Dog breeding is getting more and more team spirit alike hobby. At least in Northern Europe the period of big kennels is over. It is almost imposiple to keep large number of dogs in one place. The law and rquirements make this also very difficult. Therefore more and more breeders are doing a fruitful co-peration with the puppy bueyrs. The very best and co-operative homes can become part of the breeding. This change of environment makes the modern breeder work much different than earlier. I feel breeders are getting more also like coaches or team leaders. Breeder must have good social skills to keep up and build up a co-operative network. Modern breeder´s need also social skills for many other reasons. To be a top breeder is not only about how to breed good dogs it is about how to deal with people . Breeding good dogs is one thing but almost equally important is how to handle the relationship with the people around you. 

I have some 40 people around me helping to breed and show dogs. This co-operation network is build up over the decades. Modern and future breeding is about team work. I could not breed and show dogs in this scale without these great talented friends. All relationships must be open and fair. It is about give and take. Both sides must gain something. If it is one way road the story will be short. Breeder´s must think how to find great people and how to keep them . In a way modern breeder is like a team leader. Social skills are much needed. Otherwise team will not work well. Breeder is like a good and inspirational coach. Therefore it is very important that breeders do develop their social skills. This is only way to build up a great team.

Important part of breeders life is how to deal with problems. If you are a breeder you will meet problems sooner or later. You sold a puppy and things did not work out as planned. How to deal with the problem with a family is a hard question. Listen, respect and be cool. Do control the situation. Be a professional and know what you do. I do feel the real test for modern breeders is how to deal with the difficulties. Breeders with good social skills do know how to deal it well. Problems must be solved so that all the parts are finally more or less happy. This is possiple if you do your home work well.

Social skills are also much needed elsewhere in breeding. Dog breeding is getting very International. Modern breeders do need good networls around the globe. This is now a days easier than ever because of social media. However to be able to build up really co-operative and tustworthy relationships you must meet people in person. Best breeder´s can build up great networks. Again good social skills are much needed to reach out the right people and to make them part of you network. Networking is important part of modern breeding.

Breeders do need also good social skills as they must have a good relationships with their neighbors, kennel clubs, breed clubs, vets and other breeders. Breeder must respect other people and understand how important some organizations and people are in breeding. Breeders should also work in breed clubs and have positive attitude with other breeders. Let other breeders do their job. Do now speak behind their back. It is easy really. respect the other people and in the end of the day they will respect you. There is far too much gossiping and negative attitude in the dog World. Do not be part of it. Be a fair player and polite. People will find out how you are. If you have good social skills and good manners you will be respected. If not take a mirror and have a look.

Modern breeders are like coaches. They do need lot of social skills to be able to breed dogs in a long run. Breeding is not only about how to breed good dogs. It is also very much about how to deal with the people. Good moments together are important. Here we had nice photo session with our dogs. 







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