Playing is one of the most important thing in dog´s (and humans) life.  Breeder´s should let their puppies play a lot.  It is important that puppies have few different type of playing. Why is playing so important and how to play?

Development of the brains, mentality and physical  features (bones, joints and muscles) need lot of free playing. Therefore breeder´s and dog owner´s should use playing as a method to produce higher quality healthier dogs. Breeder should make major steps to make puppies play as they are around 4 weeks. Get there, be with your puppies, make them play, use your hands and toys…. Create inspirational safe yet challenging battles. Soon your puppies do it by themselves. Weaker the puppy´s nerves are more you should play with the puppy. Softer the puppy is harder you should play with it.

Use your older playful dogs. My st.bernhard is the safe giant who love to play with my small puppies. Guess what? Are my lhasa or lowchen puppies afraid of bigger dogs? No! All this produce massive amount of oxytocin. This again helps the puppie, owners and older dogs alike to build up strong social connection. More oxytocin there is more social the puppies will be. As they are use to have lot of oxytocin as babies they do want to have that also as older dogs. They want to give and take oxytocin by themselves. Let your puppies fight over their food. Make sure there is less feeding bowls than there are puppies. Pups should have a change to have a healhty fight over their food. Hungriest fight hardest which means softer puppies do get hungry after being left over a bit over first times. Wait the next time and see what happens.

As puppies do grow older let them play individually and as pairs. If the group is very large the weakest will often be more weak. Make sure all the puppies get equal change to develop their well being. Do remember to use your most playful softer dogs as playmates. They do develop self-esteem of the puppies more than anything else. Certain breeds are better than others. You can even have a dog to do that different breed than you are breeding.

As puppies do grow older make special plays for each individual. If the puppy is very strong minded make softer games and other way around. Make sure your puppies play most of the time in natural soft enough ground. Bigger the size of the breed is more important it is that your puppies play in grass, forest or field. Hard ground is not healthy for joints and bones to develop. Let them play and move a lot in safe ground. Do create stress factors middle of the games (high noise, machines, clapping etc.) continue the game like nothing would have happend. Use toys  every now and then. Later you can use toys in the show ring and you get that extra energy just by showing it to your show dog.

Playful dogs are the best show dogs. They must be easy to challenge. Challenge is a feature that you can build up in every dog if you play a lot with your puppies from the very beginning. Happy dog love to play. So playing produce higher quality standard of life to all the dogs. Pets do need playing as much as show dogs. Stud dogs and breeding bitches do enjoy playing as well. Fertility is better with happy animals.

Make sure you let your puppies and dogs to play. Think over how you could make them to play more. That will bring happiness to your dogs and your own life. As a result you ahve better and happier dogs.

Playing isn´t everything to produce sound dogs it is the only thing.

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