1. You start to understand what this hobby is about and I have heard your name. You ve been around for couple decades. You are one of the few.
  2. Your prefix is known around the Word. Everybody has an opinion about you. But you can finally do things your way. Let them talk.
  3. You have cleaned more than anybody else in your neighborhood. You have stayed awake thousand or more nights.
  4. You have worked harder than 99 % of the other dog people. You do not hardly know what is normal life. Dogs are more or less your life.
  5. You can say what you think. Quite a few people hate you because of that. But the right people do respect you and that is what really matters.
  6. You may give piece of information to beginner breeders. But you are quite tired and let them do what they want. You smile a lot and they do not know why.
  7. You have survived couple burn-outs or been near by. You sure have lived thru some real troubles.
  8. You most likely have bred over 10 generations of dogs. You ve done mistakes and learned from them. There are ups and downs.
  9. Many people have opinion about you evenif they never met or spoken to you. But you now finally have the right people around you.
  10. If you still love dogs and they mean World to you & the inspiration is there.  And if you still are married, have about normal home and bitterness did not take over. I love you. You are one of the few living legends (or later on may end up to be one).

After breeding hundred Champions you sure have done you share for the hobby. During this journey you have learned a lot about life & dogs. Hope you still love it. 

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