Finland´s 100 Year birthday gave me a good reason to plan something exordinary. Programs and targets are my thing to keep the motivation up and growing. I have planned some highly interesting pedigrees and done my homework as good as I can. Our Finland 100 Collection puppies should be born between 7.12.2017 – 7.12.2018.  We call these Chic Choix litters born during 2018 as Chic Choix Finland 100 Year Collection. Each and every pedigree should be able to produce what we believe is the very best we can do. Most important thing is vitality and temperaments. That is what happy and healthy pedigree dogs are all about. Loyal to the type and lines we work with. We hope to work to the max with these becoming puppies to secure the best possible life for them. Soon we know what we really can? 

Around 2019 these Chic Choix Finland 100 Year Collection fruits are stepping in to the rings around the World. More importantly they steel the hearts of their proud owners. Later they hopefully help the breeds in following generations around the World.  Then we start to see if everything turns about what we are hoping for. Needless to say 2018 will be thrilling times at Chic Choix. We must challenge ourselves over and over again after all we done  past 35 Years. We have done so many records and now it is time to reach new records and challenge yourself once again. So far Chic Choix has bred/owned over 200 International Champions and these dogs have won over 500 BEST in SHOWS and over 50 World Winner titles. All this with tender loving care done by amateur team work.

We have imported quite a lot of new dogs to be able to go forward and fullfill Finland  100 Year Collection dreams. Our main purpose is to breed vital and over all healthy dogs that look as good as possiple. In past 12 months we have imported over 10 highly interesting new imports. These imports should be in great help as building up our Chic Choix Finland 100 Year Collection. With our imports we hope to increase genetical diversity. Yet we also hope to improve the quality of our dogs. We should have also some interesting over sea matings during 2018.

Important part of the program is all the planning.  Some important trips must be done. Logistic issues are such important part of the modern top breeding. Globalisazion is a great opportunity for the modern breeders. Next Year 2018 our dogs should travel between 5 different continents. Most of all we try to keep calender open during 2018 so that we would be ready to give maximun energy and effort for the babies. Needless to say.  We do hope to export some top puppies around the World to help the serious and loving breedfanciers overseas.

Early 2018 will be very interesting as we hope to breed 5 of our top lhasa apso International & Multi Champion females. These girls present our work at it´s best. They are very much what Chic Choix is today. We do hope the future is even better. Three of these girls are all-breed BEST in SHOW winners. Future will tell if we were able to keep up the quality. We certainly hope so. Later 2018 some younger very interesting lhasa females will be bred too. We have own bred design stud males ready and two new American imports really should match with these ladies. Two interesting boys in overseas are also in our mind.

In Lowchens three of our modern top Multi Champion females will be bred early 2018. These girls will hopefully take forward the oldest still running lowchen kennel in  Northern Europe. Chic Choix has bred in 35 years over 150 löwchen Champions. These dogs are behind many important dogs around the World. Now it is time to breed new future Champions. We can´t wait our collection babies.

We do have some interesting plans going on with deerhounds and some other breeds that we breed in very small scale. We love them all and try to do our very best to keep up the best quality we can. Generation next is always the key to the better breeding. International & Multi Champion deerhound who is second generation of our own breeding has already been mated.

During 2018 we are willing to work harder than ever. Ready to learn and study. Let´s rock´n´roll.



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