1. Your own dogs come first. Take care of them and make sure they are well.

-far too many breeders are interested of “bla bla” instead of spending real quality time with their own dogs

2. As you invest the dogs – breeding comes first: imports, new material and the best possiple stud dogs must be used.

-many breeders are willing to use lot of money and effort for showing – but when it comes to breeding it is time to save : and there is no money left to use for imports or for use  of (overseas) stud dogs.

3. Always remember to take care of yourself and your own wellbeing. 

-in the end of the day your dogs will suffer if you are not well.

4. Make sure your dogs temperaments are well and the dogs you have at home work well as group.

-do not make compromises with temperament, stressed dogs will poison your kennel, breeding programme and wellbeing of your other dogs

5. Keep your mind open.

-try to find positive things and strenght of other people dogs at all times – be as critical to your own dogs than toward other people dogs

6. Make sure you have fellow breeders to work with for years – less money is used the better.

-many breeders really can´t do fruitful co-operation for years: often because of money or selfish reasons

7. Do not take the breeding and sport personally.

– unfortunately too many people take their dogs and sport personally, we are talking about dogs here not people

8. Challenge yourself and remember to get forward.

-breeders and people alike often are very lazy, so make sure you do develop and learn new things at all times : educate yourself, become a judge, visit seminars, read, earn new skills

9. Your own breeding programme and breeding is the key. Always use all your effort for your own breeding.

-study and consentrate  fully to your own breeding: let other people worry about their breeding and make sure you you mind is in your own doings

10. Make sure you enjoy your dogs, breeding and sport.

-if you do not enjoy something is wrong, make changes or quit the game (there is far too many bitter and tired breeders and often after that you do not have nothing to give)

Keeping the focus right is so important in quality breeding. Your own dogs, puppies, breeding and your own know how and wellbeing must be top priorities.

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