff but I learned life. There is not a day I would not think one of my biggest mentors in dogs. Here I must mention people that are gone already but whose smile, knowledge and inspiration I do carry in my heart & mind rest of my life. Thank you late Mrs. Marianne Nixon (San Jo),  late Freda & Ron McGregor (Littlecourt) and Ingrid & Matti Wiita (Angel Walley). I have a big smile in my face remembering these inspirational people. Remember to respect and enjoy your mentors. In dog world mentors have such a huge role. Most of us have them. How lucky we been really.

Then there are these fellow breeders or people living the same reality as you do. You do understand each others better than no one else. We laugh together as we are broke. All the money is gone but we have a new dog. We cry together as old dear dogs is gone. We share secrets. Dog world is full of great stories and memories about the things we done. Stories about dog loving people in trouble and all kind of every day incidents. I love stories and I love this laughing dog people with their dogs. How lucky we are to be surrounded with these great funny people.

I have heard there is bitterness and nasty people in dogs too. I have a great adwise for you. We are grown up people and we can turn our back to bitterness. We can choose with who we are dealing with. I prefer positive people that love their dogs. People who respect other people and their dogs. I like people who behave well. Stay away from bitterness and bad talk. After all it is you who make the choice nobody else.

Thank you all my great friends all over the World.  I am so very lucky and blessed that I have met you. I am sure I will meet many more interesting dog people also in the future. With dog people we do not really have nationality, gender or age issues. We are very openminded people willing to spent good time together no matter who we are or where we are coming from. Vive la dog people – I love you.

Dog sport is not only about dogs. It is also about wonderful people which makes this life style the best in the World. Thank you for being there.



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