Finland is one of the best countries in the World when it comes to pedigree dog breeding. We do have also a great club called SuKoKa (=Finnish Dog Breeder´s Association) that was founded over 20 years ago by some legendary breeders like late Kirsti Bremer (of Woodhill). I have been chairman of this great club now for several years. I am very proud of this club and we do have some 2.500 active members. We try to help breeders by  education, publishing a magazine and having seminars. We try to protect also Finnish breeder´s rights. We tell our opinions to public and tell positive things about pedigree dogs. I feel breeder´s should get organized and do more things together in general. We can learn more, have fun and protect the rights of the pedigree dogs.

SuKoKa also organize Breeder´s Academy course. It is a year´s course and we do meet 1-2 times a month and have intensive education weekend. There is also quite a lot home work to do like explanation of a breed standard. We do learn the anatomy of the dog. There is also lessons about dog, temeprament, breeding methods and we do try to go deeper in serious dog breeding.

As breeder´s change ideas it is important to go over breed limits. There is less jealosy and more open discussion. Therefore all breed Breeder´s clubs and co-operation is more fruitful. There is much knowledge and know-how in other breeds. How do you learn that? You learn it easily by working together. Old legendary breeders in other breeds can teach you so much.

Top breeding is about going over the limits. It is about seeing and hearing more. Do remember to work together with breeder´s in other breeds. If there is no breeder´s club in your country. Believe me – it should be about time.

Last weekend we had a great SuKoKa´s Breeder´s gala in Turku, Finland. Over 40 breeders in different breeds finished their Breeders Academy.





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