As a breeder and a judge I can´t tell how important detail the eyes are. Each and every breed has specific eyes and expression. The perfect shape and color makes the picture perfect. You practically  can´t have the perfect eye shape and form if the skull is not what it should be. It is not only about the shape. The sparkle and eyes do indicate also the wellbeing of the dog. Therefore I do feel dog eyes are the mirror of the soul and wellbeing of the dog.

As we go very deep to details I feel eyes are one of the key factors making the picture perfect. As I judge dogs it is the eyes that gives me vibes. Sometimes as I see a real happy, charismatic dog with perfect eye shape and color I get tears to my eyes. Mentally strong dog knowing who he/she  is with perfect eyes do tell me that we are talking about happy and wellbeing dog. Sad or shy eyes makes me sad.

I do feel that real professional as a judge and as breeder do know just what kind of eyes the breed should have. Real professional can read the eyes of the dogs. Sick or mentally weak dog can often be reconized from its eyes. Unfortunately people do major compromises with pigmentation, temperaments, skull shapes, eyeforms and eyelids. Because of that there is lot of terriple eyes.

So next time as you see perfect eyes and expression. Do keep in mind there is much more into it. Next time as you see weak or bad eyes do remember there is so much more into it.

Remember the fact. Eyes makes the picture perfect. Real talented judge do know just what kind of eyes and expression each breed should have. Talented breeder do produce nice eyes and expressions. As eyes are the mirror of the soul.

It is the perfect eyes that makes the picture perfect proven by these two World Winners.



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