As I went to see my very first lowchen´s parents and breeder that breeder also had irish setters. These lively happy dogs took my breath a way. Later 1980´s as I learn to know Elizabeth Carlzon (later Axelsson) she had stunning male BIG-winning Double Point´s Double Fantasy aka Jason. He was born 1983. I fell in love with this great dog and he was to become my very first irish setter. He came to Finland to live with my friends family Wirman. We won some nice wins with Jason.

Later I decided I want to have a female and start breeding these magnificent dogs. My parents loved them too. Legendary all rounder judge Hans Lehtinen told that there is great breeder in Australia. This breeder is Norma Hamilton and she has legendary Quailmoor prefix. After I studied more I knew that is the place where I want my irish setter foundation bitch. Norma and her husband Graham Hamilton had bred bitch line unreal. Generation after generation these superior dogs have won everything possible in Australia. These dogs had also unique pedigrees as in Europe the breeding has been disturbed by fatal and serious matador breeding where same males and their off springs are behind everything. I wanted something different.

Norma & Graham Hamilton had legendary female Multi BIS & BISS Aust Ch Quailmoor Georga Brown who was a winner of over 20 all breed BEST in SHOWs. She was bred with American import Multi BIS Aust Ch Meadowlark´s Energizer. From that breeding Norma told me I could have something very special.

I did get somehting very very special namely Multi BIS WW-98 Quailmoor Night Lark aka Annie. She was a dream come true setter and legendary producer. In one of her very first shows at Helsinki International Winner show she went BEST in SHOW-1 under respected all rounder Carl-Johan Adlercreuz from Sweden.

Something very special Multi BIS WW-98 QUAILMOOR NIGHT LARK “Annie”
ANNIE winning BEST In SHOW in Helsinki Int

Later I wanted to mate Annie but there was no good males around with unique pedigrees. Norma exported me legendary male Multi BIS & BISS Aust & AM Ch Quailmoor Jamaican Rum aka Mickey who was legendary male. He did win also big time in Finland including BEST in SHOW at Helsinki International Winner Show. As Mickey mated Annie it produced Chic Choix A -litter born 1994. That litter was very special and it did produce 6 Multi BIG-winners. Best known winner from this litter was Multi BIS Chic Choix Avington who again continued the Chic Choix dynasty and won BEST in SHOW at Helsinki International show under world respected all rounder L. Pinto Texeira from Portugal 1999. Avington was also great producer.

Multi BIS winner CHIC CHOIX AVINGTON winning one of his BEST IN SHOW´s, this waas in Lahti International
ANNIE with her puppies

Over the years we bred many top winners and some great irish setters.

Unfortunately we feel this breed is seriously damaged by massive matador breeding and we wanted more genetic variation.

Breed was more and more split also by the types. Breeders did not look their dogs seriously enough. Judges are thinking too much is this dog English or American type and are forgiving major faults with each types because of the types are getting extreme. In old Europe many dogs are getting heavy and clumsy where again in North America many dogs are getting like silhouettes with hackney fronts and too gay tails.

We then came to conclusion that there is no future with this breed but the breed is too seriously divided to different types. The judging of the breed was also all over the place and there is no logic to be followed. People think is this dog English or American type but all seems to forget that there is only one irish setter and one history of the breed. Quality of the breed is sad and pedigrees are getting damaged by matador males. Temperament of the breed has been more and more changed. After my late mother Mrs. Soili Kares who loved setters dearly past a way we decided to give up with this magnificent breed that we do love so much as we felt there is no fruitful future with original red irish setters anymore.