Top breeding is all about hard work. There is no short cuts or easy ways out. The most effective way to do serious progress in breeding is to breed. You need material to choose from.  This means there is enough high class individuals in breeding programme at all times. The breeding I do respect.  Is about to continue with the very best, healthiest and mentally soundest dogs. It is important to get weaker dogs out from breeding.  This all means. That breeder should breed quite a few interesting litters.  I feel it is important also to create genetic diversity and to produce unique pedigrees.  Breeder who is willing to go forward in breeding should always keep their eyes wide open for the very best. Therefore International co-operation is a must. There is very good lhasa apsos around the World. This fall we have been very fortunate to find some truly interesting new lhasa apso imports. With them we can continue our mission and passion. That is lhasa apso. 

My international co-operation in lhasas started already in late 1980´s to Sweden and USA. That was a start of a legendary journey. Late Marianne Nixon (San Jo) became my greatest menthor in the breed. Without her knowledge, help and dogs there would not be modern Chic Choix lhasas.  Over the Years I have found new countries and new people. Time has made International co-operation also much more easier. As I started co-operation with Marianne. There were letters.

Time and experience has been a great teacher. I feel at this point I do have the very right people around me to work with. This gives lot of opprtunities for the breeding. This autumn has been very interesting indeed and I am so happy of the latest co-operation results.

From France I did find from Very Versace kennel such an interesting lhasa apso female.  This two years old female has done so well in the rings. I was so happy to have her to Finland for a while. She is Very Versace´s Louise de la Valliere. She is everything I want to have from lhasa apso female. She comes from even and good litter. Her sire being Int Ch Chic Choix Gosset Grande, who is my breeding, but even he is having Italian import grandmother. Louise mum side is all new for our breeding. This gives us lot of opprtunities in the future.

Our new French treasure Very Versace´s Louise de la Valliere who is about everything we want from a lhasa female. 

Male wise we have been equally lucky. We had very interesting American-Canadian visitor AM Ch La-Ri-San Some Like It Hot at Kumi Kian aka Christian in Europe some years ago.  He is bred by La-Ri-San (USA) and Desiderata (Canada). Christian is owned by Kumi Kian kennels in USA. Christian have some qualities that makes him worth of gold. He is ideal in size, he has perfect dentation, he has ideal harsh coat texture to name few qualities I do adore in this dog.

He produced wonderful lhasas in Europe. Talented Vivian Muttik did show him so well in Baltic countries.  After that Christian went back to USA as originally planned. After a while I started to realize really how wonderful stud dog Christian has been. Not only his puppies are perfect in size and so very classical true lhasas all over. But also Christian grandkids seems to have  those same valuable qualities. Therefore my dream was to get  AM Ch La-Ri-San Some Like It Hot at Kumi Kian back to Europe.

Welcome back to Europe legendary producer AM Ch La-Ri-San Some Like It Hot at Kumi Kian (AM Ch Kumi Kian Hot Diggity x AM & Can Ch Desiderata Tora Nangpa). Photo by Kadri Audova.

I never can thank Tia McLaughlin (Kumi) and Ann Lanterman (Kian) enough to let Christian come back to Europe.  We all have strong San Jo influence in our lhasas. Therefore I feel it is very important that Kumi – Kian and Chic Choix continue the tradition and co-operation. To keep up the standars Marianne Nixon and her daughter Leslie Ann Engen once build with their San Jo lhasas.  I am so glad to have Christian. I can´t wait to have some more AM Ch La-Ri-San Some Like It Hot at Kumi Kian (AM Ch Kumi Kian Hot Diggity x AM & Can Ch Desiderata Tora Nangpa) kids.

One of Christian legendary litters at Chic Choix was with Int Ch Chic Choix Out of This World. From this litter we produced Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Kumi Kian Kontiki, Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Kumi Kian Star Rover,  Multi Ch Chic Choix Kumi Kian Marco Polo and Multi Ch Chic Choix Freya Stark. Here these great lhasas are as babies in the Lake house. 

Int & Fin & AM & Can & DK & Port Ch Chic Choix Pax Romana (Multi BIS & BISS Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Adrenalin Rush x Multi Ch Chic Choix Julia Augusti) visited USA quite a few years ago. One of the females she bred was Am Ch Kumi Kian Cauzin A Commotion. We have her nice daughter Int & Fin & AM & Swe & Lv Ch Kumi Kian Hot N Spicy here in Finland She has been such a great producer here at Chic Choix. As Pax Romana and Cauzin A Commotion did produce a litter there was a male to die for.

This young male finished his title by storm. He is Am Ch Muki Kian Niko Suave. Later on as I visted Westminster Dog Show in New York. I fell in love to his son Multi BIS Xeralane Into The Storm. Right that moment. I knew. I would love to have his sire Niko to Finland. Now couple years later this dream came true. So Am Ch Kumi Kian Niko Suave has enjoyed our team.

We are thrilled to have Am Ch Kumi Kian Niko Suave (Int & Fin & AM & Can & DK & Port Ch Chic Choix Pax Romana x Am Ch Kumi Kian Cauzin A Commotion) to Finland. Here he is winning a major as a junior under respected breed specialist judge Larry Bruton (Fanfair).

We have so many interesting new plans with our lhasa apsos. We are determinated to continue our hard work. That is ofcourse vital, healthy, sound and good looking lhasa apso.  With that very special Tibetan touch and one of a kind  true lhasa mentality. That kind of lhasa apso is our passion and mission.

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