1. This dog will give you vibes. He has that special something……He is a king of his breed. The very best ones gives you goosebumbs.
  2. Real stud dogs should come from a big and healthy litter.
  3. The very best stud dogs have a mother that has been a great producer herself. 
  4. A real stud dog is a stallion alike dog. He should be a handful. The very best stud dogs are often not easy to have. The vitality often means mental & physical power.
  5. A real stud dog love to mate and he really do know how to do it himself. Not much outside help is needed.
  6. The very best stud dogs are often dogs that leave no one speechless. There are people who love him and people who may hate him. Main thing is that they talk about him. There will be people who never bred anything good themselves but they sure know the stories about him.
  7. Because of it – there will be gossips and rumors. Every top stud dog may have also one or two terriple puppies. “And they love it……”
  8. A real stud dog has or will have some really stunning and vital puppies. 
  9. The type is there. You can see his silhouette and type even if you will close your eyes. The carriage is there.
  10. The owner of real stud dog have no importance. You must and want to use him no matter where he lives and who owns him.

A real stud dog should come from big, vital and even litter from a top producing mum. He is a stallion alike dog, who is a handful to have and he loves to mate.

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