I do believe very very strongly that the key to breed the best possible pedigree dogs is the bitch line. First of all. What is a bitch line? Bitch line is in general created by clever breeders who do understand the value of mothers. Dam gives 50 % of the genes but it gives much more that that. Since she is the foundation of the most important first weeks life of the puppies. Very first weeks build up the oxytocin balance foundation for their babies for rest of their lives. So behavioral wise mum importance is huge. Bitch line foundation is often also a foundation bitch of a kennel. That very first top or at least good producer who started it all. Smart breeder tries to breed her to the very best male and keeps a female puppy from her first litter.  Over generations of smart choices good breeder’s may build up a bitch line. Generations of top producing, healthy, well tempered females that are known around the World in their breeds. They have type and class. A strong bitch line is the key factor in top quality breeding.


How do you build up a bitch line? First of all start studying your breed. Study and see what was there before you. Study the pedigrees and see who have been the top producing females in your breed. See who are or have been the best breeders in your breed. Very soon you will find out couple or at least one name you realize have done something great in your breed. If he or she is still alive. You may have found a mentor. Become a friend with this clever person and listen carefully. Try to buy a good, strong and healthy female from this person. Or if you realize the greatest person in your breed ever is dead. See what is left from her or his best females. Try to buy a nice female that comes down from those dogs. You must believe the line your are working with.

Good size and healthy litters are a must if you want to build up a strong bitch line. You must have more to choose from and continue with the best. 

Structure wise pay attention to big picture as finding and building up a bitch line. That is over all proportions. Remember the correct and long enough ribcage. Pay major attention to shoulders and back. Shoulders, upper arm and pelvis are key factors. See the movement, there is reach and carriage. The rest you can fix. In general I would say. Do hate and avoid too long loin and short ribcage. Weak ribcage and straight fronts. Pelvis issues can be a nightmare too. However the worst of the worst is soft temperaments, dominant aggression, weak fertility and weak vitality (allergies etc). Get riddle of those and start looking foundation bitch from elsewhere.

Sound temperament and charisma is what well bred females do produce. They are sound mothers and give best possible start in life to their puppies. Strong nerves is what you are looking for. Multi BIS BISS Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Some Like It Chic (BISS Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Parti Alexander x BIS BISS Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Just So Chic).

Most important thing with the foundation bitch is that she would be a good and sound bitch. Seek over all balance, sound temperament, strong vitality and health. She does not need to be the greatest show star.  Try to make sure that in her pedigree she comes down from strong and good producing females that you respect. Buy the female from big and strong litter. You do not need to get pick of the litter female. Most important is that there is more to choose from. You can breed pick of the litter females for yourself in future generations. This way of breeding continuing with your best females you theoretically control 50 % of the pedigree. Having nice, sound, well balanced females the type you believe in becomes your trademark.

Now as you have your first possible foundation generations respect these females and value them above everything. If first generation females grow up to be sound, healthy and good looking female you have a change to build up a bitch line. Try always to find a stud dogs that also has very nice producing mums. Try to find a stud dog that comes from big and even litter. Try to find a stud dog that you feel make your females strongest points even stronger. You must double up the good qualities to make them stronger. Next you can find details from your stud dog that you believe your female would needs to improve. As puppies are born keep the very best female for yourself. Always if you get a big, healthy and even litter – keep the best or two females for yourself. If the quality is not there and litter is small and weak. Do not keep anything from such litters. Keep always the strongest, most vital and best female puppies in breeding. Do not keep weak females or puppies that need help in their first weeks. Keep the strongest of the population. That is what animal breeding is about.

Keep always in mind the over all picture. Follow your ideas and principles and try to breed that generation after generation. BISS Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Just So Chic (Multi BIS BISS Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Adrenalin Rush x BIS BISS Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Chic Is It).

As a breeder of a bitch line. You must know and keep very clearly in mind. What are the most important things in your breed. What is the true breed type. What is the overall picture alike. How is the head. How should be the temperament be like. That is what you seek generation after generation. Do not make major compromises. But do understand minor compromises must be done every now and then. You must believe in your vision and keep in mind where are you going to. What is the goal. Generation after generation you keep the very best female yourself. After third generation you must be able to see the qualities that you want to see. Now you have pick of the litter females in your hand and they should do some winning. Make sure they are still vital, sound and produce healthy good size litters. Only by protecting vitality and fertility you can keep the bitch line going.

It is so important that the mothers will be good loving mothers. Only this way you can breed charismatic and sound minded dogs. Breeding is easy and you can breed more because breeding and reproduction is effortless. Do remember there must be selection. That is the most important part of the breeding. You only continue with the very best and with the females you believe in. If you breed small litter with one female puppy there is nothing to choose from. It is simple as that. You will do mistakes and breed bad litters too sooner or later. Let them go. However do keep in mind. As breeding out cross litters. Which you do need as well time to time to keep fertility, vitality and genetical variation wide enough. You will breed some uneven litters every now and then. Still keep the best, continue, have faith. Breed this best out cross female back to what you believe in and may be line breed back again and you may have real super star in your hands.

Breed your females out every now and then and then you can breed them back again. One of my top producers BISS Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Ta Sen Estella (BISS AM & Can Ch Kinderland Ta Sen Tip O’ Th Rock x Ch Chic Choix Ellen O’ Hara). She is behind all females in the pictures. 

As the breeder has created the bitch line. You know it and other breed fanciers do recognize it too. This clever breeder have strong and nice females. They have the same type and qualities generation after generation. I can assure you. You will also find the best stud dogs from these lines. These super producing female brothers are often the best stud dogs for other breeders. Or buy an outside female yourself and breed with the male your bred yourself. Then breed that male back to your original bitch line and I can assure you. You may have something special in your hands. And now as you have bred stud dog to your own bitch line you finally “control” 100 % of the pedigree and not just 50 %.

Here is the typical example of generation X bitch line female Multi Ch Chic Choix Bye Bye Blackbird (BIS BISS Multi Ch Chic Choix Kumi Kian Marco Polo x BISS Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Just So Chic). She has the qualities you have been looking for over 10 generations. She has the proportions, temperament and overall health that you are looking for. Now she has 3 females in her first litter and you continue with them generation next.


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