Whelping is a wonderful test for healthy breeding program.  Breeder´s should always keep this in mind. Bitches must not suffer because of whelping. The process should be as easy as possible. There should not be any extra suffer. After the puppies are born, bitch is in good shape and she can take care of the puppies well. What if not?

If the bitch can´t produce naturally – she really is not a brood bitch. I can´t see reasons why these bitches should be bred again. Too many breeder´s and too many breed´s have made compromises. But the fact is that in the end of the day they both do pay the price.

People do not often realize that every new born puppy has to have ideal weight. Too many breeder´s do not know or realize that every breed should have their ideal weight as they are born. This weight should keep in mind under all times. Lhasa apso ideal weight as born is 140 – 200 grams. They really should not weight less than 120 or more than 200. Lowchens are very much the same.  With some breeds weight of the new born puppies have develop over the top making the whelping painful and impossible. The weight of the new born puppies is genetic matter as everything else in dog breeding. However feeding do play a role as well. People should not over feed their bitchies in whelp.

Other important matter is the position and wideness of the pelvis. Pelvis has ideal size and position by the breed as well. Lhasa pelvis minimum wideness for me is 6 cm.

Do you know your breed´s ideal weight of the new born puppies? Do you know what is the minimum wideness of your breed´s pelvis? If you do – good for you. If you do not know. Better to start find out and keep those figures in mind.

Next important thing is that hormonal functions are normal. If they are not I would be very worried. Natural matings and overall vitality usyally do produce normal hormonal functions. If any of these are getting wrong, get riddle of them. Keep vital dogs in your breeding program that have normal hormonal functions.

In the end of the day after few generations all should be well. I would say the breeder has 2-3 generations time to get all fixed. But do keep whelping under serious consideration at all times. Whelping must be easy and all natural.



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