Midsummer is coming. I can spent that in the best continent in the World. That is Europe. I am styaing at this moment in Finland by the Lake house. Clean water is shining in the sunshine. Birds are singing and this all is so very safe and clean. We protect the nature and weaker ones. This is the ultimate democrasy. Tomorrow I will have couple hours flight and I will ne in Scotland. I could not be happier to spent few days in England & Scotland. These places are also so unique. Friday we will know the outcome of Brexit. I do hope we do stay united. No matter what will happen Europe is my continent and the best place to live in the World. I love Europe and European lifestyle.

We will rent a car in Edinburgh. Safe good roads will take us to Blackpool. There will be a great dog show. European people are so very lucky as we do have enough and more of everything. Therefore we have time, money and food to spent for our dogs & hobbies. We can meet eachothers freely and easily. It takes only one hour flight and there you will have different unique culture, language, food and habbits yet the cultural foundation is the same. This is Europe.

European people have so many rights and privilegds that most people in the World can´t even dream of. Did you know that just to born in Scandinavia you will be part of the 1 % of the richest people in the World. This is the case in most European countries. Stop for a while and think about it. It is easy to complain. But just see and understand how very lucky you are to be born or live in Europe.

There is so much troubles and worries going around. There is dictaturs and new militar danger raisining. There are terrorist and people all over the World wanting to relocate Europe. Together Europe is stronger. There is many things I am not happy about EU. However I do believe together we can do more. We have so much to be proud of in Europe. This way of life and standard of life is worth fighting. I do love Europe so very much and no matter what happens. This continent is my cup of tea united or not.

I wish you all happy midsummer in beautiful, rich, democratic, free & safe Europe. Vive la Europe.


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