Breeding top quality pedigree dogs is very much keeping everything as simple as possiple. It is about finding own priciples and following them. If you want to breed dogs for decades you must keep your own life well and inspirational too. Otherwise you will sooner or later be burnt out. Your dogs life need to be easy and well. Breeding must be intelligent and well planned. One of the most important thing is the social skills and fruitfull co-operation. Here are my guidelines for top breeding. 

  1. Have a life and house that makes it easy to keep dogs. Make sure there is environment that is good and easy for you & the dogs. This is a must for wellbeing of breeder & dogs in a long run. Environment must be safe, spacious and healhty. Pay attention how many dogs you keep yourself. Do not go over the limit.
  2. Always treat your dogs with the best. Find the best possiple nutrition. My dogs eats Golden Eagle and I could not be happier with the results.
  3. Build up bitchlines. That is the key. Generation and generation free whelping, healthy and breed typical females that you breed with the best.
  4. Always keep the best females for yourself or in co-ownership. Do find great co-owners. They are out there. You just need to find them. Build up a team and do it together.
  5. Keep you eyes open in all occasions. Do find out where there is top producing females. Import their daughters and use their sons.
  6. Remember to have a break from your dogs and busy everyday life every now and then. Have a holiday and remember to take distance once a year.
  7. Remember to have trustworthy, intelligent and outspoken friend(s) or co-operational help near you. Have a debat about your future litters with them. Hear what they say and make them understand. If you can´t. See if you need to change your plans?
  8. Rubbish is rubbish no matter what. Good pedigree do not make a dog beautiful. Healthy dog do not need medication or operations. Do not use these dogs in breeding and be as critical to your own dogs as you are to other people´s dogs.
  9. Keep always the focus in your own breedeing and life. Do not worry other breeder´s life or dogs. Work for the betterment of your life and dogs.
  10. Make sure that the money keep coming from somewhere outside the puppies. This way you can be critical and keep the best. This make possible to import, invest and do inspirational matings & cambaining.

Keep the focus in your own business and your own dogs. Remember to take care of the wellbeing of yourself & your dogs. Do respect the limits and keep some friends near you. Build up a team if possiple. Remember to take the distance every now and then. This way it may be possiple to breed top dogs in modern World for decades. 

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