After breeding/owning  over 600 Champions, some 100 BEST in GROUP I:st and over 50 BEST in SHOW I:st winners in past 36 years. I have learned following important things about breeding. Be stubborn and believe yourself. Do your own things and be loyal to your vision. Other than that following things should be kept in mind. 

I. Breeder must always take very good care of him/herself and have meaningful life   

  Otherwise the story will be short and the results start falling too early.

II. Breeder must study the history, backround of the dogs and know the pedigrees well and do remember to build yourself a strong bitchline.

There is a dangerous trend that people do not respect the backround & past of the breed and know their breed pedigrees. It is all about strong own bitchline.

III. Breeder must have “the touch” being able to see the big picture and keep that in mind at all times – the type is there. 

When breeder closes his/her eyes, the picture is right there. Top breeder do not get lost to minor details or trends but keep the very own loyal big picture of the breed in mind.

IV. Breeder know the basic anathomy and the key of it all is that these dogs move & carry themselves too. 

It is all about balance, shoulders, ribcage and back really – how that all comes together in standing but most of all how do they move.

V. Keep always good care of the strong temeperaments and good over all vitality & health

Get ridle of nervous or shy dogs as soon as possiple. When it comes to health keep in mind the overall health. Long healthy and easy life is much more important than statistical numbers and grades or one individual test result.

VI. Find good homes for your puppies and build up a great team of supportive people around you.

The active and loving homes are worth of gold. Keep good care of them and keep co-operating with them for decades.

VII. You adore the heads and know what is the thing that makes the look perfect

Head is important crown of the overall picture. You know what makes the perfect head & expression. That look makes your knees go weak. Do remember: A) I do not know any breed who would look good with weak pigmentation. B) Eyes and eyeshape is 100 % connected the shape of the skull.

VIII. Breeder must stay openminded and keep eyes open at all times. Be ready to get new blood or use outside stud when ever you see a dog(s) that you really really like.

Keep always the whole World as potential genepool and respect what other breeders are doing too. And do not breed yourself to a corner being over critical or narrow minded when it comes to lines & people.

IX . Be always two steps ahead and be innovative, take risks too and plan your pedigrees several generations in mind.

In dog breeding not everything comes here and right now. You must try and believe your visions. Often first outcross litters can be major disapointments but the real golden eggs may wait in next generations. Do not listen too much what other people say. Follow your own road and heart.

X. It is all about the dog itself. No matter what is the pedigree or how much the dog did win or not. The dogs in breeding must be top quality dogs that makes you knees go weak. 

Do not make too many compromises or believe just pedigrees. Specially the males must be superior masculine dogs full of type. Bitchline is the key and with top quality bitches you can get somewhere.


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