In this country we have more pedigree dogs per person than anywhere in the World. Owning a registrated pedigree dog has a long tradition in Finland. There is also lot of mixbred dogs. This is because Finland is ideal place for dogs. This great and clean country is really a paradise for our dogs.

Nature is rich and there is lot of it.  Some 5,5 million people are living in a country that is in size 338 440,83. There is lot of room as there is only 18 people living per square kilometre. Forests, fields and lakes are great places for our dogs to play & run. Four different kind of seasons offers all kind of dogs something to do. There is lot of inspiration and beauty around for all of us to enjoy.

Finnish Kennel Club is oldest in Northern Europe. This great well organized kennel club together with the breed clubs and other dog clubs offers so much help and adwise. There is something to do for all the dog people and their dogs. Finnish breeders  take health and mental issues very seriously. Finnish pedigree dogs has lot to be proud of. Long tradition of serious breeding. Finnish people love dogs and respect them a lot. Most of them are much loved family members.

Happy Birthday Finland – Finnish people & dogs equally.


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