Always as I keep a new puppy myself they spent their first months in my bed. This is such a great way to produce most loyal, trusting and happy dogs. We just sleep but oxytocin keep on producing. We build up a connection beyond words. As an adult I do read their mind. Most of all these dogs trust me 100 %. Later as they do mature they do spent their nights in own beds. But during few months we build up a connection that last for life. 

As I had my first own dogs they did sleep in my bed. I did realize my dogs learned to be housebroken sooner and I had better connection with my dogs than most. Later as I started to show dogs. I did hear that this great baby sleeping method was used by famous saluki breeder Mrs. Pirjo Grönfors who has legendary El Hamrah kennel. She does also believe the positive influence of sleeping therapy.

Since those days from early 1980´s I have used baby sleeping method to produce mentally the very best dogs. Because of this we do have almost three meters wide beds in our both homes. This is worth the effort. As I do not know easier and more effective way to build up puppys self esteem. They do know from the very beginning that they are special and much loved. That is the best gift a puppy can get to build up mentally sound life. Warm touch, tenderness, oxytocin is there 6-8 hours non-stop. How can you offer this amount of tender loving care during the day?

Because of this method my dogs are usually super social and easy to live with. They do trust people and they do trust themselves. As they know they are special. Baby sleeping method do produce also dogs that are more social with other dogs. In our bed we also have some golden oldies. So there is not only human touch but a warm canine touch to the dearest.

Many people do not like dogs in their bed. If you do not mind – try it. If the puppy sleeps between 2 – 10 months in bed it is about 8 months. These 8 months are a short time in life. This period is a valuable ground stone for a life that can produce the golden eggs.

I feel baby sleeping method can produce most social dogs in the World.  I have used this method over 30 years and it has never let me down. 


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