I saw first time bracco italianos in Denmark and they did impress me a lot. I also visit in Italy at regular basics and this noble gundog really catched my eye with it magnificent movement and with their aristocratic look. I studied more about the breed and so decided to import one bracco. I loved dei Sanchi breeding in Italy.

I visited the kennel with my parents and I managed to buy their top
producer BIG-pl Teba dei Sanchi born 1992. As there were no bracco
litters born in Finland we decided to take Teba to Finland in whelp. Teba was mated with stunning Italian Champion Artu dei Sanchi. This litter was smooth linebreeding to IT Ch Cleo dei Sanchi.


This was first bracco italiano litter born in Finland 1997. From this breeding we kept BIG-winning Chic Choix Ti Amo. She was a great personality and lived with my mother and father. Unfortunately she had c/d-hips so we decided not to breed her. Her littersister Chic Choix Tenerezza did also well and went to co-ownership to Carneval´s kennel in Finland where she also had couple top winning puppies.



About two years later we bred Teba again with stunning Danish imported male Ch Olympos Pronto Soccorso. This outcross litter produced some good winners and I kept one male myself who died in strange way far too early. All puppies from this litter did well in shows. Chic Choix Si Si Alessi became BIG-winner. Because the male we kept from this breeding died early and we really didn´t know why we decided not to continue breeding with anything from this litter.



My third and final litter with bracco italianos was when I mated Chic
Choix Tenerezza from Teba´s first breeding with same Danish import male Ch Olympos Pronto Soccorso. It was a stunning litter and they were best bracco italiano litter I bred. They were magnificent puppies and did very well in shows. There were several top winners in that litter. We kept ourself superior female Multi BIG-winning Chic Choix Rosa Del Tiber. This female was one of the best bracco females we ever seen. 5 out of 6 puppies did well in shows and 3 from this litter became BIG-winners.



However as these magnificent braccos became older all the suddenly again one of them died and now we knew something was wrong as the death remained so much the death of previous litter. We searched the male and found out his kidneys were not normal and therefore he died. Soon after one other dog died and it was again kidneys.

Because of this kidney issue we couldn´t continue the breeding with
anything from this litter. It was sad but after breeding three bracco
italiano litters I all the suddenly had bred several dogs that died far
too early and dramatically. I had not experienced anything like this
before and I couldn´t take the risk of breeding more kidney problems.

Since no one with this breed seemed to take kidney issue seriously we felt at this time we can´t continue with this breed as we feel the risk is too big.

We love this breed and we have one female in co-ownership in Italy. She was bred there and I took to Finland male from that breeding. He is stunning BIG-winning Orso di Casa Corsini and he lives with my friends and I co-own this magnificent male. Orso also won group I at Helsinki International winner show under Italian world famous all rounder G. Alessandra.

We love this ancient breed and hope the future of the breed is secure and these dogs would be healthy and well. At this time we follow the situation of the breed and see if we may be one day again continue with these great dogs when we know we do not play too big risk with health matters.