One of the most important thing in dog breeding is the power and vitality. These are not just words but real things. Vitality and power means a lot in life. Vital dog is outgoing happy and active. These dogs can be seen and heard. This kind of dogs are powerful and they do also have a will power. I am affraid that in past decades in the time of big kennels people did prefer too easy dogs. Now a days it is no better. People do work and have busy lives. Let´s be real. Do people want easy dogs or very active vital ones? I do believe in modern breeding we often prefer also lazier and easier dogs. In so many breeds males do not mate anymore and as looking the show rings there often is less and less charisma. What is charisma and how charisma is born in dogs? Why charisma is so important?

What is charisma?

Charisma is will power. Charisma in dogs means a dog who know who they are. They do have a real and strong libido. In males it means powerful instincts and a bit dominant attitude – which in best cases is still under control. But sometimes these charismatic males can be firely. If there is a female in season the feelings are stong. Charisma in males means also very much a stallion like attitude.

Again in females charisma is more elegant in nature. In females it is about knowing the power. “I am alpha and I do not need to argue around.” The charisma is the look. Just by looking charismatic female indicates to others the ultimate power. No argue is needed. This female charisma is more about peace and aura around the dog.

Where charisma comes from?

Charisma in dogs comes from very vital and strong dogs. These charismatic dogs often are born as kings and queens. Most charismatic dogs in breeding I have often picked up as new born. They are the strongest in the litter from the very begging. They do shine and do stand out often very early. These dogs have ultimate vitality and ultimate will power. As puppies start to walk the real charismatic ones do rule the other puppies.

Real vitality and power comes from the parents. In ideal cases both sire and dam are powerfull and outgoing dogs. The matings are firely and easy. Whelping is piece of cake. As we are talking about charisma in dogs. It is very closely related to libido and reproducing qualities. Charisma comes from very easy life. These dogs know where they do come from and they do know where do they stand. A charismatic dog needs secure limits aswell evenif they may challenge the owner every now and then.

Charismatic puppies are often wild

Charismatic puppies do stand out. It is owners job to protect that charisma by letting strong and vital puppy to use it will power the right way. Too many limits and too strong hand can ruin the charisma. Wild puppies do challenge the owner. They do search their limits and finally do find them by themselves with right kind of guidance.

To keep and raise the amount of charisma needs attention and love. You must love and let the dog know how special it is. Finally the love and attention start to shine back.

Charismatic dogs are natural winners and groundstone of the breeding

To get charisma in dogs means you must use very vital and strong dogs in breeding. Charismatic dogs are never nervous. They do have the best of brains with lot of will power. You must respect the charismatic dogs. As a breeders we should look for these individuals and use them for breeding. The truth is the most charismatic dogs are the most vital individuals of the popultion. They are nothing but natural winners that owners have managed to live well with. They do shine and natural charisma in dogs is nothing but easy life and power of mind and body. The natural chrarisma in dogs is closely related to vitality.

Vitality is what dog breeding is all about. Charisma comes from easy and happy life. This way the self-esteem becomes strong. However people do look more and more numbers. They do study the pedigrees. Far too often they do forget to look the dogs themselves. Dog breeding is pedigrees and numbers but most of dog breeding is about using the most vital and strongest dogs of the population in breeding.

Do never under estimate the charisma of the dog. As this makes them the best in show ring, in the field and in breeding.

Charisma in dogs is everything. It can be seen and feel. Charisma indicates easy life. 



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