Chic Choix Team breeding plans are done for years to come.

Chic Choix is one of the leading names in the world of finest pedigree dogs. We have produced hundreds of Champions and BIS winners around the world. We try to produce vital Champions that produce Champions. Unreal amount of passion, inspiration, innovation and determination is behind all Chic Choix dogs for decades. Creativity and free mind is important part of pedigree planning. This together with rational planning and mind mapping makes the big difference.

Our pedigrees must be one of a kind – unique pedigrees. Over all vitality, mental soundness and the classical look is what we are aiming for. We have developed our own Natural Selection program. We have followed these principles over two decades. All our puppies are the result of free easy whelping. All puppies are carefully tested for their vital and mental features. Only A class puppies will be available for showing or breeding purposes. If we find any failures or weakness from our puppies since they are born they are automatically pets and they are never used for breeding.

Each and every litter is an important part of bigger breeding plan. We breed most of all dogs for our own breeding, showing and personal reasons. Every now and then some individuals may be available for serious show or pet homes. We can also co-own some important dogs. If you are seriously interested of being part of one of the top winning teams of all time you are welcome to contact us. Together we can do so much more – like world records.

Do remember. All of our dogs must be much loved and trained gently for perfection. Serious homes must offer lot of tender loving care no matter if the individual is top winning show dog or pet. Chic Choix dogs are available only for experienced dog people who have earlier experience of pedigree dogs and good sense of humor is a must. If you are too serious Chic Choix dog is not for you.

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Oletko kiinnostunut Chic Choix pennusta tulevaisuudessa? Meillä on silloin tällöin pentuja tai aikuisia koiria vapaana hyviin koteihin – käytä hetki aikaa ja täytä oheinen lomake niin tiedämme informoida kun mahdollisia pentuja on saatavilla. Emme myy koiria internetissä, vaan haluamme tavata kaikki potentiaaliset pennunostajat ennen etenemistä.

Interested to own a Chic Choix pup in the future? We have puppies and youngsters occasionally available – please take a moment to fill out our form. This way we know to inform you when we have a suitable dog for your wishes. We don´t sell any animal over the internet and we of course meet every potential puppy buyer in person before discussing further.