Past 20 years I was dreaming about unique African breed azawakh. I was so afraid of their bizarre and native temperament.  Finally as I was turning 50 years old. I thought it is now or never. I was thinking everything by focusing the temperament first and foremost. Then came the health, look, pedigree etc. Thank you Audrey Marro for letting me choose my girl first from your nice litter. It was rainy November as we arrived to see the puppies in Bretagne, France. It was this magical love of the first sight. As we stepped inside the house. One of the babies runned to me and gave me a kiss. I knew right there right a way. She is ours. She was lying in my lap relaxed. It was like I kind of new this baby from the past. So came wonderful Mimi aka Mintika de la Dehannaie to our life. 

As we flew from Paris to Helsinki our puppy was just fine. She came out and was ready to see her new home. We arrived late so she spent her first night in our bed. I think it is great way to socialize puppies. She stayed there and she still sleeps all her nights in our bed. This lttle azawakh girl went directly under our skins. There is something special and so sweet about her.

Baby Mimi came to our house as a puppy and she was like she would have lived here all her life. 

Azawakhs are divine creatures. They are so very beautiful and divine in their way of being. They are very sensitive and like really fragile piece of art. They are art that needs lot of love and caress. They love their owners and do not really care the rest of the World. They are wild as running freely in the nature. Their jumps and look in the forest just give me goose pumps time after time. As they step inside the house and they have done their running. They really are peaceful cat a like dogs. After spending a month with Mimi. I knew she must have azawakh company. So we took another azawakh girl Kerttu to our household and her litterbrother Hannu moved to live with my dear friends. It is amazing how they play with each others. I must say I have been surprised how easily they seems to manage hard Northern winters too.

Mimi with out other azawakh Kerttu and saluki Bambi. Our azawakhs manage the hard Northern winters just fine. 

Mimi has opened my eyes. I love the fact that harsh Sahel environment has created something so very functional and beautiful. They are so sound in body and mind. They are dogs with no compromises. They live life in their own terms. Owners make azawakh way of life possiple and try to settle them in the modern society as well as possiple. Sound nervs are something I love about Mimi. Where ever she goes she is proud and noble azawakh. I am not even sometimes sure they are dogs. That is how very sophisticated they are yet in next moment they are like wild animals. That African wild soul in sculpture like body makes these dogs so very special. But these dogs are not for every one. Azawakh is very demanding breed.

Mimi like so many azawakhs are like piece of art with a such of harmony in body and soul. 

Mimi loves other dogs of our household. She gets along with them perfectly. She is so very tender and caring of all the small ones. However sometimes the hunting instinct may take over. So you have to be carefully. This wild soul inside the beautiful dog is part of the azawakh facination. Mimi has also wonderful sence of humor. She loves to play games.  She has her own funny routines. Most of them are played with their feet.  She give high fives and play with her feet all the time. In the mornings she never wakes up without her feet games routines. She needs also a kiss before she takes her head up from the pillow.

Thank you Mimi coming to our life. All our dogs love Mimi too. She is our first azawakh and now we have two. I know already that azawakhs have come part of our household for rest of our life. After all these decades in dogs. I have again learnt and experienced something new. Mimi opened the door for azawakhs in our life.  Seems like this way she really changed our life. As life with azawakhs is not the same as life without azawakhs. I can tell you that.

Mimi loves our other dogs and puppies. All our dogs really love this tender spirt too.

It feels like we have piece of Africa and Sahel in our living room. Mimi looks proudly what is going on with noble look in her eyes from the soffa. She lies like a Spinx and her neck is proudly up. Dark beautiful and peaceful eyes tells a story. That story is centuries old. It is a story about friendship between a human and a dog. That story comes from Africa. I feel so very happy and privileged to be able to continue this story in modern society at modern time. Thank you Mimi for starting a new chapter in our life.

Mimi in our Lake house sharing her elegance and beauty with the nature. I get goose pumps time after time as looking these divine dogs . They are living piece of art. 


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