Too many breeders get too deep into details. The big picture is easily forgotten. I do believe every breeder should evaluate the over all vitality generation by generation. This is best way to keep your own breeding vitality, soundness and health. If more breeders would pay more attention to over all vitality indicators. The future of the pedigree dogs would most likely be much more positive. What do I believe are the most important vitality indicators that all the breeders should keep in mind in all occasions?

  1. Reproducing happens easily and naturally. Female seasons are strong and males do mate by themselves without hesitation (as and if the day is correct). Whelping should be piece of cake. C-sections are big no no!
  2. Breeders should pay lot of attention to average size of the litters. It is never a matter of luck what size litter you do produce. Size indicates your know how or fertility of dogs you have chosen for reproduction. Always try to choose you stud dogs and females you use for breeding from good size and easy born litters.
  3. Pay lot of attention how vital and strong are your new born puppies. Start to choose your future generation animals from the moment of birth. Take the strongest. They move fast and easy. The will power is there – or not. They born stronger and they do suck the strongest. They do naturally take the best spots and best back tits in the survival game. They do not need any help to get started.
  4. Evaluate and see in which age your small puppies start to stand and walk. More vitality and balance these is sooner your puppies move and stand in four feet. Later your puppies start to walk – more unnatural badly balanced puppies you are dealing with.
  5. Puppies and dogs have very healthy and strong appetite. Dogs should love to eat. That is the secret of dog populations success over the centuries. If the puppy or dog does not want to eat. Something is seriously wrong. The breed is ruined, dogs are not healthy or dogs are not happy. It is number one code for dogs by nature to eat.
  6. Your puppy and dogs should have a quite powerful and well working digestive. If your puppy and dog gets good food they use that well. That is one of the secrets of dog populations success over the centuries. They can eat many things and get over it.
  7. Bad stomach that keep repeating itself is a big no no.
  8. As and if you do produce puppies and dogs with allergies you are starting to loose the game. Allergies are the first real strong warning indicators that something is getting seriously wrong. Get rid of them  as soon as possible.
  9. The mental soundness is there. The dogs used in breeding should always be more or less the strongest ones in the population. Re-producing in animals is not intended for the weak ones. The reproducing in dogs is for the very strongest in mind and body. This power can be seen and feel.
  10. Your dogs and their parents live a long and easy life. Medication and treatments are practically not needed. These dogs live medication free life easily at least 10 –  14 years. Do not use dogs for breeding whose parents or grandparents died in young age. There  is always a reason and people are too good at lying.

Always keep the big picture in mind as breeding pedigree dogs. Try to keep and use for breeding the very strongest induviduals. This and see what is the true vitality in dogs. Search and protect that over all vitality. That is number one task for a good breeder.

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