A pheremone is a secreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species. Pheromones are chemicals capable of acting outside the body. It is very simple really. To make it very simple. As you touch yourself another person the chemistry is there or not. What this got to do with dog breeding? I can tell you that this has very much to do with high quality breeding.

Dog appeasing pheromone called as DAP is a mixture of esters of fat acids. They are released by the sebaceous glands in the intermammary sulcus of lactating female dogs. DAP can be also called as apasine. It is secreted around three and four days after parturition and couple days after weaning. Apasine is detected by the vomeronasal organ. This has a strong effect on both adults and puppies establishing a bond with the mother.

In animals and dogs sex pheromones indicates the availability of the female for breeding. She has season and the day is right. Males also emit pheromones that convet information about their species and genotype. The exchange of chemical signals between organism is considered to be the oldest form of communication. Acting as messenger molecules, the sexual attraction between males and females. It is a terriple mistake in modern dog breeding that so many breeders do not respect the oldest form of communication. Sex pheromones are particularly associated with signaling mating behavior, genotype or dominance.

This is the clue in dog breeding. As we breed dogs we should respect the pheremones. The dogs know themselves if the breeding should take place or not. The dogs do know themselves quite often if the breeding we planned is the right or not. If the pheremones do not work out. I do strongly believe we should not do the breeding. Forced mating or insemination in these cases is all wrong and unnatural. I call them “rape matings”. We should never underestimate the mother nature and the oldest form of communication between the organism. Best and most vital puppies are born from the litters where parents pheremones did work out perfectly and mating is all natural. The chemistry and the pheremones should work out perfectly.

Do always remember in dog breeding. Everything happens for a reason. Pheremones are great example of it.

Pheremones has such an important role in dog breeding. Modern breeders should never forget it. 




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