I  am very worried about the trend that in pedigree dogs we are looking for shorter and shorter muzzles with many breeds. Over the decades in too many breeds muzzles are getting shorter and stronger all the time. It is such a shameful trend. Why on Earth are we doing this? This should not happen? Pedigree dog World has done enough harm already. Why do we still continue this? Most judges and breeders  should be much more critical. We should preserve the breeds and not keep changing them. In the worste cases the modern breeders have been able to change the breed standars and to make muzzles shorter or/and stronger over the time.  This is all wrong and FCI should protect the old breed standards and not allow to change them. In the worste cases small group of people in the country of origin change the breed standard like have happend with maltese or löwchen. Judges and breeders should look much more older pictures and save the breeds. Stop judging and breeding the dogs all wrong and dangerously. 

The trend has been often the same . For some reason people prefer shorter noses. They do not care about the original type or overall dog. They start to pay a lot of attention to heads. Overall body, over all structure and health are much more difficult issues to understand. Everyone can speak about lenght of muzzle. Soon after some breeds get a status as being a “head breed.” Head takes over. Why is that? Who did it  and why?

The sad thing is that in many cases noses get shorter and shoter decade after decade. I am not talking here only about the traditional short nose breeds like bulldogs. But look popular breeds like cavaler king charles spaniel original and traditional heads.  Unfortunately a lot effort is put to make heads stronger and muzzles shorter. Judges seems to like them a lot too. This all is wrong specially when all this is often done with the price of anatomy and over all health. Look what have happend to cavaliers, löwchens, maltese and with many other breeds. Nothing seems to be enough and muzzles just get shorter and stronger.

This is as they use to be.

Top winner from the 1970´s

I give you a great example of my breed löwchens.This craziness started sometimes in the late 1980´s. All the suddenly there was group of people who only talked about size of the eyes and muzzle lenght. In very short time this sound breed turned out to be “a head breed.” This sound and helthy breed has turned out to be a “head breed.” Soon after back angulations and fronts started to get worse and worse. Breeders and judges alike started to pay far too much attention to heads over balance and healthy structure. That is terriple. This very same trend has happend with many breeds. Nose lenght and head gets far too much attention over more important things. But head is so easy to judge. Look here example of some top winning dogs just couple decades ago and look these breeds heads now.

Here are some top winning toybreed winners from the past.

The original types often with many breeds had very different heads than the dogs of today. It is latest now that the pedigree dog World should wake up. It is time to look back. It is time to stop changing the breeds. It is time to breed overall healthy dogs. Heads should not take over. We should also think the public opnion which is turning against pedigree dogs and often for a very good reason. We changed the breeds and often the heads were changed. Not only the head changed but because of changing the heads to “modern.” Too many breeds temperament and health has paid the price as breeding these new heads was taking over.

Here you can see some examples of some terrier breeds from the past.

I believe it really is time to wake up and stop shortening the noses. I was judging biewers in Moscow. They have the same trend as yorkies. I did penalize one individual because it had far too short muzzle. Owner was very dissapointed and asked me.Why did I do it. I told this is wrong and the breed should not have this kind of pointing and short nose. The owner was very angry and said: “I like it – this is my type. other judges have told this nose is nise” This is very dangerous trend. We should repect the breeds as they were and not start to change them to something else that we like. That is my type trend. My type very short nose lhasa apsos, yorkies, biewers, bichon frises and many other are now to be found in many breeds. If the breeders and owners are not aware how the breed should look like atleast the judges should know better and stop awarding these faulty dogs.

Lhasa apso is a typical breed which should have about 4 cm nose. This is still a healthy nose and they do not have any kind of breathe problems. However there are more and more lhasas with far too short noses and sadly even many breeders and some judges prefer them. “My type” trend is so dangerous and we should stop changing the breeds to something else specially if that is unhealhty trend.




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