History and general information about the breed

I fell in love with this wonderful breed late 1970´s. My parents told me that I can only have a toydog and after seeing lowchen for a first time in live I decided lowchen it is. I waited a long time to get my very first own lowchen, being teenager 13-14 years of age even a year is a long long time. Finally I got my very first own lowchen “Diana” born May 1980.

I started to show her and later on she became BIG-pl. Fin & S & N Ch Texan Diana. However seeing more lowchens in the shows I got worried. There was all kind of dogs. There were leggy and big ones, there were very long and shortlegged ones, there were poodle looking curly coated lions with small almond eyes… The breedtype and breed was simply all over the place. I studied more and red the breedstandards all over again. I tried to build up what is a real original type of lowchen. I studied all about lowchen history. I travelled around Mediterrian Islands 1980´s and found bichon type of lions all over the isolated islands of Eastern Mediterrian area mainly in Greece. I decided that I will start breeding lowchens as I was 15 years of age. I wanted to breed lowchens that were original old breed type. One of ideal paintings giving wonderful idea how lowchen should look like is Italian painting from 1600´s.

I realiced my first lowchen Diana wasn´t really the breedtype and kind of dog that would be ideal as a foundation bitch. She was a wonderfull personality and had wonderfull long life. Everyone in our family loved her dearly to the very end. She past away 12 years of age.

I met Freda McGregor first time 1982. She spoke wise words about the breed and she had some wonderfull dogs. Still today I respect her Littlecourt dogs a lot. Also in Finland there was talented kennel. Namely Angel Walleys kennel bred some nice lowchens. They had a foundation bitch Fin Ch Gravelbays Larissa that was all Cluneen breeding. Larissa dam was wonderfull lowchen Int Ch Cluneen Countess Glodagh. Larissa was bred to Int Ch Sjaco vt Agnietenhof and that produced top winner of early 1980 s in Finland Ch Angel Walley´s Belle. Later on I became good friend with kennel Angel Walley owners late Mrs. Ingrid Wiita and her husband late Mr. Matti Wiita. They had wonderfull principles and they knew a lot about lowchens and dogbreeding in general. Most of all they bred lowchens with hearth and brains. They imported stunning dog from Freda McGreogor namely Int Ch Littlecourt Rufus, who was a son of Prawls Merry Minstrel. Merry Minstrel was really a stunning studdog that Freda McGregor respected a lot. Freda McGregor told me to have a puppy from Rufus bred to best of Wiita´s bitchies coming down from Cluneen. It was obvious that this ideal bitch would have to be Ch Angel Walleys Belle. She was a nice bitch specially in structure. She was bred to Rufus and Wiita´s promiced I could have pick of the litter puppy. She would be my becoming foundation bitch with lowchens. So I got Fin & N Ch Angel Walley´s Francoise born January 1983.

Fin & N Ch Angel Walley´s Francoise

She was a wonderfull little lowchen. She had very cute face, dark large eye and wellribbed strong typical lowchen body. However she hated dog shows, she was lazy and didn´t care at all to be shown. She had magnificent silky long coat. She had nice long neck and very well angulated wide strong back. She had this typical strong classical lowchen butt. Her tail was perfectly carried over the back. Her muzzle was longer than I preferred and her topline gave up a bit. Otherwise she was a dream come true foundation bitch.

I travelled more in Scandinavia too and met the best lowchen I had ever seen before. That dog was Evans lowchen to die for. He lived in Norway and was bred by Miss Signe Eldor. Signe inherited her Sonnafjellet kennel name from her father who bred top winning English setters. Signe knew a lot about breeding and lowchens. She introduced lowchens to Norway. I learned many good things from Signe. This ideal dog name was BISS Int & N & S & Fin Ch Sonnafjellets Evans. I also met talented Swedish breeder who had bred Evans sire Int Ch Westmount Acajou. This talented lowchen fancier and breeder was Ewa Soderqvist from Sweden with Westmount prefix.

Signe´s E-litter was the best lowchen litter in Scandinavia in early 1980´s. Sire Acajou was all Littlecourt breeding and he had very sound and good structure. He was a bigger dog than ideal. Dam was very feminine nice bitch that had coat texture and breed details to die for. Her name was Int & N & S Ch Dorvalstan Anya (whose father was Merry Minstrel halfbrother Prawls Master Mind of Dorvalstan). Anya bred to Acajou produced magnificent litter: BISS Int Ch Sonnafjellets Evans, BISS Int Ch Sonnafjellets Enchantress and BISS Int Ch Sonnafjelltes Eddie Westmount.

BISS Int Ch Sonnafjellets Evans was small and square in structure. He was a showmachine who fly in the the ring. He had wonderfull silky coat and tail was nicely carried over the back. He had shorter nose than I had seen before and he had round skull with nice dark round eyes. Evans was my ideal lowchen for a long time. He was simply dog to die for.

Finally it was time to mate Fin & S Ch Angel Walleys Francoise for a first time. I was thinking of Evans ofcourse and I made all the arrangements ready with Signe in Norway. I was still at school and headmaster wasn´t happy at all that I would be gone for a week because mating a dog. However I did my school well and I got permission to be gone another week because of dogs.

I spoke over the phone a lot with Freda McGregor who told me a secret. McGregors had a fabulous bitch called GB Ch Littlecourt Gregi. She was elegant well moving bitch. She was bred to Prawls Merry Minstrel who was the grandfather of my Francoise too. Gregi produced wonderfull litter for Littlecourt. That litter became first all Champion litter in UK all 3 finished their titles in UK. There was a male GB Ch Littlecourt Acajou that Freda & her husband Ron kept. They sold him to Signe Eldor. Acajou went to Norway just couple days before Francoise started her season.

I had studied a lot and I was sure that linebreeding would give me the best possible results. Freda thought it would be good idea to breed Francoise with her GB Ch Littlecourt Acajou. I went to Norway and told Signe I have changed my mind and that I want to breed Francoise this time with Acajou and not Evans. It was a long journey to drive where Signe lived. She lived south of Norway and it took two days to drive there as the distance from my house was about 1500 kilometers and those days Norwegian roads were not great. But I went to Norway, my mother was driving as I didn´t have driving license as I was too young to have one. We did the breeding with Acajou and were happy.

Acajou was small and he had ideal length height ratio. He had wonderfull neck and wonderfull long silky coat. He was bit narrow in body and was bit straight behind, yet he had lot of style.

It was a rainy late autumn night. This is the date I remember rest of my life 17:th November 1984 first Francoise litter was born. There was two males and one female. This black & silver female catched my eye from the very beginning. I loved her from the moment she was born.

She was to become the breed´s first all breed BEST in SHOW winning bitch Int & Fin & S & N Ch Chic Choix Brigitte Lifar. This female was everything you want from a lowchen. She was small and cobby, she had strong ribcage and lot of neck. She had a well angulated back and ideal tail tailset. She had wonderfull colouring and perfect silky wavy coattexture. She had bit narrower head than preferred but had very feminine soft face. As she looked at you she could melt any hearth in a heart beat.


Brigitte had two brothers. Other one was rich golden colour who became Int & Fin & N & S Ch Chic Choix Boris Fournier and other was ivory coloured Fin Ch Chic Choix Beau Blanch. Boris went to live with my friend Nina who lived in my neighbourhood. Beau Blanch went to live with my brother and his girlfriend (later wife). Both males were stunning dogs too with ideal propotions and magnificent coats. First litter was simply ideal litter to start with. It was all champion litter including legendary BEST in SHOW winner and top producer Int Ch Chic Choix Brigitte Lifar.

Fin Ch Chic Choix Beau Blanch
Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Boris Fournier

I cambained Brigitte Lifar heavily from the very beginning and she won the breed after breed since she was a junior. She also won group placements in early stage. She was just over a year old winning her first all breed BEST in GROUP with BIS placement. With this dog I also learned a lot about the showing as she was my first big time winner. She won many groups in her life and latest group 1 she won almost 11 years of age. She also won BEST in SHOW under world famous allrounder Mr. Hans Lehtinen. Brigitte Lifar lived all her life as my bellowed best friend. She slept in my pillow next to me. In the showring she was legendary mover – she flew in the ring and stared me giving her hearth out. We loved each others and you could see that. In the ring she didn´t put one step wrong.

I also studied the breed more and more. I was looking for a new blood. This was first times I finally studied about continental lowchens. It didn´t take me long to realize something had happened in Continental Europe after the breed went to England to Eilish Banks, Cluneen late 1960´s. After I studied more Continental lowchens and did the first contacts I heard and realiced most likely poodle had been introduced to lowchen breeding. I didn´t like these dogs. They were curly in coat, eyes were small and almond in shape. Temperaments were not like bichon type of dogs. I didn´t like them at all no matter how positive I tried to be. The breed was changed from the original Mediterrian type of dog to something different. The dogs I saw around Mediterrian islands 1980´s were very much like original lowchens and the lowchens I could see in Scandinavia and England. Old paintings proved the same and they looked like lowchens we had in Scandinavia and England. Also later on I heard not only poodles but other breeds were most likely mixed. You could easily see very long bodied short legged dogs around Continental Europe 1980´s. This wasn´t at all original lowchen type for me but something new and different far from the Mediterrian dogs. After I spoke with Freda McGregor, Anne MacDonald, Wiitas and some other Scandinavian old times they all agreed with me.

So I made important principle and goal. I wanted to breed lowchens that were original in type. Dogs with strong body, wellribbed ribcage, shorter in muzzle and larger in skull with round dark eyes. Coat has to be wavy and silky in texture. This was the type correct to the breed standard and look like old paintings and the dogs I met all over Eastern Mediterrian isolated islands still 1980´s and even early 1990´s. So I decided to keep my breeding only or so much as possible in pedigrees that goes back to old Cluneen dogs imported from Germany from Dr. Hans Rickert , vd 3 Löwen late 1960´s and early 1970´s.

Early 1986 I mated Francoise for a second time and again we drove to Norway to Signe. This time I finally had change to use my long time ideal lowchen BISS Int CH Sonnafjellets Evans. It was wonderfull combination producing my first BEST in SHOW winning male and top producer Multi BIS & BISS Int & Fin & S & N Ch Chic Choix Chic et Noir. He was a showman to die for. He was short and strong in body. He had wonderfull strong skull and large round eyes, however his muzzle was longer than I preferred. He had striking black & cream colour and nice coat. He was nicely angulated behind and he had ideal tail & tailset. He was bit bigger in size than ideal. He was very correct nice mover. He was first lowchen to win International show BEST in GROUP in Sweden. He also won BIS over 1000 dogs in Sweden and all breed BEST in SHOW in Finland. He was a legendary dog and great producer. He was my second big time winner.

Multi BIS & BSS Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Chic Et Noir

Multi BIG winning Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Caresse De Nuit and Fin & S Ch Chic Choix Comme La Nuit

This Francoise second litter produced also two wonderfull sisters. BISS, Multiple-BIG-winning Int & Fin & S & N Ch Chic Choix Caresse de Nuit lived with my uncle and his family, but was cambained by me. She was ideal in size, she had the best bitch head I had seen in Scandinavia by then. She was dark black & silver and she had wonderfull coat & coattexture. She always was freestanding for perfection and she had perfectly angulated back with perfect tail. She should have won even more than she actually did eventhough she did win a lot including BEST in GROUPS. Caresse de Nuit also was a nice producer. Other bitch was Fin & S Ch Chic Choix Comme La Nuit who also finished her title by storm with BIG 2. However as I was cambaining Brigitte Lifar and Caresse de Nuit there really wasn´t room for more bitchies to be cambained heavilty that time.

Freda McGregor sended late 1970´s UK´s first GB Ch female to Sweden. This bitch was GB & S Ch Littlecourt Emma, I loved this bitch and she remained a lot of my foundation bitch Francoise. Emma was mated last time in Sweden with Int CH Westmount Acajou (sire of Evans too). From this combination I saw in Sweden a male that I loved. He was blue in colour. He had strong body, nice neck and wonderfull head. He was much bigger than I liked but everythingelse was in right place and his breedtype was to die for. This dog was Int & Fin & S & N Ch Lionheart Beau-Regard. I mated Brigitte Lifar with him early 1987 and also took Beau-Regard to Finland for a while to live with me and to finish his titles.

First of May 1987 Brigitte Lifar first litter was born. There were three girls and they all were beautyfull. Two golden colour bitchies were my favourites. These two females won a lot and became legendary producers. First one also became first world winner I bred. She was Int & Fin & Dan Ch, WW-89.EuW-91, FinW-88-91 Chic Choix Dame de Coeur. She is one of the best lowchens ever. Anne MacDonald judged her in Finland and told that she is perhaps the best female lowchen ever seen. However Dame de Coeur didn´t have the show attitude. She won almost 10 times 2:nd in Group but never first as she didn´t have the got. Her head, body and structure was to die for. Dame de Coeur also produced some nice puppies. The most known of her kids mated with BIS Int Ch Chic Choix Chic et Noir is BIS & BISS Int & Fin & S & Est CH, Finw-03 Chic Choix Mioche et Papa. Dame de Coeur sister Int & Fin & S & DK Ch Chic Choix Dame de Carreau became the foundation bitch for Juron lowchens, Mr. Juha Putkonen. She also produced several champions.

Int & Multi Ch WW-89 EW-91 FinW-89-91 Chic Choix Dame De Coeur (8 times Best In Group-2)

Int & Mutli Ch Chic Choix Dame De Carreau

Multi BIS & BISS Int& Multi Ch FinW-93
Chic Choix Mioche Et Papa

I repeated Mioche et Papa combination and got a female Fin Ch Chic Choix Perle de Rosee. As he again was mated to BISS Int Ch Chic Choix Le Petit Prince it produced wonderfull little female with head to die for Int & FiN & S & N & Dk & Est Ch, NordW-91 Chic Choix Vive La Rose.

Int & Multi Ch NordW-99 Chic Choix Vive La Rose

Brigitte Lifar following combination 1988 produced BISS, Multi BIG-winning Int Ch Chic Choix Enfin Le Soleil and Int Ch Chic Choix Engim de Nuit exported to Belgium to kennel Tabula Rasa. My trip to Belguim gave me opportunity to meet some old times and learn more about what really had happened in Continental Europe. Specially Mr. Gordier was interesting to know as he was the relative of the oldest lowchens breeders in Belgium and he knew the stories.

Following year at 1989 at Crufts I met first time next generation top lowchen breeders in UK namely Sandy Steward, Pridesden kennel and Janet Edwards Cleeview kennel. With these two ladies we have done some co-operation later on. Janet Edward had a nice female GB CH Cleeview Painted Lady. As she was bred from that litter famous dog was exported to Finland to Kirsi Nummela Soleydan kennel, Fin Ch Cleeview Catch Us Catch Can who has been imported sire at Chic Choix too producing many top winners. One of his legendary litters is as he mated BIS Ch Brigitte Lifar. This was her last litter. That litter produced BISS, BIG-winning Int & Fin & S & N & Dk Ch Chic Choix Kyrielle de Nuit, BISS Ch Chic Choix Kangourou Du Nord and Int & Fin & S & N Ch Chic Choix Klaxon Du Nord. Both males were great producers producing many important winners and future producers.

BISS & BIG winning Int & Multi Ch KBHV-95 NordW-97 Chic Choix Kyrielle De Nuit
Multi BISS Fin Ch Chic Choix Kangourou Du Nord

Sandy Steward had a bitch to die for early 1980´s namely GB CH Socotra´s Royal Rascal going back to same stuff as Evans mother Int Ch Dorvalstan Anya. Sandy exported her daughter to Amsterdam to Neerlands Trots kennel to family Janssen. Sandy and I wanted that Royal Rascal daughter Holl Ch Pridesden Pompaoudour would be mated with BIS & BISS Int CH Chic Choix Chic et Noir and she was. I went to Holland as the puppies were born and took pick of the litter female with me namely Fin Ch Neerlands Trots Auriskje Pompaudour who produced legendary producers in Finland like Multi BISS & BIG-winning Int & Fin & N & S CH WW-98 Chic Choix Le Petit Prince. Kirsi Nummela bred Auriskje Pompadour with Int Ch Chic Choix Klaxon du Nord and that produced famous top winner and producer Multi BISS, BIG-winning Int & Fin & S & N Ch, FinW-98-99-00 Soleydan Tuffguy. He again has sired many top winners for Chic Choix and he is many pedigrees.

Multi BISS & BIG winning Int & Multi Ch WW-98 Chic Choix Le Petit Prince

Late 1980´s and early 1990 started in painful circumstances, rabies was found in Finland and borders to Sweden and Norway were closed. I had to find breeding material from somewhere else. I was looking in UK and Benelux. Finally I found two interesting exports from UK to Belgium. I leased them both to Finland and used for breeding. 1989 I leased Int & Fin & Holl & Belg Ch Sholeen´s The Juggler to Finland. He was bred by Eileen Spavin. Juggler mother being nice female GB Ch Jinglejoys Bublin. Juggler was small and ideal in size and he had head to die for. He mated some of our bitchies and produced couple nice puppies like with Francoise Int & Fin & Dk Ch Chic Choix GLoire D´Etoile and with Ch Comme La Nuit he produced Ch Euw-91 Chic Choix Faudra Voir. For various reasons they are not strongly in my modern pedigrees.

Fin Ch EuW-91 Chic Choix Faudra Voir

1989 I also imported top winning female from Sweden Int & Fin & S & Dk Ch Brittborgens Cheemba and his sin Int Ch Brittborgens Gongozzee. Cheemba produced some nice champions but because of various reasons they do not continue in our modern pedigrees.
Year later at 1990 I leased handsome male from Belgium namely Int & Multi Ch Littlecourt Joss he was son of GB Ch Jinglejoys Bright Baron of Littlecourt. He was short and cobby in body and he had wonderfull neck and carriage. His head was longer and narrower that I prefer and he could have had bit stronger ribcage but all in all very stunning dog to look at. Joss did produce some nice puppies and one influencal studdog like BISS Int & Fin & S & Est Ch Chic Choix Il Est Si Chic who has been good stud dog remaining a lot of his sire Joss.

Littlecourt Joss
Best In Group-placed Int & Fin & Fra & Hol Ch Littlecourt Joss
Chic Choix Il Est Si Chic
BISS Multi Best In Group placed Int & Fin & S & Est Ch Chic Choix Il Est Si Chic

Next year 1991 I imported from Belgium a female Int & Fin & Est Ch Tabula Rasa Pamela who was the daughter of Cleeview Princess Roayle. As she was mated with BISS Ch Kangourou du Nord it produced all champion litter. From that litter Fin Ch Chic Choix Bedelie La Tour produced wellknown winner BIG-winning Int & Fin & S & Am & N & S & DK Ch Chic Choix Deric Beauvoir who was exported to USA. His sister Chic Choix Denise Larousse has been top producer in kennel Bumir in Sweden.

Chic Choix Bedelie La Tour
Fin Ch Chic Choix Bedelie La Tour

Deric Beuvoir mated BISS Int Ch Chic Choix Oiseau de Venus before going to USA. That litter produced wonderful female that we took as pick of the litter puppy. She was BISS Int & Fin & S & Est Ch Lionlife Love Connection. As we again bred her to BISS Int Ch Soleydan Tuffguy we got legendary winner and producer BIS & Multi BIG-winning Int & Fin & Dk & N & Est Ch, WW-03, FinW-01-02-03 Chic Choix Enfin La Lune.

First Oiseau-litter was also a major Jackpot. Oiseau de Nuit went to live with family Lindroos in Southern Finland. Little did I know that mother of the family Lindroos would later on became my right hand with lowchens. Mrs. Outi Lindroos have now a days most of Chic Choix breeding bitchies and she shows our lowchens all around Northern Europe with great spirit. We do wonderful co-operation and results has been legendary.

BISS Best In Group placed Int & Fin & S & N & Dk & Est Ch FinW-94 Chic Choix Oiseau De Venus
Chic Choix Enfin La Lune
Multi BISS Best In Group winning Int & Fin & N & Est & Dk & VDH Ch WW-03 FinW-01-02-03 Chic Choix Enfin La Lune

1992 I bred very important litter. It was time to mate famous BISS. Multi BIG-winning Int Ch Chic Choix Caresse de Nuit for second and last time. I decided to mate her close and he was bred to BIS Int Ch Chic Choix Mioche et Papa. That litter produced some wonderfull puppies. There were three puppies to finish their titles easily but top females were most important in breeding. Littersisters BISS Int & Fin & S & N & Dk & Est Ch, FinW-94 Chic Choix Oiseau de Venus and Int & Fin & S & Est Ch Chic Choix Oiseau de Nuit have been wonderfull lowchens but also great producers. Venus being perhaps one of the best lowchens I have ever seen. Her littersister being again better in breeding.
As Oiseau de Venus was bred to Multi BISS Int Ch Soleydan Tuffguy it produced all white stunning female BIG-winning Int & Fin & S & Est & Lit Ch, JWW-00, FinW-00, NordW-01 Chic Choix C est Belle. Oiseau de Nuit again produced mated with same male also legendary puppies like Int & Fin & S & N Ch Chic Choix Dix Points and top producing female Int & Fin & S & N & Dk Ch Chic Choix Diva de Nuit. Diva de Nuit again produced top lowchens like legendary daughter BISS Int & Fin & S & N & DK & Am & Est Ch WW-03 Chic Choix Harem D´Orient. As Oiseau de Nuit was bred to BISS Ch Chic Choix Kangourou du Nord it produced well known winner and producer Int & Fin & DK & S & Est & Lv & Lit Ch Chic Choix Zazou Zoulou.

Lionlife Love Connection

Lionlife Love Connection
BISS Multi Best In Group placed Int & Fin & S & Est Ch Lionlife Love Connection

Chic Choix Diva De Nuit
Int & Fin & S & N & Dk Ch Chic Choix Diva De Nuit
Chic Choix Harem D´Orient
Best In Group placed Int & Fin & Am & S & N & Dk & Est & VDH Ch WW-03 KBHV-03 Chic Choix Harem D´Orient

1988 it was time to mate Int Ch Chic Choix Vive La Rose. She was mated to BISS Int Ch Chic Choix Il Est Si Chic. That combination produced three champions. There was nice little cobby and short wellbodied bitch with perfect head namely Ch Chic Choix Aimable et Chic.

Chic Choix Aimable Et Chic
Fin Ch Chic Choix Aimable Et Chic

She again was mated to Joss and Brigitte Lifar grandson Fin Ch Boondocks Liqourice Twist. That combination produced legendary producers Int & Fin & Dk & N Ch Chic Choix Faquir D´Orient and Int & Fin & DK & Est Ch Chic Choix Femme Chic. As Aimable et Chic was bred to Enfin La Lune it produced top winning and producing Int & Fin & S Ch, EuW-06, FinW-05 Chic Choix Je Suis Belle foundation bitch of Gwaihir lowchens. About same time Enfin La Lune mated also Zazou Zoulou littersister who was liver & tan and therefore we didn´t show her as that time this colour wasn´t accepted in FCI standard. This female Chic Choix Zephyrine Noir is perhaps the best looking liver & tan we have ever seen. her colour wa also deep and rich. As Zephyrine was mated with Enfin La Lune it produced famous top winner BISS Int & Fin & AM & S & N Ch Chic Choix Lion Chic

Chic Choix Zephyrine Noir
Chic Choix Zephyrine Noir
Chic Choix Lion Chic
BISS Best In Group placed Int & Fin & Am & S & N Ch Chic Choix Lion Chic

Chic Choix Faquir D´Orient Chic Choix Femme Chic
BIG placed Int & Fin & S & N & Dk Ch Chic Choix Faquir D´Orient and
the sister Int & Fin & S & Dk & Est Ch Chic Choix Femme Chic

1998 we imported wonderful bitch from UK. Kay Sergeant with her Grestean lowchens has bred lowchens for a long time and her prefix is one of the oldest lowchen prefixies in the world. She breed for sound structure and top temperaments. We also needed new blood and improvement with the heads. Therefore we imported Fin Ch Grestean Fieldfare Fancy. She has been wonderful producer. She had first litter mated with Int Ch Chic Choix Zazou Zoulou. That produced superb bitch with ideal body and shape namely Int & Fin & S & N & DK Ch Chic Choix Emma Lifar. Emma Lifar has been also wonderful producer producing many top winners. Next time Fieldfare Fancy was mated with Int Ch Faquir D´Orient and that produced famous top winner and producer Int & Fin & S & N & Am & Dk Ch Chic Choix Felix Lifar who was exported later on to USA.

Grestean Fieldfare Fancy
Fin Ch Grestean Fieldfare Fancy

Chic Choix Emma Lifar Chic Choix Felix Lifar
Int & Fin & S & N & Dk Ch Chic Choix Emma Emma Lifar
and BISS Multi BIG placed Int & Fin & Am & S & Est & N & Dk Ch
Chic Choix Felix Lifar (puppy)

In new Millenium we had a wonderful lowchens to start new Millenium with. Never before have we had so many good quality dogs to work with. Most of all these dogs were the original breedtype that is so important to Chic Choix breeding programme. Dogs we healthy and freewhelpers. The temperaments were to die for. Only major concern has been the eyes as there has been few cases with eye problems. They were diagnoced as PRA however we do strongly believe it is something else. If it would be PRA we should have much more of that. Doctors have been also questionable and not all agree that this is PRA. Whatever it is the eyes are thing that we work all the time. We try to be carefully but also still breed overall healthy lowchens, with top temperaments that also look like lowchen should. We became also more and more worried about the fertility of the breed. We work hard to maintain our fertile and vital line.

In the turn of the Millenium we had bitchies like Int Ch Chic Choix Femme Chic, Ch Grestean Fieldfare Fancy and her daughter Int Ch Chic Choix Emma Lifar, Int Ch Chic Choix Diva de Nuit, Fin Ch Chic Choix Aimable et Chic.

Emma Lifar was mated with Faquir D´Orient and it produced all white classical beauty namely Int & Fin & S & Blr & Est Ch, FinW-04-07 Chic Choix Gabriella Daxar. Her coat texture and body shape is to die for. Femme Chic was mated with Tuffguy and that produced Int & Fin & S & N Ch Chic Choix Khadija de Nuit who became second foundation bitch for Gwaihir kennel in Finland. Diva de Nuit was mated with Jari Partanen´s Australian import Int & Fin & Aust & S & N & DK Ch Lowenhart Airborn A lot. That produced Fin Ch Chic Choix Neige Noir.

Chic Choix Gabriella Daxar
BISS & BIG placed Int & Fin & S & N & Est & Blr Ch FinW-04-07
Chic Choix Gabriella Daxar

Chic Choix Khadija De Nuit
Best In Group placed Int & Fin & S & N & Est Ch JWW-03
Chic Choix Khadija de Nuit

Early 2003 we imported from Janet Edwards very nice male Int & Fin & N & Est Ch Ardiffery Touch of Magic who is son of GB Ch Duncara Magic Mandolin and daughter of GB Ch Ardiffery Magic Formula. We needed new blood and the size was all the suddenly getting kind of a problem. New import Brian was size to die for and he had stunning head. Brian mother remains and look a lot like many our girls over the years. Therefore we were sure Brian would be wonderful stud dog for our girls.

Ardiffery Touch Of Magic
Int & Fin & N & Est Ch Ardiffery Touch of Magic.

Brian has been like his name Touch of Magic. He has been phenomenal stud dog here at Chic Choix. He has produced lot of wonderful champions, producers and top winners. His first mating was as he mated Int Ch Chic Choix Femme Chic. That litter has been a Jackpot. It produced four puppies and all four are champions three of them being Int Chs. From that breeding we have two superior studdogs and winners namely Multi BISS Int & Fin & S & N & Lux & Est Ch, EuW-06, FinW-05,SV-05 Chic Choix Ouvre D´Art and his brother Int & Fin & S & N Ch Chic Choix Ours En Peluche. Their sister Int & Fin & Est & Lt Ch Chic Choix Oiseau De Paix has been also great producer.

Chic Choix Oeuvre D´Art Chic Choix Ours En Peluche
Multi BISS Int & Fin & S & N & Lux & Est & Lv Ch EuW-06 Fin-05 SW-05
Chic Choix Oeuvre D´Art
and his brother Int & Fin & N & S Ch Chic Choix Ours En Peluche

Soon Brian mated Int Ch Chic Choix Harem D´Orient and that produced wonderful litter. There is two stunning males, other one of them has the best and strongest lowchen skull I have ever seen him being BIG-winning Int & Fin & N & S Ch Chic Choix Qualite D´Emir. He has produced that to his puppies in next generation.

One of Aimable et Chic daughters Int Ch Chic Choix Grande Diva was bred to Brian too and that produced superior little bitch Int & Fin & S & N & Est Ch Chic Choix Reine de Beaute.

Chic Choix Qualite D´Emir
BIG winning Int & Fin & Dk & S & N Ch NoerdW-06 Chic Choix Qualite D´Emir

Chic Choix Reine De Beaute
BIG placed Int & Fin & S & N & Est Ch Chic Choix Reine De Beaute

Diva de Nuit was bred to Int Ch Chic Choix Felix Lifar and that combination produced classical so called dominant black & silver bitch BISS, Multi BIG-winning Int & Fin & S & N & Slo Ch, FinW-05 Chic Choix Saphir de Nuit. Dominat black silver is something that Chic Choix lowchens are known for. We have some of the only lowchens in the world who keep their black colour without fading. Colour is always just a matter of taste. However we do think true black looks good with silver or cream. Also the problem is that the fading grey factor often goes together with harded and curlier coat. Automatically true old classical dominant black & silvers usually have also ideal silky coat texture. This coat texture is now-a-days so rare and once you touch ´this type of ideal coat you know what its feels like. it is quality to die for. We try to protect this unique colour and coat type the best way we can.

Chic Choix Saphir De Nuit
BISS & Multi BIG winning Int & Fin & S & N Ch FinW-06 SW-05 NW-06
Chic Choix Saphir De Nuit

2003 we also imported new dog from UK. He comes from Grestean and her mother is littersister to our Fieldfare Fancy. We took in Grestean Junco Jake whose dam is Grestean Frencolin Feather who is also dominant black & silver. Junco Jake has topline, necj and head to die for. Because he grew bit bigger than we hoped we haven´t shown him. However he has been a wonderful studdog and we are very pleaced with him otherwise. He has simply profile and topline to die for.

Grestean Junco Jake
Grestean Junco Jake

We mated again our top producer Int Ch Chic Choix Femme Chic with Jake and got male that we are very proud of. He is ideal in size too. He is BISS Int & Fin & Am & N & Est & Blr & Lv Ch, FinW-06-07 Chic Choix Touche. Felix Lifar sister Fin Ch Chic Choix Fifi la croix was also mated 2004 with Enfin La Lune and that produced Int & Fin & Rus & Est Ch Chic Choix Kaif La Croix male with true old fashion storng body and topline to die for. We also repeated Q-combination and got equally good results including new Int Champions like Int & Fin & S & N & DK & Est Ch, KBHV-07 Chic Choix Un Palais Royal.

Chic Choix Touche
BISS Int & Fin & Am & N & Est & Blr Ch FinW-06-07 Chic Choix Touche

Chic Choix Kaif La Croix
Int & Fin & Est & Rus Ch Chic Choix Kaif La Croix

Chic Choix Un Palais Royal
Int & Fin & S & Dk &Est & N Ch KBHV-07 Chic Choix Un Palais Royal

2004 we took Int Ch Chic Choix Emma Lifar to UK. There she visited two shows and won BOB & CC in Windsor dog show. Next year 2004 she was mated in Scotland with stunning young male that would later become BISS GB & BISS Fin Ch Debrita Diverted to Pridesden.

Debrita Diverted To Pridesden
GB & Fin Ch Debrita Diverted To Pridesden

Emma Lifar produced two superior females with Digger. We kept ourselves top winning and producing BISS & BIG-winning Int & Fin & S & N & Dk & Rus Ch, KBHV-07 Chic Choix Calais Leonora. Her sister went to kennel Afire´s and she became Int & Fin & S & N & Est & Lv & Lit Ch, EjW-06, JWW-06 Chic Choix Lavernia Lifar.

Fifi in move
BISS BIG winning Int & Fin & S & Dk & Est & Rus Ch KBHV-07
Chic Choix Calais Leonora

Chic Choix Calais Leonora
Chic Choix Calais Leonora winning BISS with Outi

Chic Choix Lavernia Lifar
Int & Fin & Est & Lv & Lt Ch JWW-06 EuJW-06 Chic Choix Lavernia Lifar

2005 we mated Int Ch Chic Choix Oiseau de Paix with old time big winner BISS Int Ch Chic Choix Enfin La Lune and we got the quality we were looking for. We got Enfin La Lune superior movement, attitude and carriage in ideal size. So we have Multi Ch Chic Choix Veni Vidi Vici who has been important stud dog and who will continue to carry on his unique qualities. Diva de Nuit was mated with Ours En Peluche and that produced dominant black & silver male BISS Int & It & Rsm & Fin Ch, EuW-07 Chic Choix Aimant Chic who lives in Italy.

Chic Choix Veni Vidi Vici
Fin & Rus Ch Chic Choix Veni Vidi Vici

Chic Choix Aimant Chic
BISS Int & Fin & It & RSM & Slo Ch EuW-05 Chic Choix Aimant Chic

Usually I travel in USA like once or twice a year. All the suddenly I start seeing lowchens in USA that are more and more competitive in Europe too. There is more and more world class lowchens. This makes the future much brighter and there is perhaps more and more valuable dogs for breeding too. My major concern in European & UK lowchens has been fronts, movement and carriage. The heads and type is really good in general in Scandinavia and UK. Again in USA the movement and carriage is developing in good direction. So 2005 we first time imported a female from USA. I fell in love to BIS & BISS AM Ch Bihar Ivytree Marshvu Louie who is a stunning dog and also won Westminster as I visited there. He also won all breed BIS. I saw his daughter that has wonderful movement and size to die for. So in my second trip to USA 2005 I took with me Louie daughter Am Ch Bihar-Annex West Side Story. I made a decicion to start breeding a new open minded line with lowchens hoping to produce more genetical variation. Name of the live is Chic Choix Atlantic-line. The idea is to combinate the best lowchens both sides of Atlantic ocean, the best European and best American lowchens and hopefully they would be less related to Chic Choix dogs so that we would produce something new and good breeding fresh breeding material to ourselves too.

Bihar Annex West Side Story
Am Ch Bihar Annex West Side Story

Following year 2006 our legendary worl winner Harem D´Orient was mated in USA with old male, who is Louie grandfather namely Am & Can C Ivytree Lionheart. That produced typical outcross litter where the size turned out to be a problem. However we got some niceones too to continue with. We are specially proud of male with superior carriage and shape to die for namely Int & Fin & S & Est & Lit Ch Chic Choix Aqua Spalsh. Maria was also mated 2006 with Veni Vidi Vici and that produced beautiful bitch BISS AM Ch Chic Choix Bihar Cuba who went to USA to Bihar kennel. She has also astunning brother Chic Choix Ta Sen Canarias who we hope to be important studdog in the future generations.

Multi BISS & Multi BIG-winning AM & Can CH CHIC CHOIX BIHAR CUBA, top winning lowchen in USA 2009 & 2010 pictured here winning BISS with her proud owner late Carol Strong

Here she is winning one of her 11 Group-1st´s with Carol son Greg Strong


Later on the year we also had classical Chic Choix litter as we mated Emma Lifar with Ouvre D´Art. That combination produced legendary dog Multi BIS & BISS Int & Fin & S & N & Lux & Hr Ch, EuW-08, NordW-07 Chic Choix Markey Lifar. This dog has movement and attitude to die for. He has all the earlier Chic Choix big time winners and BIS winners behind him. He is ideal in size and he has structure rarely seen in any breed. His brother Chic Choix Pridesden Mars went to Pridesden kennel in UK.

Chic Choix Markey Lifar in move
BIS & Multi BISS Multi BIG winning
Int & Fin & S & N & Lv & Pl & Hu & Slo Ch
EuW-08-10 NordW-07-10 FinW-08 WW-10
Chic Choix Markey Lifar

Chic Choix Markey Lifar
Chic Choix Marey Lifar, number #2 toy dog in Finland 2008, #1 in all breeds listing 2009, #3 also in all breeds 2010.

Here is “Pertti” winning Champions of Champions invitational competiton in 2010.

2007 and 2008 have been good lowchen years for Chic Choix. We leased 2007 S & Fin Ch Shimeesha I ll Be Back from Sweden hoping to get again some new blood and old Shimeesha blood that have produced some famous winners. We mated Harem D´Orient with him and we got stunning male JWW-08 Chic Choix Domino et Chic. Early 2008 we also leased famous BISS GB & BISS Fin Ch, BIG-winning Debrita Diverted to Pridesden to Finland. His first puppies do look great and we have some superior youngsters growing up. Atlantic line is also developing and we have a new potential super star growing up from this tradition….I m sure you will hear more about them and becoming generation in near future….

Turn of the first decade has been sensational. Multi BIS & BISS Multi Ch Chic Choix Markey Lifar has done something that no lowchen anywhere have done before. He has shown to everybody what lowchen really can be. He became Dog of The Year in Finland for 2009. Markey Lifar has visited also with his owner-handler Ilpo Ojala in England and won Best in Group I in Windsor in his very first UK show. He did visit UK also second time and he won the Group again.

Markey Lifar halfsister Multi Ch Chic Choix Calais Leonora seems to be really special producer. She produced really stunning litter with Multi Ch Chic Choix Veni Vidi Vici. Their babies Chic Choix Calais Quasim Lifar and sister Chic Choix Calais Que Sera Sera are new top winners. Chic Choix Calais Quassim Lifar also won BEST in SHOW at new decades first Finish Lowchen Club Show 2010.


JWW-10 EuJW-10 NordW-10 CHIC CHOIX CALAIS QUE SERA SERAAfter this litter Leonora became World Winner 2010 female, her daughter Que Sera Sera won Junior WW-2010 title and BOB and male WW-2010 was Markey Lifar. After the world show Leonora was mated with stunning visitor from USA namely AM & Fin Ch Chic Choix Egoiste Chic. He went to USA as a puppy and as I saw him as grown up I knew this is it…. His first litter was with Leonora and I have a feeling that we will hear about male Chic Choix Platinum Egoiste and his sister Chic Choix Calais Platinum Chic a lot.



Breeding dogs in top level is allways also about connections. Sandy
Steward introduced new generation UK breeder Steve Brown to us. After learning to know eachothers the co-operation really has started to bloom. Steve sended his legendary BISS & BIG-win. GB Ch Riskhan Kelly´s Hero at Shazzabars (UK breed CC record holder) son GB Ch Cleeview Unspoilt By Time aka Ace to us. Ace is bred by Janet Edwards. Kelly´s Hero mother is top producer Riskhan Mascarade. Ace grandmother is another of our favourites GB Ch Dunacara Rainbow in Heaven at Beaulion. Ace is gaining some nice titles and producing phenomenal litters.

still in England with Steve Brown

Ace seems to fit our girls perfectly. Ace is ideal in size and he is perfect with his propotions. He does also throw his superior head to his puppies. We have whole new generation of Ace puppies growing up around the world and we will for sure hear a lot about these Ace kids. In Norway there is Chic Choix Ulysses Lifar and in Denmark Chic Choix Je Suis Chic. These boys look really stunning and we have every reson to believe their will leave their lowchen marks in their new home countries. Ace has also many superior girls that we believe will help us to build up generation next in new decade.

At the beginning of 2011 we do have again more good quality breeding material to work with than ever before. We also imported new dog from UK from Steve Brown. Broevans Hero Lives in Me is linebred to Kelly´s Hero and he does look stunning male indeed.

Ace is producing excellent size ,shape and super heads with our girls. His particolor girl Multi Ch Chic Choix Ismene La Blanche became Junior World Winner and is turning some heads. We repeated this breeding to get some males and we sure did got nice boys. Chic Choix Jourdain Lifair is already doing well and won BIS-puppy wins. Fin & AM Ch Chic Choix Egoiste Chic became also GB Ch in his brief visit in UK.



His kids also do look stunning. His first son BISS Chic Choix Platinum
Egoiste is super mover and won Finish Club show BIS under respected
specialist M. Taylor while Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Calais Ophelia was
BOS. We are working hard with shoulders and movement. Bravo is a great example of perfect shoulders and movement so rare to see with modern lowchens. We are looking forward to mix Bravo to our Ace kids.



To be continued….