We dog people love our dogs. That is the ground stone of this great hobby. However it is wonderful people around dogs  that are needed also to make this hobby so very special. As you look back and wonder all the great things that has happend to you in this hobby. There will be quite a few people that has influenced your life a great deal. Without these people life would not be the same. It is because of dogs you learned to know them. I feel colourful and warm loving passionate people makes this hobby the best hobby in the World.

At the beginning I did only thought about dogs

As a yougster I did look too much just the dogs. If you were talented breeder, handler or a judge I wanted to learn from them. Over the years I did find out that not all great breeders, handlers or judges were interesting people beyond dogs at all. There were some that were quite the opposite.  Over time I did realize. You have to pick up the right kind of people to make this hobby very special.

As a beginner I did spent too much time with people who were terriply negative. They only see other people´s faults and talk bad. I started to pick up people more carefully. As I look back there have been many learning experiences. Some people can breed great dogs yet they can be very dishonest. Someone can judge dogs but they really do not care the dogs. It is money, egotripping and other issues that can attrack you in this hobby. Lack of love and feelings is not good in dogs at all.

Dog  World is  full of great people

In the World of pedigree dogs there are wondeful people with heart in a right place. There are people with class and style also as a human being. I feel it is very important to choose the people you are dealing with in this hobby aswell. Bad company is like a poison. Great company is the opposite. They give you so much information, knowledge and wisdom.  You share the energy, passion and love toward living animals. Your own life becomes better.

I have spent all my life with pedigree dogs. There is not many hobbies that are so International and openminded like dog world. Age, social position, nationality is not important among true dog people. It is your ideas, loyalty, honesty, passion and true heart that matters. Most dog people have a very good heart. This is why they have dogs in a first place. Dog people are like dogs. They “smell” the fakes from the distance.  My journey has been greatest journey  in the World. This is because I have learned to know so many very special dog people. Many of the have become my greatest friends. Some of them have teached me so much not only about the dogs but life in general.

I want to thank You all great and genuine dog people that I have learned to know over the years. You have made my life in dogs such a colourful and great journey.

Special Thanks to one very special person that I have in mind right now. That is ofcourse late Mr. Hans Lehtinen. One of the greatest judges ever. He was a living example about a true genuine dog person. This is why people respected him so much. Having a heart in a right place. He was willing to share his wisdom and he was a best mentor ever.

Kasvattaja kahvila 25 11 2014


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