Chic Choix is tradition of passion & love towards pedigree dogs.  Chic Choix has bred more Champions than any other kennel in Finland. Mr. Juha Kares started this passionate loving hobby breeding kennel back 1983 with löwchens and soon after with lhasa apsos. Chic Choix is all about studying carefully pedigrees and being loyal to the original type. Temperament, type and overall health is what really matters. Being loyal to original principles we have bred/owned over 600 Champions and countless BEST in SHOW & over 50 World Winners. Juha´s breeding was greatly supported by loving parents late Mrs. Soili Kares and Mr. Heikki Kares. Breeding dogs in European style is a family affair. Much love and support is needed to keep dogs well and to breed top quality. There are big changes in Chic Choix. Today Chic Choix is shared in Europe with Mrs. Sanna Kopola-Hirsimäki. 

Sanna has become important part of Chic Choix in past decades. She is not only a talented handler but share the deep interest on learning.  She is a true dog person and love dogs passionately. Sanna knows the pedigrees and she has strong support behind her. This is only way breeder has something to offer also for her dogs in the long run. Therefore I decided that Sanna Kopola-Hirsimäki is the right person to co-own Chic Choix prefix in Finland.

After 20 years of friendship and countless hours of brain storming, lot of hard work and dedication. We made it official. Now on FCI Europe files Chic Choix is owned by two breeders Mrs. Sanna Kopola-Hirsimäki and Mr. Juha O. Kares.

Chic Choix is a team. Together we can do so much more. Welcome Sanna and let´s get the new chapter begin in Europe. More news will follow.



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