My amazing journey with Lhasa Apsos started almost 40 Years ago. I fell in love to this noble and charismatic Tibetan breed  in the early 1980’s. There is just something so very special with this natural and healthy breed that really is a one of a kind breed in the world. The hard Himalayan environment created this breed in care of animal loving Tibetan people.

Some 40 years later, I am still in love with this amazing breed, and despite the innumerable experiences they have led me to, it was less than 2 years ago that my Lhasas took on the role of Cupid in my life.  That’s right.. these precious Tibetan heirlooms took what I believed was the impossible and made it possible thousands of miles away.  As I sold a young show dog to a new fancier in the USA, Cupid shot a bow through my heart and released love and passion for Lhasa Apsos into another person, who I know was guided into my life.

What are the chances to meet among billions of people, a fellow dog fanciers, who is also my soul mate and love of my life?  Clearly none as it had not happened in over 40 years until… Lhasa Apsos took over and decided they would now be in charge of my love life. These Lhasa Apsos and this American man, so passionate, genuine, smart and witty, broke all my rules when he obtained a dog from me and we began a journey of love that is not comparable to any other love worldwide.

Lhasa Apsos are clearly one of my life destinies. They have given me so much, but their greatest gift has been bringing to my life my amazing Valentine. Today and forever I am thankful to my Lhasa’s for showing me that love has no boundaries and despite billions of people in the world searching for love and happiness, they took over and found it for me.   This is the greatest thing about this breed, they know what’s best for their humans! This Valentines Day… Let Go and Let Love just as I have done… Cupid will do the rest.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my dear Clifton and to the world… Love is your destiny…


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