Pedigree dogs are all about pedigree. Unfortunately it seems that less and less people do know the pedigree of their own dogs. They can´t then really understand the value of the pedigee. Pedigree is something you should know inside out. Pedigree is not something that is in your computer or in piece of paper. If you are a breeder. Pedigree and all the information it includes should be in your brains. That is the clue of the pedigree. Pedigree is a key in breeding. As a breeder I use that massive key as a code all the time. What to breed with what? Thousand pieces of information is getting in some kind of order in my creative brains.  This is how pedigree turns out to be a code. This all information is scanned also with rational thinking.  Dog breeding is unique.  As you should use your brains left and right sides to work with the same massive piece of information called the pedigree at the same time.  In the end pedigree should be a code: what to expect and what to be affraid of. Only by taking control of the pedigree and doing it your way. You can create dominant type. 

The first thing every breeder should know inside out is the pedigree of their bitch. Pedigree is not just list of names in paper. Every name in the pedigree should give you wibes. These wibes are good and bad. Every single pedigree and every single name in the pedigree do include stories and information. Pedigree is like intuitive mindmap of your dog. In every pedigree there are also negative issues and thigs you should be carefully with. So start to study the pedigree of your bitch. Ask, study and be creative. Do your homework and soon this pedigree should be in your brains. Generation next is easy. It is your bitch mixed with the best possiple male you can find. You do study and learn that ideal male pedigree aswell. You try to create smarter and smarter pedigrees generation after generations. You reach out and look for sudden type of dogs.

Every single pedigree do carry risks or potential illnessies too. There is no 100 % healthy pedigree. Only stupid breeder can say my dogs or these pedigrees do not include any risks. Unfortunately you still meet 2017 breeders who say this. I have news for you. That is not possiple. Just yesterday I red how some breeder was practically telling she is having pedigrees without any risks. That is something. Smart breeder do know most of them and realize there are risks. But breeder count the risks and do out breeding when needed. The main thing is that breeder try to produce as healthy & good looking dogs with nice temperament as possiple.

Over the years breeder has massive amount of information in brains. I often forget the name of people as my brains are loaded with pedigrees and all the information those hundreds and hundreds of pedigrees do include. I do rememeber Freda McGregor stories about löwchens born in early 1970´s. I have not seen them but Cluneen Obviously Olivia of Littlecourt is a name in the pedigree that for me include lot of information. It is so much easier later on to remeber the names and dogs you breed yourself. It is really sad. How very little many breeders ask and know about the dogs in their dogs pedigree. If they do not know or ask. They will never learn. That breeding is like playing a bingo.

Pedigrees are about generations and generations of important information. It is about names, pictures, stories, strentgh, weaknessies and much more. Study the dogs before your time by asking older breeders and mentors. Visit them and spend inspirational time. The very best informations comes as you touch the dogs themselves or hear the stories mouth to mouth. That is the real way of getting there. Internet can´t do it for you.

Search for pictures and information. Study and learn your dogs pedigree.  That is the key of the pedigree dogs. That is the key how to breed great pedigrees and great dogs also in the future. There is no short cuts or easy way out. It is hard work.  It is about studying, asking, reading, travelling and learning to know what pedigrees that you work with really are all about.

My generation next Chic Choix Darling Parti Pup of May. Pedigree is the secret of pedigree dogs. Breeders should know the pedigree of their dogs inside out. There are no short cuts. Learn and study your dogs pedigree if you want to breed good dogs and create clever pedigrees.


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