It is time for FCI World Dog Show in Amsterdam. I look so much forward to this prestigious event. There it is change to see some of the finest pedigree dogs around the World. It is not only about dogs. Dog lovers from all over the World can meet each others.  There is something very special about World Dog Show. It was like Yesterday as my first World Winner was crowned almost 30 years ago.  BOB & WW-1989 title in wonderful Copenhagen over 40 löwchens went to Int Ch Chic Choix Dame de Coeur. That was a start of a wonderful World Winner journey. Over the years Chic Choix dogs have won the grand total of 59 World Winner titles in lhasa apsos, löwchens, deerhounds and with 5 other breeds. 

Löwchen BISS Int & Multi Ch, World Winner – 89, EW-91 Chic Choix Dame de Coeur (Int Ch Lionheart Beau-Regard – BIS BISS Int Ch Chic Choix Brigitte Lifar) was first Chic Choix World Winner over 29 years ago in Copenhagen.

It is always nice when the World Winner show is in Europe because entries are always so much higher. There is such a talented team behind the Amsterdam show. So I am sure it will be a great show. How wonderful that this show is also in one of my favourite cities in the World. Amsterdam is such a beautiful and safe city.

Our World Winner titles record holder is legendary lhasa apso Multi BIS & BISS Int & Multi Ch, JWW-2011, World Winner 2012-2013-2014-2015-2016 Chic Choix Cleopatra Eurydice (BISS Int Ch Chic Choix Parti Alexander x Ch Tza-Ma Hannah Montana)

Soon we know who are the new World Winners. Entries are high and judges very interesting. Around the rings we can meet old and new friends around the World. I am looking so much forward to meet so many of you. Somehow it almost feels like family event.  Let´s all celebrate the happiness and well being of the fine pure bred dogs. Fair game and honest people are the foundation of this World´s greatest hobby. See you all soon in Amsterdam.

Looking so much forward The World Dog Show in Amsterdam



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