Sealyham terriers has something very special about them. Their flashy outline and stylistic colour is very appealing: strong dogs yet lot of style makes them so nice to look at. The temperament of the breed is lively and appealing aswell. My friend late Raija Jarvinen kennel Raijaj bred few sealyhamterrier litters and she warned me do not to start with them as there is too many problems in the breed. I did not listen to her as I loved this breed so much.

So I bought my first male from Sweden 1992 Ch Werweises British Bond at Chic Choix was a strong male with magnificent temperament. We called himBuddy and he was such sweet character. I studied the breed more and liked a lot Torset dogs bred by Stella Rootes in UK. Later 1992 I imported from her very nice female Int & Fin & S & DK & Est Ch Torset True Joy owned together with my niece Sari Kares. Baby was a sweet and stunning girl who had movement and size to die for. She also had great coat texture.

Following year Stella had something very special for me. She let me have England´s top winning sealyhamterrier GB Ch Talk of Glory of Torset aka Patsy. This great female was a dream come true sealyham.

1993 I bred my first sealyham litter as Buddy mated Patsy. That produced all champion litter. There was two really nice females but they had their father soft coat so I did not want to continue the breeding with them. I needed to find better coats. I did find them from USA.

So I had two really world class bitchies to start with. As I studied more
the breed I realised there is really great dogs in USA bred by Margery
Good. He had male to die for winning many BEST in SHOWs and over 50 group I sts AM Ch Goodspice Show Thyme aka Badger was a thrilling male and I had to change to have him to Finland for a while. He did well and was unbeaten in Finland.

He was a great dog and mated first True Joy. That litter produced some stunning puppies. There was a great male BIG-winning Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Trevor Truestar and sister Chic Choix Tilly Tea Time who also became Multi Ch. Third puppy from the litter was exported to Goodspice kennel in USA.


I also mated Patsy with Badger. That breeding produced superior small female Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Sally Showtalk.


Badger went back to USA and after that I had the change to take to
Finland one of the top winning sealyhams of alltimes Multi BIS & BISS AM Ch Torset Touch of Class who was Badger father. This great dog bred by Stella Rootes was living in USA with Margery Good. This dog won over 100 BIG-1st´s and countless BISs. He was retired as he came here but I am so glad to have him in my house for a year. I really know what good sealyhamterrier looks like and I love their temperaments. Unfortunately I was very unlucky with my females fertility and I only bred three litters that produced many great champions with great temperaments and I love these little clowns with real terrier attitude in needed.

Patsy was already 13 years of age and one day she was running in the garden all the sudden she was lost. I was worried as she was already half blind at that stage. About hour later she came back and had a rabbit in her mouth. I couldn´t believe my eyes. That is sealyhamterrier at 13 years of age, My queen from the soffa turned out real hunter when the moment was right. I love this breed and every time I see them my heart beats strongly. I am so glad I have had these great dogs and I had chance to live and see some of the best sealyhamterriers in the world.