Dog breeding is not for “sissies.” I really mean that. If you breed dogs a bit longer you can be sure there will be major disappointments and sorrow. There will be mistakes. There will be some painful challengies with some of the puppy buyers. I feel this is the case no matter how talented and carefully you are. One of the secrets of this hobby is. How to face the problems? Clever breeder learn from mistakes. They did something wrong and it is time to do things differently. They find the reasons from their own actions. Stupid breeder finds the reasons from outside. It is often the stud dog or “bad luck.” I feel in this hobby you could quite often translate bad luck as stupidness or being careless. 

I do feel it is a great relief to understand. That everyone do mistakes. There will be always dogs that do produce major disappointments in health, temperament or type. In the first run you may be not know was it a sire or dam that produced a problem. But in the second time you do know for sure. It can be sire or it can be dam. In the worste case it is both or just the combination. What do you do?

I would say there is two type of breeders. Group A face the situation as it is. They do understand they have made a mistake. They did not know enough. They did a wrong choise. You can cry or you can laugh. But most important is that you face the problem. You do understand  that your action was not clever. Group B starts to find people to blame. “Someone did not tell something” and the reason is someone else. Unfortunately in modern breeding it often feels like group B is getting bigger.

I feel that in the moment of sorrow or big mistake. It is not time to blame anything or anyone .It is time to face to problems as it is. It takes courage to do so. Start to figure out what did I do wrong. Often it is time to do some actions. Smart breeding is about throwing out dogs from the breeding porogramm in regular basis. That how it is and that how it will always be. Dog breeder must be professional and put feelings aside as it is time to be very rational. No matter how you feel the dog may not be worth breeding. It is a pet and thats it.  It is easy to find pets from other breeders breeding program but own breeding is what counts.

I would say that it is equally important in dog breeding knowing who to bred and knowing who not to breed. Best breeding is often to leave dog outside of the breeding program. Those are tuff situations. But I would courage the breeders do more tuff decicions.

It takes also courage to tell puppy buyer. “Yes the temperament is weak or there is allergies in the line.” Most of the cases breeder´s blame the nutrition or bad home. How about looking to the mirror first? I have not bred any allergy over these decades where the reasons would not have been in somewhere in the line. Yes, sudden food can put the dog over the limit but the real reasons are somewhere else.

Because of critical attitude and keeping the mirror in the own hand in all occasions. I would say dog breeding is not for “sissies.” There will be tears and there will be hard times ahead if you will breed dogs. Be prepaired and always keep the focus in own actions.

Keep the focus right. It is one of the key factors in good quality breeding. Learning from mistakes takes you forward.




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