I have never ever had a bitch without milk as the puppies are born. The key is oxytocin hormone that makes milk available. Females do produce oxytocin as they do get lot of tender loving care from the breeder. The most important thing is the physical touch. Do caress the bitch before the labor. Let her feel that you do care. Best way is to touch and caress the stommy over the puppies. They love it. Bitch will get oxytocin rush and that is the key. As the labor itself is starting do remember very simple trick. Do not give the female water but a booster mix.  What is booster mix?

I do never let my females drink just plain water as they start to give birth. Take a bowl of fresh water. Mix that with egg yolk or two. Like on egg yolk to half a liter and two to liter. But the most important part is the honey. Mix fresh good honey with the water and egg yolk. I mix about two teaspoon in half a liter of water or four spoon like liter of water. Honey and egg yolk do give first of all the mother more energy than just the plain water. Secondly it will help the mother to produce more milk. Or it will drop the milk.

I do feel old ways are often the best. My egg yolk and honey mix has never ever let me down in past 30 years. So do believe me there must be something in it.

The secret of Chic Choix babies is tender loving care during the pregnancy. As the birth process is started my power booster is the best. Mix water with egg yolk and honey. That is the best drink the mother can have. 

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