Parti color is a very fascinating color and we have a special breeding program to create and continue the tradition of parti color lhasas.

We combine the Abbotsford parti color tradition via San Jo and Marlo lhasas with some of the best Scandinavian traditions mixed with Orlane parties. Our special concern is to breed very evenly marked parties with long white necks, the color beginning behind the shoulders – with well marked symmetrical heads. Our parties should always have a colored topline tail connection but always so that the tail is at least 3/4 part white from the end. We do not want any coal markings in the white areas – but aim for pure white color.

Chic Choix is determined to breed pear-shaped clean heads and we try to avoid typical parti color faults such as, too strong a stop and wide heads. Heads are our very special concern. The right Tibetan expression with that noble look is very important without any coarseness.

To keep the color fresh and the exact amount of pigmentation and to produce enough color solid colors are very important to our parti breeding program. We specially use solid color (parti color carriers) to mix with our strong parti color males to produce new parti carriers and new material to our parti color breeding program. Type and body wise there are the exact same goals as with our other breeding traditions.

Our Parti Color History:

Our very first parti color lhasa apso was Multi BIS & BISS Fin & Swe Ch Travis Tour de Rol, one of the top winning parties of all time. He was tightly inbred to Multiple BIS & BISS Int & Multi Ch Saxonsprings Fol-de-Rol. We were especially proud about “Buster´s” outstanding carriage And superior well developed neck arch plus his nice dry body. His head wasn’t his fortune at all – and because of his very tight inbreeding index we did use “Buster” for breeding just once.

Travis Tour De Roll

We combined “Buster” with total out-cross Multiple BIG-winning Fin & AM Ch SAN JO WELLINGTON ROSE TATTOO (Multiple BIS & BISS AM & BIS FIN Ch San Jo Zhantor Joint Venture x AM Ch San Jo Wellington Tokyo Rose) a super mover with an absolutely breath taking head. She is still one of the best moving bitches we have ever seen plus a wonderful character. “Tooey” being golden but a parti carrier did produce one single black & silver puppy. A true prototype individual CHIC CHOIX BLACKBERI BLUES.

She is a true prototype with some ultimate details such as a very dry short body with a super neck and head. As expected from total out-cross combining two very different strong traditions we kept “Elli” purely for breeding knowing that with this pedigree and background she should be an excellent producer and she did not disappoint as at all. She has produced four puppies and three of them are champions – all finishing their titles in short time in the minimum amount of shows required.

Later the perfect match for “Elli” was found from San Jo kennels. Leslie Ann Engen and Marianne Nixon had an unbelievable prototype male that is one of the most impressive parti dogs I have ever seen. His movement is an absolute dream come true and his neck carriage. The front is still one of the best I have ever seen with Lhasa apso. We were very fortunate indeed to get SAN JO PARTY POPPER (AM Ch Barjea´s Rhett Butler x AM Ch MTN High´s Golden Snow) owned in co-ownership with Miss. Anna Tuli. However as most superior prototypes he had one major problem thus the reason why he was never shown – he was too tall to be shown. So “Popper” was never shown – but we knew this boy could produce and he didn’t disappoint us at all….

Well we did combine our two ultimate prototypes that had never been shown -but we knew that they would be the best possible producers.

This litter did produce everything we wished for in one generation and even more. This litter did produce superior heads , wonderful colors and nice Lhasas. There are two very well moving dogs with very nice reach in front. Dogs that have strong – well arched neck and dogs that can carry this picture in motion. Wonderful combination of two very different traditions carrying some of the best details from both sides.

This litter prodused an exceptional parti colour dog and wonderfull Lhasa Apso BISS & Multiple BIG-winning Int & Fin & AM & Swe & Norw & Dan & Est Ch CHIC CHOIX ASHLEY WILKES (San Jo´s Party Popper x Chic Choix Blacberi Blues) now owned by the family Graugaard. “Ashley” has been given for private stud only and has still produced in his few litters 18 champions around the world.

Chic Choix Ashley Wilkes

Actually some of our best marked parties with clean colors are genetically tri colors but look like parties. Here we call them as parties to make is easier to follow – but some of them are actually genetically tri colors.

Later we have combined with “Ashley´s” help other very interesting bitch lines to our parti color tradition. There were two bitches that we really think were great producers and also parti carriers: namely mother and daughter AM Ch Orlane´s Early Bird and her daughter AM Ch Hylan-Orlane Snow Bird and we were very fortunate indeed to get another foundation bitch the superb producer BIG-pl. INT & Fin & Swe & Norw & Est CH HYLAN SHO TRU BYE BYE BIRDY (Biss Am & Can Ch Hylan Sho Tru Tak-m By-Storm x Am Ch Hylan Orlane Snow Bird) owned by Mrs. Lund. “Maire” mated with “Ashley” did produce some wonderful puppies and later all 5 bitches were finished by short order.

We did keep two that will later continue our parti traditions namely sable colored (parti carrier) Multiple BIG-pl. Int & Fin & AM & Swe & Norw Ch CHIC CHOIX TWELVEOAK´S LADY already the dam of several champions, including Big-pl. AM Ch Ta Sen Victory Chic Choix Shoe (BISS Am & Can Ch Kinderland Ta Sen Rockwell x Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Twelveoak´s Lady) owned by Susan Giles and Victor Cochen. Hopefully later on his influence will be seen in our breeding program. Also “Pionis” champion daughters will later on for sure produce parties a few generations later as we have planned in our breeding program.

“Pioni´s” litter sister parti color white & gold FIN Ch Chic Choix Vivien Leigh is also a multiple champion producer and her legacy will continue thru her very special son, sable colored (parti carrier) BISS Int & Fin & AM & Can & Norw & Swe Ch CHIC CHOIX JEFFERSSON DAVIS (Fin & S Ch Daragoj Popcorn x Fin Ch Chic Choix Vivien Leigh). This combination did combine also famous Multi BIS & BISS Am & Can Ch Misti´s Play It Again Sam to our pedigrees.

Ashley son who is the top winning finish bred lhasa of all time Multi BIS Int & Fin & Swe & Norw & Est Ch CHIC CHOIX PARTI DUDE who has a Swedish bred mother with Swedish-English parti-lines behind her, also has an important role in our breeding program. We specially hope to get his wonderful carriage and top line. We alraedy have an interesting son of his out of Marlo Somethin Jessica namely Fin & Swe Ch Chic Choix Some Marlo Parti. After campaigning in the USA he will continue his European shows and have an important role in our breeding program.

Chic Choix Parti Dude

Another very important male is a litter brother to “Ashley” sable colored (parti carrier) Fn Ch CHIC CHOIX RHETT BUTLER . He finished his title in four straight shows with BOBs but we couldn’t specialize two litter brothers so “Jussi” was never shown after finishing his title. However he has produced one litter at Chic Choix and produced a very handsome dog that is one of the most important stud dogs for us namely sable colored (parti carrier) Multiple BIG-winner SBIS FIN & Swe & Norw & Dan & Est CH CHIC CHOIX MARLON BRANDO (Fin Ch Chic Choix Rhett Butler x Marlo Somethin Jessica) owned by Sini Rantanen & Pasi Sievola. There is already many Champions in “Marlo´s” offspring. He will later on through his offspring be combined with our parti program to hopefully get his wonderful carriage and movement not forgetting his super coat texture and temperament. He is also the highest scored obedience Lhasa ever in Finland.

There were other very special Lhasa Apsos in California that we did want to combine with our parti color pedigrees namely AM Ch Marlo Something Else. So we were quite fortunate to get her daughter MARLO SOMETHIN JESSICA (BISS AM & Can Ch Marlo Phantom x AM Ch MArlo Somethin Else) owned by Sinikka Haapanen. She is wonderful colored blue (parti carrier) bitch with excellent movement and with a long proud neck. “Jessi” also carries superb coat texture however because of her slightly strong under jaw she has never been shown. For her first maiting our choice was “Jussi” – so that we can later on do some Interesting line-breeding to our very special “Popper” x “Elli” combination. We hardly can wait to combine more of our “Ashley” and Marlo-pedigrees in the same pedigree as we have planned to do later in our carefully planned breeding program. Our special concern is to do line breeding without risking health and fertility. This is why we like to line breed successful litters instead of just individuals to get a bit more genetical variation.

We had also interesting Italian male Ch. CADEAU DELL ALBERICO with Marlo pedigree ( Ch Marlo Somethin Else grandson). He has exceptional movement and superior coat texture and one of the best lhasa necks I’ve ever seen. Cadeau has mated our two Bye Bye Birdy Champion daughters. These puppies offer a lot of possibilities in the future to mix in to San Jo – Abbotsford side and again Bye Bye Birdy side.

Our legendary Multi BIS & BISS Int & Multi Ch San Jo´S Shutter Speed mated Fin Ch Chic Choix Somethin Spiffy. From that combination we got Int & Multi Ch Karafill Chic Choix Nova. She was mated to our latest parti import BIS Am Ch Barjea Mai Ling Panda. With these parti puppies we can continue our San Jo – Marlo – Abbotsford particolour breeding programme.

2005 we got some very important new material to our parti colour breeding programme. Our very dear friend Marianne Nixon (kennel San Jo) suggested to Barbara Peterson (kennel Barjea) to send a couple of her best lhasas to Chic Choix. Here this unique line can be continued with the same unique San Jo – Marlo – Abbotsford traditions. We should also remember that a very important parti stud dog the late San Jo Party Popper was sired by Am Ch Barjea Rhett Butler. So now Barjea can meet Barjea again.

From Barbara Peterson we imported the famous parti colour dog BIS AM Ch Barjea Mai Ling Panda. He is the first parti white & black lhasa to win all breed BEST in SHOW in the US since the 1960´s. “Panda” has also been an impressive stud dog.

Barjea Mai Ling Panda

We also imported a young beautifull bitch AM Ch Barjea´s Sawyer. With these two very important and special parti lhasas we can continue our parti colour breeding programme. Thank you so much to our special friends Marianne Nixon and Barbara Petersson for making this possible.

Barjea´s Sawyer

Early 2005 we also imported UK´s top winning lhasa GB Ch Kutani Reckless who has a particolour sire. “JK´s” carriage and attitude is to die for. We hope to be able to mix “JK” into our parti lines. With him we get some new blood and hope to get in a bit more of English parti traditions.

First generations after mixing Barjea dogs to Chic Choix dogs looks wonderfull. Panda´s first generation kids BIS Multi Ch Chic Choix In Parti Cular and female Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Surprise Parti are leaving their marks to our parti breeding programme. Jk and Panda is first time in same pedigree with fabulous litter that produced top winner in Brazil namely Multi BIS Bra Ch Chic Choix Parti Parade.

Chic Choix In Parti Cular - photo by Markku Lampero

Chic Choix Surprise Parti

The future looks bright for our parties and we can´t wait to see what the future will be like….


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