Why shorter is the better?

I can´t understand why in dogs muzzle the trend shorter the better is taking over. It seems that in many breeds judges and breeder´s alike have started to admire short muzzles. In many breeds like bichon breeds (bichon frise, lowchen, maltese), westies, bernese and so fort people want shorter and shorter muzzles. Where is this trend coming from?

It is sceary when people want to see shorter and shorter muzzles generation after generation. Short muzzles seems softer and cuter. Famous allrounder judge Mrs. Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen is famous Teddy Bear collectors and fancier. She told me that even with Teddy Bears muzzles have become shorter and shorter decade after decade. That looks more appelaing and softer.

Why are we following the same trend with many pedigree dogs? We want to see shorter and shorter muzzles without asking is that smart or right. Shorter muzzles means often more problems with the bites. There is more and more undershot mouths. Like there would not be enough problems just to breed over all healty and vital pedigree dogs.

If you look pictures back like 1970´s muzzles use to be much narrowers and longer. But who cares? Too many live here and now. They do forget the past and history and just want appealing face.

In some breeds this has gone to extremes. There are breeds that have difficulties to get air. But even breed´s like lowchens the muzzle is getting shorter and shoter. I have been breeding this breed 30 years and they have changed the breed standard several times. In every change they want the muzzle shorter and shorter.

It seems to be fashion that everyone is following without asking why? In lhasas many dogs are getting too short in muzzle too. I use to call them Teddy Bear lhasas as muzzle is far too short and eyes far too big. Some judges who do not undertand the breed do love this look and award them highly. It is so sad. people do not understand the breed or true look. They just find shorter the better more appealing like it has happend with Teddy Bears.

Shorter the better is not right or trend with many breeds we should follow. There is too few people who do remember how things use to be. The history and origin of the breed is more importnat. Easy fashion and trends are terrible. In too many breeds the trend shorter the better has taken over. Even if there would be much more serious issues to worry about. We should keep the breeds as they use to be and not change them. Buy a modern Teddy Bear if you like short muzzle and big eyes. Do not change your breed.

This is the right look. Many lowchens have now-a-days pointing face as muzzle is too short. That is not correct. Respect the breed and do not change them. In many breeds nose is getting shorter and shorter.


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