Finland is one of the best countries in the world if not the best. Here I introduce you the picture gallery of my summer and may be you figure out why do I think Finland is such a great place to live.  All photos taken today. This was first country in the world where females got equal right to vote. This is the country where all basic education and healthcare is all free and in highest level in the world…But that is not really the reason why I do admire this country so much. Finland is great because here we respect the life and nature. It is all around and I can enjoy this all with my dogs every single day in my life. 

Winters we live 50 km like 45 minutes from city of Helsinki. Motorway takes me over there just like this. All the culture, all the shoppings and great University is out there under no time. Yet we live next to National park that is huge. Wild swans, deers, mooses, lynxs, foxes, wild boars are next to us. As I look any window of our house I just see pure nature. This is ideal location to live with our dogs. Everyday walks with dogs are magical.

Time is more laid back here than in anglo world. We have much more grey area here not quite so much as in Southern Europe but just about right. Everything works out but there is more time for basic things – meaning less stress. No wonder Scandinavian people are measured to have best quality life in the world. Finland, Norway and Sweden do have something unique about them and I often consider these countries as real bird cages.

Then first of June we move up North for 2,5 months and there is even more pure nature and nothing else. Purest lake is all around the house. Dogs can swim and drink from the lake. Cuckoos and whooper swans are singing with other hundreds of birds making the air all magical. There is daylight 24 hours making this all so magical. Dogs and owners can enjoy this unique atmosphere 24/24 in total nature silence. Saunas are part of this all and we can enjoy the lake night and day.¨ This all makes life inspirational and smooth. I can enjoy my dogs and plan the pedigrees…plan future generations that can share their meaningful life with us.

This is life in Finland.  This life and we are made in Finland. By looking these pictures taking today morning, day and night you may share our everyday life. Often people ask what it is like to own top kennel and show dogs.. This is what is like and I hope these photos open your the secret… The secret is happiness and wellbeing of human and dogs alike.

Wishing you all wonderful and inspirational summer.

Early morning and we all waked up. We start the morning by my favorite music and morning walk to the lake.

Spending a summer day by the lake by all of us.

Show lhasas can have fun too….. We like to offer life worth living for our show dogs too.


Life is wonderful with pedigree dogs surrounded by perfect Finish nature. Me and my babies.

Our veteran lhasas Desi, Sugar and kingcharles Flora having a break by beach sauna.

Pointer Aria, basenji Justina and griffon Elina having summer  fun by the pier.

What is going on?


Our babies having fun.


Our super guardian estrella mountaindog Anna having a break. She guards over the property and all other dogs 24/24. She sleeps looking all relaxed but if there is eagles or other wild animals near by she wakes up in a hearthbeat.

Our kingcharlesspaniel Chic Choix Florabella Evans by the campfire place.

Our nob Washaway Chic Choix Drama Queen relaxing with estrella mountaindog Multi Ch Lil Folks Xtravaganza.


My babies and lhasa/lowchen educators enjoying the summer day.

Our st.bernhard Bernegården´s Baltic Sunrise having a drink.


Pointer Aria and deerhound Laura getting tired after a busy day…good night babies.


Most important building in Finish summer house is the sauna. This is the beach sauna by night.  Here we share outr biggest secrets and relax BIG TIME.

This is the questhouse  by Finish summer nigth where friends can stay over. Our puppies spent their summer here aswell.

Our veterans BISS & Multi BIG-winning Am & Can Ch Kumi Kian Sugar Coated and AM & Fin Ch Orlane´s Discovery enjoying the silence and evening sunset.

Summer house from the beach at night. Ground is all sand  and dry peaty forest so it is clean no matter what is the weather like.

Evening view to lake toward east where the swans live.

Basenji Justina enjoying the evening at the beach.

Beach side at night. Water is so clean that we can drink from it.

This is a view from beach sauna where we bath and enjoy the evening/night sunset and night swim. This is view to west.


Good night


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