I am such a lucky breeder to have such a special friends around me. I am really lucky breeder to have such a special dogs around me.  Why is that?  I wish more breeder´s and people would realize how important the relationships are. Connections and networks are everything in modern dog world.  Find the special people around you, give them your very best and be yourself – do not pretend – be what your are. The right people will find you and you will find them. Then all will happen by itself. Why are networks so important?

Together you can do so much more. You can see and hear so much more.   Many average breeder has two ears and two eyes. They are located at one place at the time. I do have about 60 eyes and ears around the world – how much more we can see and hear? They are all over the place. I do have one pair of hands together we have 58 hands more to do what it takes.

Amount of information is 60  x more. We can share bad and great moments. We can share innovations. We do produce innovations 30 times more than average single breeder. There is 30 more brains working with this thing. We do have 30 times more dogs in breeding program than normal breeder could have. Together we can also offer these great dogs life worth living. There is 30 times more energy, love and time to put in.

Breeder´s and dog owners really should build up more networks and connections. It is about give and take. It is about failing every now and then but in the end of the day if the breeder does his/her share right there will be great people around you. First you just have to understand the importance of the people and importance of the team spirit.

I give you an example like this week. This morning one of these special people Hedi Kumm from Estonia sent me these lovely photos which do represent all that I am talking about. She gave me once more inspiration.  Jaana Karenmaa-Nurminen is here in our summer house. She came from Europe and she did have something very special with her. She and her husband Petteri took wonderful top winning shortcoated st.bernhard male for my bitch from Sweden (I tell more about that later). This special male is here as his talented breeder´s Lasse and Sussi gave him here for a while. Lowchen puppies were born as another super friend Outi Lindroos whelped this very interesting litter. Sanna Kopola-Hirsimäki once again helped me with my homapage. Heli is taking care of special lhasa litter so is Jonna and KarriEli & Morten Sterri are helping me with interesting Norwegian project. Eeva, Anni, Piia, Nina, Iiris, Ossi, Sanna, Mimmi and Vesa helped  Chic Choix lhasas to be still number one breeder all breed´s in Finland.

Sanna Vakkilainen and Ilpo did nice surprise with our akita. Tuija and Jari finished a new champion again so did Michaela in UK. In Australia Jenny and Michael gained two more BEST in SHOWs for Tito as Lauryna let this special dog visit Downunder. Tomorrow I am leaving to UK to judge lhasas another great friend Karo Kallela is coming over to look after my dogs with my beloved partner. I am so lucky to have such a special people around me.

Now I represent you Hedi´s special greeting. I love dogs, friends and connections. Thank you friends. I really love you and you are very dear to me.

BISS, Multi BIG-winning Int & Multi Ch Soleydan Unique of Chic Choix loved by Hedi Kumm and photo by her friend Kristiine. What a photo.

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