Over the years as I have followed the dog breeding very very closely I have come to one frightening conclusion. Dog breeders do work too hard. Most of the dog breeders do put their breeding and dogs as top priority. In a way we all do that and it is good. However all the worst catastrophies and real fell downs are because breeders are tired or burnt out. Some of them have lost the control of their dogs and life totally. Dog breeders should take a distance from their dogs and rest every now and then. It is very important.

I work in education field. We have to and need to do work supervision in monthly basics. We need to talk about troubles and worries we do have. We try to make sure nobody gets burnt out. I work 5 days a week 9 moths a year. In dogs most breeders work with their dogs 7/7 and all year round. That is a hard hard work. Breeder do meet lot of stress in many occasions and you often meet all that stress by yourself. You should never be alone. You need someone to talk with. Dog breeder must organize own supervison also to let all come out. Otherwise you will be easily stressed and loaded with worries.

Most of all all the breeder´s should be able to take a distance from their dogs and hard every day life every now and then. Otherwise things easily gets out of hands. Breeders do easily forget their own needs. As I leave my home to holiday. I leave my house to friends who do look after my dogs while I am gone. Before I leave I do see my life as outsider. I must think – how is our life organized at home. Do I have happy dogs and is everything under control. Can soemone else manage my everyday life with my dogs?  If you never let outsider to see what is going on. There is a risk that breeder do get blind. This means you collect too many dogs or in your house there is dogs that are not well. Most of all there is a risk a breeder gets burnt out which means dogs will not be good soon either.

In the end of the day the well being of the breeder secures the well being of the dogs. It is most important that the breeder him or herself take a break every now and then. Take a distance from your every day life and see how is it. Relax and load your batteries. This is so important in a long run if you want to breed happy dogs for decades. Over the years I have seen dramatic examples when the breeder has lost the control of her or his life. Those stories end up to National news every now and then. The breeder and dogs do often pay a terrible prize only because the breeder forgot own needs and breaks. Take my word –  relax every now and then. I have been burnt out my self and taken a break too late some decades ago. But I did learned my lesson. Now a days I make sure I have two holidays a year from my dogs. This time I give to my partner and myself. Otherwise I would easily forget the needs of both of them. The well being of the owners is the well being of the dogs. The ideal situation is that both are happy and well.

Breeder should have a break every now and then. The well being of the breeder is well being of the dogs. Tired breeder can do terrible mistakes.  Every now and then there are terriple examples of breeder´s burn outs and usually it is the dogs who pays the worste prize of it. My vacations give me so much energy and inspiration. The dogs get that energy when I get back. My pedigrees and breeding get the inspiration in future generations. Me loading batteries in Masai Mara, Kenya two years ago. 

Masai Mara 2013 Happiness




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