1. You have a mentally & physically sound bitch. She is overall healthy. Hopefully she comes herself from a good size naturally born litter herself.
  2. You have studied your bitch pedigree carefully at least 3 generation and have an idea about 5 generation. You know the strengths and weaknesses behind her. You should know few potential risks what to avoid and how. You also know few strengths that you want to make even stronger in next generation.
  3. You know why you want to breed her. You do believe that your bitch has something to give for her puppies and for the breed.
  4. You have found a stud dog that give you thrills. He is masculine, strong, vital and there is just something about him. This male may live far a way but it doesn’t matter because he is the very best stud dog for your bitch.
  5. You have studied the stud dog pedigree same as your bitch.
  6. You have written down the pedigree that you are going to produce. Write it down at least 5 generations. Sit down and study it. Find out how did these dogs in the pedigree look like and how they were. It is time to find pictures and make phone calls (if you do not know how these names in the pedigree were alike).
  7. Ask a second opinion. Find a mentor or a breed authority preferable a breeder that you respect. Ask opinion about what you are doing. Be ready to listen the feed back with open mind.
  8. After all this you are excited about your future litter and you have inspiration to produce it. You can’ t wait to see the outcome and believe you may get something very nice out of it. You know you will find good homes for your puppies.
  9. Next few months you do have the time and energy to raise a much expected litter. There is so much breeder can do for bitch in whelp and puppies at home before they leave.
  10. You are very aware that everything can go very wrong. There may be tears. Or everything can go just perfect. You try to look the outcome as objectively you can and are willing to learn.


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